20 top Relationship Tips for a healthy budding romance

Score yourself some Real Love with these Relationship Tips

20 top Relationship Tips for a healthy budding romance

A relationship does stumble due to our behavior or our partner's behavior. Therefore, it is better to learn the simple ways to deal with our behavior-related problems in a relationship. There are many great ideas that can help you transform that love to yield a healthy relationship. Positive thoughts are a cure to a wounded relationship. Structure your brain to become a healthy pasture for your partner and give it in return. 

Teach yourself on how to become a better friend for you to become a better lover since both go hand in hand. Your partner needs pleasure not pain, learn to give that to your loving spouse. This article will provide you with the following tips:

  • Relationship Tips for New Parents
  • Relationship Tips for College Students
  • Tips for Couples' first Relationship
Here are the 20 top Relationship Tips for a healthy budding romance that you should know.

20 Top Tips for a Loving and Healthy Romance

Relationship Tips for New Parents

While it is good and blissful to become parents, it also comes with relationships challenges that may affect your marriage. It is physiologically proven that during the transition to parenthood life, marital satisfaction declines. Here are the tips to help restore love to your young parenthood life.

1. Have Enough Sleep

Less sleep causes you or your partner to have a hostile or an irritating behavior in case of any slight mistake. Poor sleep leads to relationship partners feeling tired and unable to deal with mental problem efficiently. You can find yourself criticizing, snapping and blaming each other almost all the time. As new parents, you may find a lack of sleep as the top issue in the household and that is perfectly normal. Split the baby roles and take turns to take a nap, or nap while baby sleeps!

2. Learn to be Appreciative

Appreciating any kind done by your partner is an easy way of dealing with negative impulses that can build up in your daily life activities. Saying "Thank you, love" always creates a good rapport hence excellent and healthy communication between both.

3. Planning for Sex After Child Birth

With enough time and patience that you give your partner to recover, it will bring back a healthy sex life. You need proper planning and remember, childbirth creates body changes to a woman.

4. Create time for having a proper conversation with your partner

This tip is essential is dealing with misunderstanding hence relieving the pressure. Talking about what might have transpired a few moments and days heals the tension and disagreements with time. So learn to talk and share your thoughts but not fight.

5. Find Time to Connect or Reconnect

It may seem like its nothing, but it helps a lot in bringing back that lost love or healthy relationship you once had for each other. You want to bring back healthy romance; then you got to find what makes you remember those old golden days you had. Cherishing your past fabulous moments can easily bring back healthy relationship and boost your romance.

6. Try to “Parent” Each Other

It is common to be less forgiving and compassionate to your partner than you are to your child. A child can snap for no reason but you can forgive, but if it is your partner then it becomes a big deal. If you can apply that compassion you give to your child to your partner, it might go a long way into building a healthy relationship. Empathy can win your lover's love back and yours too.

7. Design a New Hobby Together

First, it should not be time intensive. During the parenthood transition, it is advisable for both partners to have a common hobby. This will help in rekindling your healthy romance back, and it will also help you connect easily. Thanks to the new baby who can give something positive to do or talk about. 

Relationship Tips for College Students

College is the peak of exploring relationships and some might find it hard to deal with it every single day. The following tips will guide you into having a better and always healthy relationship with your partner. Stay on board and let's begin:

8. Try to make time for each other

No matter how busy your schedule, always find time for each other to mingle and spend together. Balance the time you spend individually and time you spend together. Meet and discuss your schedules and make time for both of you to enjoy together.

9. Be there for each other

Being there for someone you love when he needs you means a lot, it shows that you care for him/her. It is a huge relief when they know that they can rely on you at all times. These boost partners believe and love on each other hence establishing a healthy relationship.

10. Communicate with each other

Communicating with your partner frequently helps you express and understand each other more. Communication is the key, learn to use it wisely. A successful relationship is built on a good communication strategy. How you communicate matters a lot, so determine what your partner likes and doesn't like.  

11. Learn to forgive your partner

Keeping grudges destroy your relationship; therefore, forgiveness is an essential tip to a successful relationship. Learn to forgive and forget since moments of frustrations, opinions disagreements and mistakes are just part of life. Learn to let them go.

12. Learn to trust each other

Trusting one another brings out the best in each partner, but lack of trust kills one partner's love. A relationship without trust will not last, and that love you hard for each other will burn out faster than you know. Trust is one of the greatest pillars of a successful, healthy relationship. 

13. Learn to be attentive to your partner

At college, relationships and emotions are at its peak, failure to be attentive to your partner relationship will destroy her trust and love for you. Show your commitment to your relationship and let love blossom throughout.

14. “Analyze” your conflict accordingly

By saying “Analyze” I mean that rather than focusing on your lover's faults look at yours first to find an effective resolution. Doing this will make you understand your position and your partner’s position in this conflict. Do not let disappointment drive you nuts up to a state where you only see your lover’s faults but not yours. Remember to heal a wound you better clean all parts of the wound. 

Tips for Couples' first Relationship

New couples are the ones that are faced with a ton of challenges, but with these tips within your grasp, you can effectively deal with them.

15. Learn from everyday life experience

It is advisable to know your values and what you are looking in that relationship. Since time changes everything, it is better to know what you like in your partner and how to improve them as one. 

16. Stop picking fights

You want to have a healthy long lasting relationship then you better stop picking a fight about things you care less of. Doing this makes both of you feel confused about your relationship. Try to let other stuff go and find joy in them rather than a reason to fight.

17. "Worm up things"

To new couples, it is better to have positive compliments or comments regarding your partner on a daily basis. Like admiring her specific trait (" oh! My love I love how you are funny…"), ("you look good in that dress you should..."). And make it sound sincere. 

18. Learn to deal with criticism

Many folks may give an ear on critics, and this is where all will fall apart. Neglect critics all time or find the best out of it as an easy and efficient way to deal with it. Don’t let yourself feel more judge than admired because it will destroy your relationship. 

19. Individual growth

Individual growth to new couples is a crucial aspect of creating a strong relationship with your partner. Self-improvement and helping each other be better partners and better person than you were yesterday is important. Without individual growth, you will not be able to deal with challenges and critics that will come your way.

20. Learn to apologize

Demanding apology leads to tag war between both of you which in turn will kill the peace in your relationship. On the other hand, apologizing helps your partner deal with the problem and eases the burden. Apology smoothens things and helps in “worming things” up in your relationship. Learn to say sorry when you are in the wrong.


Any relationship needs gentle care for it to blossom for a long time. Every relationship deserves respect and dedication of both partners for it to last and to be healthy. Keep in mind that it is in both party's interest to know everything about each other to avoid conflict. Pick some of the above rules that fit your need and be the first to make changes in your relationship. 


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