8 Tips on how to tell if your wife is cheating on you

Find out how to tell if your wife is cheating behind your back

By Kimmy
8 Tips on how to tell if your wife is cheating on you

8 Important tips to tell if your wife is cheating on you:

We all want a long-lasting marriage. No one wants to get cheated on. However, there're just people out there that will not hesitate to abuse our trust and do terrible things behind our back. If you have suspicions that your wife is cheating on you but choose to blindly believe her, think again. Your suspicions are usually correct. Even if she's not cheating on you, she might be doing something else behind your back.

There're usually signs when your wife is cheating on you. Here we will talk about the 10 more important tips on how to tell if your wife is cheating on you. If you see multiple red flags, don't ignore them, for your own happiness' sake. Everyone deserves an honest marriage with love and respect for your partner.

1. With your best friend

This probably hurts the most as you're being betrayed by two of your most loved and trusted people at the same time. As much as it sucks, it's actually fairly common for wives to cheat on their husband with their best friend. If you start thinking your wife is showing more interest in your best friend then you, you might wanna watch out for other signs too before it's too late.

A. She starts finding excuses to hang out with your best friend without you

You might think it's sweet that your best friend and your wife get along and are happy to spend time together, but you should watch out of what kind of friendship they have. If they both love and care about you, they would always want to include you in their plans. If they start trying to hang out without you, you should be worried.

Look out for the excuses they use. Maybe they will say they're going for a basketball game and you don't like sports so they don't want to bore you with it, or they want the other person to teach them how to cook or trying out a new recipe together.

Always think about what is reasonable and what is not. Don't agree to their excuses just because they're close to you. As a married man, you wouldn't invite another girl to a game or ask her to come to your place so you can show her a recipe. If those situations are considered inappropriate to you, then it shouldn't be okay for your wife and best friend to do it. Intentions are important and wanting to hang out without you is certainly not coming from a place of respect and love.

B. They start asking questions and become jealous of each other

Your wife will start asking you a lot of questions about your best friend if she's cheating on you with him. She will want to find out whether your best friend is seeing someone and become jealous if you say you went out for a drink with him and he hit on a girl.

Remember this, there's absolutely no reason for your wife or best friend to be jealous of each other if there's nothing going on between them. Your wife would be happy that you think the new girl in your company might be a good match for your best friend and your best friend would be happy that your wife is preparing a surprise for you.

If you feel that they're overly jealous of each other for no good reason, they might be cheating on you. Jealous comes from wanting to control and there should never be a reason for your wife wanting to control your best friend. So jealousy shouldn't exist between them. Jealousy has always been the number one sign of how you can tell if someone cares about another person as more than friends.

2. With a coworker

This is fairly awkward because it might compromise your job. But you probably don't want to be stuck in a job while being ignorant of the fact that your wife is cheating on you. Or your wife is cheating on you with her coworker. Either way, if you have doubts, watch out for these signs.

A. Your wife starts showing up at your work place but rarely talks to you

You might start noticing that your wife drops by your work more frequently, maybe to pick you up from work or to bring you your lunch. This is a very sweet move, but only if you have her attention. If she shows up at your work but pays her attention to your colleague, it's not a good sign.

If she starts dressing up, she should be trying to impress you. But instead, you will find her spending her energy on talking to your coworker, you might be in trouble. One good (or bad) thing about working in an office is that, you always hear gossips, so your other coworkers might find out before you and warn you about it. As awkward as it might be, you need to know anyways.

B. Your wife starts texting to her coworker behind your back and don't want you to find out

What is a good reason for your wife to text her coworker behind your back and trying to hide it from you if there's nothing going on? There's none. There's never a good reason for this. If you catch your wife texting her coworker but refuses to tell you what they're talking about and becomes very secretive, she might be cheating on you.

Privacy is important in a relationship, but always understand that so is honesty and openness. Your wife shouldn't feel like she has to hide something from you if everything she does is clean and honest. If she starts becoming secretive about who she is texting to, sometimes you really shouldn't just simply trust her for your own sake.

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3. On Facebook

Facebook has become an app that we can't live without these days. It helps with communication, and in most cases, helps you catch your wife cheating on you as well.

A. You start realising that your wife deletes her chats or nicknames some people

Have you ever caught your wife talking to someone but when you look at her chats you don't see who she is talking to? That's most likely because she is talking to her new lover and doesn't want you to find out.

She might start deleting the chat every time she replies so you will have absolutely no clue who she is talking to. And even if the guy replies and pops up, she might have nicknamed him so you can't even look up who that person is.

This is a major red flag because your wife is obviously determined to lie to you about who she is talking to. Again, honesty is important in a relationship. If your wife deletes her chat and hides things from you, even you can't be sure that she is cheating on you, you should still ask yourself if this is someone that you can trust. 

B. She would rather spend time on Facebook chatting with the person than spending time with you

Spending quality time togeteher is important. If your wife would rather spend time chatting on Facebook and refuses to do anything with you, she is already not that interested in you. At this point, you will realise that no matter how much you try to initate to spend time with her or even making surprises for her won't work. She just simply doesn't seem to be too grateful.

Think about it, what could be so intersting about texting other people all the time than spending some time with you as a married couple? You might want to ignore the signs and want to trust her, but the thing is, if she is cheating on you and you blindly believe that everything is good just because you refuse to take the hurt, it will only hurt more.

4. With another women

This would be quite sad and there's nothing you can do to fix if your wife finds out she is into girls after all. Even if you decide to forgive her, you will have to let her go eventually because there's simply nothing you can do to change it.

A. She starts complimenting her friend on her body and everything

Your wife will start telling you how attractive her friend is and might let you to think that the other woman's body is better than yours. She will tell you how great everything is with her and makes you feel that you're no competition to her.

You might want to believe everything is fine because it's a girl but no girls will make their husband feel less than another girl. Your wife might just have something more with her girl than just friends.

B. She spends too much time with her friend

Maybe they're going to the gym together or taking some trips together. If she meets the other woman too much and you don't feel comfortable, your guts might just be right. She is probably doing something more than just hanging out with her bestie.

5. On Snapchat

It's quite easy to cheat on snapchat because there's rarely any evidence on it. These are the signs you shuold look out for.

A. There's someone that she constantly snaps but clearly doesn't want you to know who it is

She might start giggling every time she receives a snap from someone. It's just a happiness that you can't hide. But when you ask who it is that she is sending a snap to, she would start avoiding your question and just say it's a friend. If you further pursue it, she might even just say it's no one important.

If it's a friend, she would be glad to tell you if it's a friend from work or a high school friend. Only when it's a lover that she will feel the need to hide from you.

B. She is mysterious about where she was

There's a function for you to find out the other person's location. A lot of people have found out their partner lied about their whereabouts through this. She wife might start telling you she's going to work but actually is in another place.

If she starts making excuses about why she lied, you need to be careful of how often she does that. Is it a normal thing for her to lie to cover up her tracks? If your wife can't even be honest with you about her whereabouts, how many more lies has she told you so far?


Being cheated on is heartbreaking. You give everything you have for that one person and they destroy the trsut by cheating on you. As heartbreaking as it is, you need to be strong and watch out for your best interests. Don't ignore the signs. If you see a red flag, always investigate. If you're wrong about it, apologise to your wife. If you're right, think about what to do next. Always make sure you know the truth, leaving doubts in a relationship is never healthy.

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