Real Love Experience: What Does Love Feel Like For Man And Woman

Ever wondered if love is felt the same way for both man and woman? Here are a few ways to know how real love feels like for both man and woman.

By Janani
Real Love Experience: What Does Love Feel Like For Man And Woman

Being Different is what Makes Love Even More Beautiful

The idea of being in love is different between men and women, and it is always inclined to their very own style. Although the feeling of love might be the same, the way they express their feelings and emotions might be totally different. "Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus" is a good example to understand the differences between men and women, when it comes to love. Many relationships fail as there is no proper understanding of what men really want from women or women from men. Getting to know both men and women, and how they feel their love in their own different ways, helps to have a long-lasting relationship. One must try to learn and accept the differences in expressing love. Only by truly accepting that men and women differ in showing their love, one can truly understand the real meaning of love. So, to help you know the differences and read their signs better we have a list of ways to know how men and women differ in experiencing love.

1. Falling in Love Feels Like...

Men always fall in love with women at a faster rate when compared to women. Men appreciate the physical beauty and are more likely to fall in love first. Whereas, women take their time and fall in love with men at a slower pace. Love, at first sight, happens a lot with men when compared to women. Generally speaking, men prefer physical appearances while women prefer quality. When it comes to falling in love men don't actually think much, they simply feel attracted to women then they are simply in love. But a woman takes her time, analysis each and every quality of her man and then she decides on whether to fall in love or not. A woman waits for the perfect man and then when she finally meets him, she falls in love with him. A woman falls in love at a slower rate when compared to a man. It is also noted that men who fall in love at a faster pace fall out of love at the faster rate as well. While women, are more stable and are in love for a longer duration when compared to men.

2. Revealing Love Feelings is Like...

Men are exposed to the idea that expressing their feelings is a sign of weakness. So, men find it really hard to express their feelings, it is always inbound. This makes it difficult for the woman to read her man. On the contrary, women talk a lot about their feelings and it is never a big secret. Being able to express the feelings is the basis of any relationship, and there starts the difference between men and women. That doesn't mean men never expresses his feelings. His way of showing love will be different. He might be there for you, support you, inspires you, or just making you a cup of coffee after a big day is his simple way of saying his love for you. For a man, love feels more like showing in actions more than words. So, make it a point to understand their way of expressing their feelings and try to appreciate it. It is your man's way of saying his Love. On the other hand, a woman expresses her love by words, she could tell you about how much she loves you for a full whole day. When it comes to a woman, she expects verbal confirmation every now and then. It makes her feel special and loved, it is the easiest way of telling someone you love.

3. Love Feels Like Initimacy

Man can never appreciate being touchy, holding hands and cuddling are not always a guy thing. But a woman, on the other hand, loves holding hands, cuddling, spooning, hugging and kissing. Men might appreciate it but they will never be able to do it at the right time or when in need. But a woman always knows when there is a need for a hug and a kiss, and you might get one. Not only at times of need there might be a lot of physical closeness whenever she feels love. Mostly, men are not interested in spending time together with their women, not at all times though. They prefer some time alone or simply to be with their friends. They value their personal space more than their woman. This doesn't mean that they don't value spending time with their women, but they don't feel the need to be there for their love at all times. It is true, of course, everybody needs some space. But when it comes to woman spending time with their man is of high priority. They will be ready to make last minute party cancellations as well if it comes to spending time with their man.

4. Emotional Attachment Feels Like..

When in love both men and woman share the same level of emotional attachment, but the way they express it will differ. Men prefer the need to have a woman who understands them. Petty problems that men experience in life are not always a big deal and that they would handle the situation without the need to complain. But, women are different, their emotional attachment means caring, they value the genuine connection the chemistry between them also matters. Women need to be understood; she needs her man to understand her feelings when something has gone wrong. Petty issues are still a big deal, and you will be hearing a lot of complaints about them. They don't look for solutions but just need their man to listen to their problems and tell them that 'It is going to be Okay' even when they know it.

5. Love Feels Like To Be Needed

Men and women both love to be needed when in love. But men would prefer it even more when compared to women. A Man might want his woman to feel that he is the only man on earth who can make the impossible happen. He will want her to see him as a superhero. He will try to be very protective of her, and make sure he looks like a tough even though if he is not a one. This is how men will want to be needed. Whereas for a woman, she might want her man to miss her, feel the need to be with her. To be missed is a special feeling when in love. Woman prefer to be needed by making their guy miss her. He should feel that she is the only person who could make him happy by staying in his life. This is she wants him to be needed in his life. Although, both of them have the same feeling their definition might be different.

6. Love Feels like to be Noticed

Men and women when in love have the urge to be noticed for all the small things that they do. They need to be appreciated to know that they are being loved. Men might want his small deeds of love like cooking a meal, going that extra mile to get her favorite cup of coffee to be noted and appreciated. Whereas he might not be great at noticing her new hairstyle or new dress she has bought recently. Women love to be noticed and complimented. They prefer their men to notice even the small changes in their appearances and appreciate. Noticing her new hairstyle and telling her she looks amazing will make her feel fabulous. Every small detail, tiny as checking out her appearances will make her day as those of the comparatively bigger ones that she does for love.

7. Love means to Make the other Happy

A man will want his woman to be happy, by making her happy he would feel that his love would be expressed. Seeing a smile on her face will make his day, and it is all that he will want. He might take proper care of every little thing that he does it never hurts her. He would readily make a huge sacrifice just to bring a smile on her face. His definition of making her happy will be simple - Do anything just to see her smile. Women will go through the same level of trouble to make him happy. But, the intensity will not be the same. Men are believed to address their issues, and they could have never a loved a woman in the first place unless he is happy. That doesn't mean women never try to make their men happy, but the effort is minimal when compared to men. This is what it feels like to be in love for a man and woman.

The way of expressing love for a man and a woman might not always be the same. The intensity, wavelength, affection, and love might be the same, but they would express in different ways. These expressions of love are very generic, and there are quite a few exceptions as well. Not all men and women have the same way of showing their love. Definition of love always varies from men and women. Accepting the fact that men and women are different might help you in being a successful relationship. Having a perspective of the opposite sex helps you understand what is needed and what needs to be given. If you notice, you will find a lot of similarities between men and women even in their differences; this is what makes their love lasts for years. It is these minor differences that make both the sex unique. Failure to understand these minor differences makes both the partners frustrated, resentful, and depressed thus leading to a breakup. So, if just in case you feel not being loved, remember to comprehend their perspective as well. Go ahead and have a fun filled fantastic love life. All the Best!