10 best places to get your personalized baby books

Create personalized baby books for keepsakes and memories

By Ashley N. Johnson
10 best places to get your personalized baby books

What are personalized books?

Imagine, as a child, you were so loved and special to your family that they wrote a book in which you were the main character.  You could be written as a superhero, a teacher, or even as a best friend to your favorite animal.  Your parents' names could have been part of the story too, and even any brothers or sisters you may have had.  That would be a fun and personal gift, right?

M is For Me Personalized Book, Pink Cover | Pottery Barn Kids

Thanks to technology, the digital age, and online ordering at your fingertips, these books are not only widely available, but there are so many to choose from it is difficult to even know where to start looking.  Whether you are an expecting parent, seasoned Mommy or Daddy, or a doting Grandma/Grandma/Aunt/Uncle looking to give an adorable personalized gift, there are books upon books to choose from.

Best place to create your personalized baby books for twins

Twins are twice as nice as far as I'm concerned.  "Double your pleasure, double your fun" is a gum commercial slogan from the 1990s that used pairs of twins in TV ads, and that is always the mental image I retain of twinkies. There are several book options for twins.  One way to do it is to create stories that involve both children. Another idea, and possible one that your twins, who will forever be regarded as a package even as adults, is to create completely separate stories for each twin.

1. Hooray Heroes

Personalized Children’s Books

Hooray Heros is a unique book personalization site that offers books for boys, girls, siblings, twins, parents, and grandparents.  All of the books are written and illustrated by a New York Times best-selling children's author.  The twin editions of these books are particularly special in that the feature twin related poems in addition to the regular story. All books are hardcovers and there is even the option to customize the dedication page for an extra special keepsake. 

Personalized book with photos for toddlers

Toddlers will appreciate having a personalized book a great deal.  Not only have they likely become more self-aware in the toddler years, and recognize their name when spoken or written, but they are also at an age where they love to curl up in a grown up's lap for storytime. A personalized book is a great way to incorporate a special story about your toddler into this special time. Toddlers also love story books with pictures because it gives them a visual to go along with the story that they can't quite read on their own. 

2. Personal Creations

For more information visit the website

Personal Creations is a site that carries every conceivable customized gift for adults, children, infants, and even pets.  Personalized books with colorful illustrations are among the many offerings on the site.  Hardcover books with paper pages and multiple sentences per page are the perfect personalized gift for a toddler or preschooler. The colorful photos in these books are certain to please their intended audience as well.  

3. Put Me in the Story

Personalized Childrens Books | Personalized Books for Kids

This is another site that offers personalized books your toddler is sure to love.  Complete with stories where your toddler can be written in the very recognizable characters including Disney princesses, Curious George, and Mickey Mouse, these books are unique in the adventures they offer with your child's favorite characters. 

4. I See Me

Personalized Children’s Books & Gifts

This site offers many of the same personalized books available on other sites, with easy ordering and a personalized dedication page with a photo of your child. Having both your child's name and photo on the cover of the book is very special.  It is also a great way to preserve the memory of his or her age when recieving the book. 

5. Pottery Barn Kids

Kids’ & Baby Furniture, Kids Bedding & Gifts | Baby Registry

Like other sites, pottery barn offers personalized books with easy ordering by gender and the child's name.  Pictured above is the perfect gift for a toddler who is going to be a big sister.  Select books even come with a stuffed animal, or in the case of the big sister book, a medal of honor to make the experience even more special. 

6. My Fairy Tale Books

Personalized Children's Books & Gifts for Kids

My Fairy Tale Books is another site that is equipped with many personalization options. Offering books with recognizable characters and stories from the worlds of Disney, Marvel, and Nick Jr., to name a few, it is a great site for finding a personalized book your child is sure to love.  Unique to this site are personalized coloring books for your toddler to color along to their own adventure. 

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Personalized baby book for newborns

While newborns don't do a lot in the way of actively listening to stories, or really even focusing their eyes on any one particular point, they still benefit from being read to.  Hearing Mom or Dad's voice helps them make sense of this new world they are living in.  It can also help with early brain development and build a foundation for future language learning.

7. Shutterfly

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Personalized baby story and photo books

One suggestion for a great personalized baby book for a newborn is the story of his or her pregnancy and birth.  This can be through an existing template, or you could make a photo book with your own pictures to tell the story of the experience. This is a great way to preserve your baby's unique arrival story and have it be available to him or her in storybook form.  Life with a newborn gets busy, and they grow and change so quickly that sometimes its nice to have these memories in writing to easily look back at such a huge milestone in all of your lives.

8. Wonderbly

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Personalized baby and children's books

Adoptive children and parents even have options in the way of personalized books. If you are planning to adopt or have adopted a child there are books that express how special and sentimental that experience is for both the parents and their child. Often times adoptive parents embarked on incredible journeys to become parents and bring a baby or child into their homes to be a family.  A personalized book is a wonderful way to memorialize such a momentous experience. 

Personalized baby book as gifts

Personalized baby books make great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, baptisms, and just about any occasion you can think of.  Books are not only timeless, but they take up very little space which makes them popular with parents and children alike.

9. Amazon

For more information visit the website

Amazon offers personalized baby books, many of which are available on the sites above.  The great thing about using Amazon to order a personalized book for a gift is having the ability to ship it directly to the recipient.  This is perfect for sending a gift to a baby or child who lives far away. You can add a gift message and even gift wrap.  

10. Hallmark

For more information visit the website

Hallmark is one of the top dogs in the greeting card industry, but truly the company specializes in everything gift and special occasion related.  Because of this, there are endless possibilities for personalized gifts, and books are certainly widely available from this seller. There are books for birthdays, baptisms, birth, Christmas, and just about any other occasion.

For a change of pace, consider purchasing a recordable storybook as a gift. Hallmark offers many of these books for many different occasions.  You can record your voice reading the story aloud and saying any message that you like.  The child can then hear your voice reading the story with the press of a button. This is an awesome gift idea for a child you do not get to see in person as often, as they can stay connected with the sound of your voice until you are together again.


It's a wonderful time to be raising a child with sweet, personalized gifts accessible like never before.  Personalized baby books are great for anyone who wants a precious keepsake to give to their own child, or to a special new addition in a friend or family member's life.  There are numerous choices for a personalized book, so finding the perfect story is easy.

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