10 Non-traditional wedding dresses ideas for her

2019 Best non-traditional wedding dresses for the pretty bride

10 Non-traditional wedding dresses ideas for her

A wedding is one of those milestone moments in your life, so you need to make it right to yourself. Some ladies don't feel free wearing the typical white grown, it's like you are trapped on it. Therefore, if you opt for your style and true personality you better go for something unexpected a “Non-traditional Wedding dress.” 

On your wedding day, you need to feel beautiful that is an essential part of it. A wedding day is a big day for every lady and so as you. At this intimate occasion every girl needs to feel pretty, so having a modern fashioned dress brings that unique and beautiful bridal look every bride grave for. This article will give you some of the top 10 trendy Non-traditional wedding dresses ideas for her that are fashion inclined. So take a look at our adventurous and curated list of the top fashionable bridal dresses for alternative options. 

Non-Traditional Wedding Dress vs Traditional Wedding Dresses

Traditional and non-traditional dresses have some similarities and differences and how to pair them with other wear to give that finished look. Here I will provide you some of the differences that exist within the traditional and non-traditional dresses. 

Traditional wedding dress

This entails the most common types of wedding dresses you have always seen in almost every wedding. Here are some of its characteristics that define its beautiful look.

  1. The bride wear (dress) or usually white or ivory.
  2. The dress should is designed in a princess-like style.
  3. The bride dress or entire costume should be elegant to march the occasion.
  4. The dress is designed to have a long floor-length covering 98% of her bottoms.
  5. An ivory veil is a must thing for every traditional wedding dress, and its length should be up to shoulder in front.
  6. Heels too should be worn by the groom to bring out that magical finish adored by many.

Non-Traditional wedding dress

Since it is a symbolic type ceremony and a rustic, enchanted garden, gothic, beach, and boho style of wedding, you need a proper dress for it. Here is where the dressing differs from the traditional one.

  1. The bride dress can be colorful, black, purple or any stylish colored dress you wish to pick.
  2. The dress can have decoration and embroidered patterns adorned on it according to your style and fashion choice. 
  3. The dress can be white but with color on them or simple but beautiful detailed applique.
  4. You can choose alternative veil mostly short, simple and classy one to your likings or no veil.
  5. Comfortable shoes like converse, decorated barefoot-sandals or heels.

Without further ado let take a look at the curated list for the 10 Non-traditional wedding dresses ideas for you to draw inspiration from!

Unique Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

When getting married you don't need to wear traditional dresses that aren't comfortable with you, what you need is to discover that unique non-traditional wedding dress you feel beautiful and comfortable in it. Therefore, identify one of the top trendy and unique dress for you.

1. Wear Two Pieces

Source: All Clothing: Brandon Maxwell, Shoes: Manolo Blahnik

It all about uniqueness plus style plus fashion to give that classic finish on your dressing. The bonus about this style is that you can wear it with different bold colored heels like blue. Dramatic dress topped with a fuzzy sweeter gives a beautiful bridal look.

2. Bridal Carmen dress by Rime Arodaky.

Bridal Carmen dress

Super unique non-traditional bridal dress for you. This dress is designed in a modern fashioned style that still the show making the bride look tremendously cool, model-like and beautiful.

3. Narces bridal dress.

Narces bridal dress.

Wedding fashion is running wild with Nerces latest designs. This piece speaks out loud by itself, and if you want that fashioned wedding that is different from the traditionally styled one, then this is a go for you. 

Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses for the plus size brides

Many dresses designed are not meant for plus size, but here I will show you some of the available bridal dresses hacks for the plus size. They are simple, beautiful and with few distinguishing features that complement the plus size women's beauty. I guarantee you these dresses will meet both the specifications and preference to still the show for you.

4. Mars Begley wedding dress.

Source: dionysusdarling/ Instagram

When you look at this picture, you realize how plus size women can also find simple but well style non-traditional dress and superbly rock on it. Doesn't she look amazing in this wedding dress?

5. Mesh Strapless Dress

Special Event Bejeweled Mesh Strapless Dress | Torrid

This special event dress is perfect for a wedding dress for you, and it will make you feel like a princess while giving style and fashion a chance to blend you up.  Mesh Strapless dress can be worn with shimmery ivory layers, and crown on your head.

6. Rae Martin wedding dress.

Source: fatshionablycorrect/ Instagram

Don't worry about your body size! Look at how Rae Martin slayed on a leather jacket, gorgeous dress, and leopard print sandals. Rae, the beautiful bride, said: "As you can see, I did not come to play, I came to slay." 

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Casual Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

If going casual is your idea, then you need to stick with a casual dress that is lightweight and with a simple but elegant design to give that extraordinary look. Here are some of the inspirational choices we picked for you.

7. Puff Sleeve Blazer Dress.

Puff Sleeve Blazer Dress | Women's Plus Size Dresses | ELOQUII

If you are going to spend much on a wedding or you and your spouse will head down to the courthouse to exchange vows, then you will need no traditional dress to complete this event. This dress can serve your desires to the fullest since it is essential for a simple sharing of vows. 

8. Black Crystal-embellished guipure-lace dress

Crystal-embellished guipure-lace dress

A black dress is way cooler than most other dresses. A black dress is pretty and perhaps the most dramatic choice to have as your wedding dress. To bring out the romantic feeling from your dress ensure you look for the one with layers of tulle or lace details. An awesome thing about it is that No rules, no problem.

Elegant Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

One thing that defines our elegance is how we wear; it makes appreciate finer things in life and explain that beauty appearance is determined by simplicity. Therefore, this article grants you with defined elegant Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses for your special event.   

9. Blush Pink.

A Modern Pink Wedding at Upper Crust in New York, New York

This is one of the most elegant bridal wear that will make you feel comfortable completely. The important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful inside every formal bridal wear you choose to wear it. This dress is a new custom-made, pink wedding dress that has been designed by Leanne Marshall. Pink color and that design bring out that uniqueness and elegance that you are searching for.

10. Modest two-piece.

Source: Love & Perry Photography and Films

If you are looking for that simple, elegant and non-traditional dress for your wedding, this can be a perfect choice for you to have it. This is a modest two-piece that is so simple and sweet and can be paired with a dramatic floral crown.

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You need to be the sole designer of your special day, and for that, you need to start with what you will wear during that day. You can get ideas from friends, but that final choice will always be up to you to decide what will perfectly gratify your needs. This article has provided you with ideas designed with beautifully textured dimensions to give you that look you desire so much.