16 Unique Wedding Ideas that you can try in 2019

Unique Wedding Ideas that could start a new wedding trend in 2019

By Madiha A.
16 Unique Wedding Ideas that you can try in 2019

Unique Wedding Ideas for Reception

2019 has started with new aspirations and dreams to follow. If you are planning on finally getting married this year, this article is for you.

Every couple tries to make the biggest day of their life the most unique and memorable event for themselves and their guests. You might have witnessed some crazy dresses, wedding themes and, venues but these unique wedding ideas for the reception will blow you away. 

1. Hire a Flash Mob

If you are looking for unique ideas to add a surprise element to your wedding, nothing can surpass a flash mob. Flash mobs will help you select music and ways to involve friends and family. It will be fun and excitement with people cheering and having experience of a lifetime.

They usually cost $2000-$5000 per event and if you are not on a budget, it will be the most unique and amazing experience for the guests. You can even arrange a flash mob as a gift for the bride and groom and surprise them both with this artistic expression of excitement and joy.  

2. Dramatic Drinks

Wedding is a time when you can surprise and amaze your guests so they may remember your big day in years to come. People always talk about unique stunts being pulled at weddings with amusement. A unique idea for the wedding reception is the addition of dramatic drinks.

There are several ways to add a touch of theatre to the drinks but nothing compares liquid nitrogen. Diluted liquid nitrogen is added to cocktails and it creates a smoky effect. It creates the exact “cauldron effect” right out of a spooky movie scene. Chocolate fountains will amaze kids just as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” amazed them. Selecting unusual drink dispensers and bar setups will add the required uniqueness.

3. Unusual Mode of Transportation

Source: cruisinphotobus/ Instagram

If the reception venue is far from the main parking area, you need to transport guests to the venue. A unique mode of transportation will surely amaze the guests. A few fun options include two-wheelers, vintage cars, airlift, sports cars, golf carts, self-balancing scooters/hoover boards, limousine, horse carriages, rowboats, camel and elephant rides, and hot air balloons. Whatever mode of transportation you choose, make sure that all necessary permits are required and paperwork is complete to avoid last minute hassle.

4. Impressive/Dramatic Lighting

Instead of regular dancing lights, try a projector for creating textured and patterned lighting. Depending on the season, falling snowflakes, winter leaves, and flower petals can be projected in the venue. Intricately laser cut patterns and wedding monogram can also be projected.

Unique lighting will add a magical effect and a romantic glow to the venue. Floating candles, candles hanging in glass globes, chandeliers, Edison bulbs, paper lanterns, candlelit lanterns, and fairy string lights will add the ultimate wow factor to your wedding reception.

Unique Wedding Ideas on a Budget

No matter how much you have collected for your wedding, it might fall short. Nothing goes according to plan when it comes to weddings. Here are some unique wedding ideas if you are on a budget:

5. Backyard Wedding

Wedding being an intimate occasion, if celebrated in the backyard of your own home will add a homely touch. It is not only economic but you will get a chance to show your friends and family, the place where you two will be living as a married couple.

You can even request your parents to let you use their lawn or backyard for the wedding reception. Since parents have experience, they will help you plan and host a pocket-friendly wedding.

6. Borrow Mom’s Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses these days cost a fortune. Designer dresses, jewelry, and branded shoes cost one-third of the total wedding expenses. Cutting short on expenses is crucial if you are on a budget. Although mom’s wedding dress will be a little outdated, there are designers who can help you re-design your mom’s wedding dress into something trendy and it would cost half as much. Wearing artificial jewelry will help you save quite a much. I love this show “Something Borrowed, Something New”, where designer Kelly Nishimoto transforms mom’s dress into something new. 

Borrowing mom’s dress will help you save money and your mom will be ecstatic to see you wearing her wedding dress.  

7. Do the Catering Yourself

Where hiring a catering company may seem convenient, it is definitely not economic. If you are good with organization and planning, doing catering wouldn’t be difficult for you. Plan a menu with favorite dishes of both of you.

Everyone has a friend or family member who is an aspiring chef or event organizer in making; ask them for help and they will surely do it happily. It will be economical for you and give them a chance to prove their abilities. Someone else might even hire them for an upcoming event if they were good enough.

8. Try DIYs

Crafty or not, there are several elements of a wedding that you can be done all by yourself. From DIY invitation cards to bouquet and boutonniere, table centerpieces, wedding favors, photo booth and props and place cards, everything can be made with the help of friends and family and cut cost on wedding expenses. DIY projects are so rewarding and utter sources of joy. 

Unique Wedding Ideas for Small Weddings

Hosting extravagant wedding is not everyone’s Cup of tea. Some people prefer a more private and intimate ceremony. If you are one such person with a limited number of friends, a small wedding is a good idea for you.

Even if you wanted a huge wedding but ended up tying the knot in a hassle, here are some unique ideas for small weddings:

9. E-vites instead of Invites

Small weddings are usually last minute stunts. In order to get it right and make sure that no matter how a limited number of guests you are inviting, they get their invitation cards in time, you need to try the quickest mode of delivering cards.  Since there isn’t any time to go and give the invitation cards by hand or post the invitation cards, e-invitation cards will be handy.

Get an invitation card designed and send it through email or a multi-media message. You can even download customizable wedding invites from various websites and they don’t cost much. 

10. Elaborate Invites

If your wedding isn’t small because you are doing it in a hurry, you can try designing elaborate wedding invites. Since a few numbers of people will be invited, you can spend lavishly on wedding invites. Wedding card in a box with personalized chocolates will leave the invitees awe-struck.  

11. Try Destination Wedding

Taking a big wedding to a faraway destination is not a smart idea. If you are opting for a small wedding, you can take along your limited number of guests to an exotic destination. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your guests. 

12. Try Unusual Venues

Fab Occasions ™ (The Fab App) on Instagram: “That's another one. Candid click of @priyankachopra and @nickjonas from their Wedding Ceremony.. 💟 Shot by : @storiesbyjosephradhik Follow…”

Nick-Priyanka wedding in Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is a perfect example of a small wedding in an unusual place. Although the definition of small for celebrities is different from normal people where a few hundreds are considered small but everyone who likes the idea of “small” and “intimate” should try unusual venues. Museums, national parks, botanical gardens, historical libraries, luxury cruise ships, underwater, ice caves, castles, and palaces are perfect places for small weddings.           

Unique Wedding Ideas for Second Marriages

Your first wedding did not end well? This quote will summarize well.

Second Chance Quote

Here are some unique wedding ideas for all those who are tying the knot for the second time:

13. Wear Whatever You Like

No limitations, no boundaries and simply no rules when you are marrying for the second time. Wear whatever you like, however you like and do whatever you want to do. Doesn’t this sound fun? It does. No need to buy a wedding dress with a long trail and a traditional veil. Wear a trendy outfit instead. From plunge dresses to jumpsuits and denim to dress suits everything is legal for you in the second marriage ceremony of yours. You can also try dresses from other cultures   

14. Do Something Extraordinary

Any act of love and kindness goes a long way. Anything extraordinary, out of the way, above and beyond will make your second marriage ceremony one-of-a-kind. Watch this video where a groom proposes his step-daughter and asks to be her “Father Forever”, how ingenious of him. 

15. Choose a Unique Date

Setting a unique wedding date for second marriage will be a creative idea. Dates like 
2-2-2019 -- 2nd marriage in the 2nd month of 2019
2-1-2019 -- 2nd marriage for the 1st time 
Aren’t these dates cool?

16. Dramatic Exit

If your first marriage ceremony was all traditional, try eloping for the second marriage. Marry in a court and leave straightaway for honeymoon then post the honeymoon pictures on social media to inform friends and family about your wedding. Unique, right?   

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Whether it is an elaborate wedding ceremony or a close circle of loved ones is invited, you can always try one of the ideas mentioned above to host a unique and one-of-a-kind wedding. In the end, it is going to be love that conquers all.