12 Fun Places You Can Go On A Date On A Budget

Good ideas on places to go for your first or future dates

By Tamara
12 Fun Places You Can Go On A Date On A Budget

Going on a first date with someone you really like can be pretty stressful. We have all been there. You question every little thing - where to go, what to wear, what to say in order to sound interesting to you date… Don’t worry. We all go through that faze, no matter if we are 15 or 25.  Here we have a list of date ideas for a date which can be casual or romantic no matter if it’s your first date or you have been dated for a while.

What is considered as a good place to go on a date?

I believe that it all depends on your interests. Going for a coffee is always a good idea. Maybe you guys don’t have the same friends or you don’t visit the same places so you can try visiting each other favorite places. Also, get informed about events that are happening in your town, so you can be like “Hey, have you heard about that concert that is happening tomorrow night?” or “My friend is having his photography exhibition next weekend. You want to come?” Spending day in nature is always a good idea. You can go to the river bank, just sit there and talk; you can go for a walk or ride a bike, or having a picnic. 

Places to go on a first date

1. Sing Karaoke

This can be fun. Not all the people there know how to sing.  Never mind if you fail at singing completely, at least this will show that you are a fun person that likes to try new things. You guys might sing a duet, which is a cute thing to do... At the end of the day, no matter what happened, you will have memories of you doing fun things together for the first time

2. Going on a Bowling date

Another non-stressful date. Maybe you heard that he’s good at bowling and then you can pretend that you’re not, and ask for help. Trust me, guys love that! This way you’re letting him feel comfortable in his skills. Ask questions about anything regard bowling. After a few takes, you even might win!

3. Watching an Outdoor Movie

Source: Mrjackwarner / Wikipedia Commons

This is perfect for a first date. Most of the time, outdoor cinemas are located in the parks so you can bring a blanket to sit on them, bring your drinks or food. I love this kind of cinemas because you can sit really close to each other or lay next to each other. The atmosphere is relaxing, friendly and, in my opinion, perfect for the first date.

4. Meet for a Breakfast Date

Couple having coffee in the morning.

Do you have a favorite café? Yes? Then meet up for breakfast date. It can be a very casual, and perfect way to stay together almost the whole day if you want to. You may uncover each other's favorite food, morning go-to drinks and enjoy a hearty chat with the fantastic aroma from the cafe.

Ideas for a Casual Date

If you get too nervous before your date with this guy you really like, one of the best ways to calm yourself (and I know how complicated this can be) is to suggest a casual date. Here are a few examples.

5. Go for a Walk

Couple standing on the cliff

This may not sound like an idea for a date, but actually, it’s pretty interesting. Supposed, you both like nature. So you can grab a coffee from your favorite café and start a walk. This is an easy way to just casually chat, get to know each other and spend the day in nature.

Chat about whatever you are comfortable but try to avoid going into a heavy discussion on topics like politics, religion etc that much be too much for a walk conversation. Also, it is normal to keep quiet and enjoy nature with each other company.

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6. See an Exhibition

Today it’s easy to track some interesting events near you. What I consider one of the interesting things to do is to see an exhibition. Maybe some art galleries have their openings or museums have a new set up, but it’s a good idea to spend quality time together bonding over art. Who knows, you may become his Muse!

7. Going To Board Game Café

It is a fun way to spend time on your date. Casual, it can become a little bit competitive, perfect. Also, it may sound like a good proposal to bring your friends along. Both of you can meet each other's friends, develop new friendships and at the same time, find out more about your date from his or her friends! You may find out something new, interesting or maybe surprising?

8. Pretend To Be A Tourist

Couple on the rooftop

This is by far my favorite thing to do! Grab a map of your home town, and start exploring hidden parts of it. It can be pretty interesting. Seeing places you don’t know, taking pictures, sharing stories and enjoying each other company. Perhaps one of you can really read the map (you can try exploring the old school way without any smartphone help!) or maybe both of you are bad in directions. Nevertheless, spend time getting lost (or in planning) and soak in the new experience. At the end of the date, you would have memories with some amazing photos of your time together.

Places For A Romantic Date

When we say “romantic date”, we have a certain picture in our heads. Right? Some may find them dull, and old-fashioned. But in reality, there is no reason to think so. Here are just a few examples of romantic and yet interesting dates.

9. Go For a Picnic in the Park

Couple having a picnic at the park.

I do believe that most of us think of a picnic in the park as a perfect romantic date. You can surprise your significant one with his favorite dish. All you need is blanket, an ideal spot in the park with just a perfect dose of Sun, and food.

Don't know how to cook or no time? Go to a pre-picnic trip to the nearby supermarket and stock up your picnic basket with all the food you both love and have a great time together!

10.  Go To Your Favourite Bookstore

You never considered a bookstore as a place for a romantic date? Think again. The idea is this:  find a bookstore where you can sit and read. Then pick a book you like (you may have already read it) and read out loud those romantic parts or react them!

11. Sign Up for a Pottery Class

This actually can turn out to be both romantic and sexy date! You and your date getting messy while trying to create something is a really good way to bond and get to know one another. We all saw the movie “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. Afterward, you can even try to help with cleaning.

12. Sign Up For A Dance Class

It can be fun and romantic and sexy. Just look up for ballrooms that have classes for beginners. You may even ask dance instructor to show you some slow moves or for example, tango. This can be a perfect way to see how your bodies react to one another, and if you’re okay with having him so close to you.  

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No matter if you prefer romantic or casual dates; I do believe that what matters is that you have a good time. For the very first dates, I would recommend common places where you feel safe and comfortable. Try not to think too much – just be your beautiful self and show him what you’re really about. Do fun things together. Step from your comfort zone – like going to karaoke bar; show him your funny side too. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. And remember, your date is just as nervous as you.