50 Funny Conversation Starters For The First Date

Dating can be nerve wracking. What are you supposed to say? Here is a list of 50 funny conversation starters to guarantee a second date.

By Sophia A. Franklin
50 Funny Conversation Starters For The First Date

The initial meeting online before the conversation starters

In today’s world, technology has taken over in almost all aspects of human life. This includes dating. More often than not, people are meeting online, through Tinder, Bumble, or even Match.com. The internet is where first dates are often made. If you have not tried online dating, you should give it a go. It is a fast, convenient, and effective way of meeting hundreds of potential matches. After all, dating is just a numbers game - might as well up your chances. You’ve matched with a hottie that you want to take out. Matching with them was the easy bit. The difficult part now is to get a conversation going. “Hey,” and “How are you?” are good starters, but it will not keep the conversation going for long. Try breaking the ice and getting your prospective dating partner to chuckle with some one-liners and funny conversation starters.

#1 Dating Tip

If you have met your match online, be sure to read their entire profile. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Plus, this is a terrific way to get topics to converse with each other on.

For starters: asking your date out

Dating can be nerve wracking. First dates are always a little scary. What are you going to wear and say? Where to go and what to do? Focus on the fact that you got your matches attention, simply by having a conversation with each other. A simple “would you like to go out with me?” will do here. Don’t ask them out with the phrase, “want to hang out?” This person is supposed to be your date, not your buddy. You can try and be corny too. It might work, but better to play it safe and simply ask straight up. Chances are they will say yes, especially if you two met online or on an app like Tinder or Bumble.

Choosing a starter place to chat and eat

Where you take your date to on the first meeting is important. You want to make sure it is somewhere you can have a proper conversation. No interruptions are wanted, so no loud bars or clubs. Do not go anywhere where the both of you are repeatedly saying to each other “what??” Pick somewhere that is not too casual but also not over the top. Suitable places to go are coffee shops, restaurants, parks, art galleries, or maybe even to an amusement park. So, you've got a date with someone new. Maybe you met on an online app or organically. You get dolled up, pacing back and forth thinking of what topics to have conversations over. Now, getting the date was the chill part. Both of you are going to have to figure out what goes on during the date that will make or break the night. Try some of these funny conversation starter topics during your date to get a chuckle or even a second date. They say laughter is the way to the heart. Here is a list of 50 funny conversation starters to guarantee a second date.

Beginning of the night conversation starter topics

You just met up with your date. The icebreakers, random topics, and funny intrigues about your date will have you off to a smashing start. People love to hear themselves talk. By asking the questions, your date will think you are fully interested in her or him, and this will help you get to know them better. When the small chat is out of the way and there is silence, break it with this list of opening conversation starters.


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• What was your childhood nickname? Asking your date this question during conversation can shine a light on what your date’s upbringing was like. You may hear some funny stories about how they got their nickname. This can be your opportunity to get some dirt on your date as well. We all have nicknames that we use, and some names that we wish didn't stick. • What did you name your first car? My first car was named little comp. More than likely your date probably named their first whip as well. If they have never had a car, then there are some more topics you can dive into. Maybe ask if they named their bike or skateboard. • What animal would you be? Find out what your date’s spirit animal is. Maybe they are a lion, elephant, or a puffin. Hey, they can even say they are a dinosaur. If they do, be sure to ask which one. • What’s your least favorite fruit? You are both eating food, might as well choose this topic. We all have that one fruit we don’t like to eat. Find out what not to order for your date. • If you could be a dessert, what dessert would you be? Find out how sweet or savory your date is with their answer. Are they a chocolate lava cake or a savory crepe?

Dating 101 tip

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Remember to ask follow up questions with each topic. Why would you be that dessert? Or how did you get that nickname? Additionally, this will show your date that you are interested in them and that you were listening to their responses.

Pop culture conversation starters and topics

Pop culture is all around us. Chances are your date has seen reality tv or has a famous idol or has a funny story to tell about something they have seen. This topic allows for the both of you to relate to a common topic that may be funny. You get to uncover their taste in music, fashion, trends, TV, and movies. • If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be? An American president, an old Hollywood starlet, or the second rover to go to Mars? This conversation starter topic reveals how your date thinks and who they may admire. • What did you think was so cool that you found out was lame later? Some of us collected Pokémon cards, others were into slap bracelets. What trend did your date dig? Nostalgia can be a funny topic and a way to walk down memory lane, ensuring to result in some bashful smirks. • If you could be a reality star, which one would you be? Does your date want the lavish life like Kylie or Kim? Perhaps during the conversation, you find out your date wants to be one of the members of Survivor. Find out if your date is materialistic, fame hungry, or adventurous. • Which Harry Potter character are you? This generation is all about Harry Potter topic. Even if they haven't read the books, they should be familiar with the series. At the very least, you two can debate which team is better.! • Would you rather never have a phone ever, or never have a tv? How attached is your date to technology? This question will determine whether you can expect to be on a date with a phone connected to a body or a body that happens to have a phone. • What’s your favorite song lyric? Here you get to see what kind of music your date likes. See if you two have the same taste in music. If they know a specific lyric, then the conversation can get deeper. Why do they like that particular lyric? Does it have a significant meaning to them? • Would you rather sing the national anthem like Fergie did recently, or have a nip slip like Janet Jackson at the super bowl? Both were embarrassing. See how high your date’s embarrassment meter can get. •Your life is going to be narrated by either Morgan Freeman, Nicholas Cage, or Kevin Hart. Who would you choose? Are you going to be dating someone who has an enthusiastic sense of humor, is rugged, or is more reserved and polished? • Who is your favorite movie villain?? With this conversation starter, you get to find out the dark side of your date. You can also find out what genre of film they like as well. • If you were cast in a horror movie, what character would you be? Example: “Would you be the sorority girl, the lead, the monster, or the mastermind?” This is a great way to find out if they are into 80’s horror movies or the modern takes. • Who is your celebrity crush? What is your date’s type? Do they have a second choice? Don’t worry if you don’t know who it is either, just go online and find out. Who knows, maybe you are just your date’s type.

Dating tip #2

The key is to ask questions during your dialogue with each other. This will help with the flow of back and forth conversation, especially with online dating or texting. By being inquisitive and asking about different topics, your date will feel less superficial and more personal.

Conversations On Quirks

You would have to be dating for a while to find out what your date’s quirks are. Instead of waiting, just start asking these different questions. Who knows, maybe the two of you may share similarities. • Do you hang or fold your pants? How your date arranges their clothing items can reveal their organizing skills. Plus, this is a wonderful way to get a laugh from your date for asking such an odd question. • What is the most embarrassing thing you have done? We have all had our moments. I once ran into a window checking out a cute guy! This is a way for the both of you to laugh about something together. Asking this question can result in your date allowing themselves to be vulnerable so you can get to know them better. • What is something you are afraid of? Some of us have a fear of eggs. Others are afraid of spiders. This conversation topic can provide insight on what makes your date’s skin crawl. Who knows, you might both be afraid of clowns. This means you can both avoid seeing the movie IT. • What is something you have always wanted to do? Maybe your date wanted to become an acrobat, a magician, or a world expert on knitting. While you are dating, you are going to discover one another’s passions. This question just gets you there faster. • If you had the ability to read minds, would you? Does your date want to know all the details of others' lives, or are they up for the unknown? Find out if your date is curious or willing to go with the flow. • What's one word that you always use? Like, you know, legit, or duh. We all have words that we use more than others. See how self-aware your date is. You might even have to look online to find the meaning of an unfamiliar word, depending on your date’s answer. • What is in your browser history that you wouldn’t want your parents to see? This I leave to your imagination. Better yet, find out by asking! Who knows, maybe they are an avid grumpy cat viewer or really enjoy watching makeup tutorials. • What is something you own that you wish you didn’t? Scrunchies for me. So ugly but so handy. What embarrassing or annoying item does your date possess that they really wouldn’t want to admit? • What is your worst trait? I talk too much, if you couldn’t tell by my writing. See how authentic or self-aware your date is of themselves. Most people tend to cushion their answer on this. If your date does, let it go. Just remember it for later so they can hopefully answer with less pressure on them. • Do you steal toiletries from hotels? Guilty! Is your date the type to take the hotel freebies? See how far they go if they do. • Biggest pet peeve? Lip smacking, loud chewing, nail-biting or being told to be quiet. What is something you want might want to avoid when it comes to dating this person? • Do you like McDonald chicken nuggets or Tyson? There is a difference, so see if you agree with your date's answer. If this question seems really odd, talk about how odd it is. After though, I encourage you to buy the two and compare. • What’s your guilty secret pleasure? Listing to Hillary Duff, or watching Cupcake Wars? Maybe it is something as innocent as eating a chocolate bar. What makes your date happy that they don’t tell others right off the bat? • Do you have an unusual talent? Some people can make their tongue look like a clover. Others can fit their fist in their mouth. What kind of special talent does your date have?


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Dating tip #3

Be honest when answering these questions. Don’t lie and don’t be afraid. Do not tell your whole life story in detail either, but still keep it interesting.

Mid date conversation starters

If you are at a restaurant, you may have finished the appetizers and are onto your main course. If you two are still talking online or through texting, keep the conversation going. Here are some topics to ask to continue the laughter. • If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Does your date wish they could fly? Read minds? Have x-ray vision? Or turn anything they wanted into pudding? See what power they would want and what they would do with it. • If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Would your date want to go to Thailand, Europe, the middle east, or Hawaii? What spots are tickling the nomad spirit within your date? • Would you rather it constantly be raining or snowing? Find out if your date likes to sing in the rain or would rather shred powder up in the mountains in a winter wonderland? • If you could build a theme park, what would be the theme of the park? Find out how creative they are. What kind of things do they like? Hello Kitty, Marshmallows, or a Marvel themed park? How would they build their park? Why did they choose the theme they did?

Dating tip #4

Feel the situation out. See what kind of personality your date has. Some of these questions are great for breaking the ice, but not everyone will find them so endearing. Feel your date out.

• If you were a secret agent, what would be your code name? See how original your date is. Are they adventurous, silly, or just not interested in playing? If they are not interested in playing, you may want to stay away from these types of creative questions. • You’re stranded on an isolated island, and you can only bring one thing. What would it be? Are they resourceful? Would they bring a knife? A gun? Food? Their cell phone? What kind of survival skills do they have, or what can they just not live without? • What would you do if you won a million dollars? Would they give some of it to charity, spend it all, invest it, take care of their family, or travel the world? How financially savvy is your date? • If you had to only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would that cuisine be? This is a great sly way to prepare for the second date, by getting to know what their favorite cuisine is. • If I looked you up on online, what would I find? If they don’t know the answer, google each other. You would be amazed at what’s online.

Dating tip #5

It’s okay if there are some moments of silence. You don’t want to overdo the talking, but do try to get your date talking as much as you can. People like to be interviewed. Also, do not approach this date like an interview either. Just ask and listen, even if you are listening to some silence in between questions and replies.

• If you ruled the world, what would be one rule everyone would have to follow? This is a fun way to imagine a world of your own. The both of you can segue into talking about current world affairs or different projects that you may be interested in. • Have you ever stayed in a hostel? Is your date more of a 5-star traveler, or a nomadic backpacker? This can reveal how laid back or how spoiled they can be. • What household item would you be? It’s fun to pretend. Would they be a broom, microwave, a bed, or a door mat? Let’s hope they are not a door mat…what odd response will come out of your date's mouth? • What cartoon character from your childhood would you be? This can help you see what kind of childhood your date had. Would they be Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny? • Carry on or check your bag? This is good to know for future out of town dates. * Do you dance alone at home? Asking this question might have them dancing in their seat. Find out if they like to do the one-two step or if they enjoy staying in their seat.

Dating tip #6

While asking your date questions, do not forget to compliment them. Don’t just say "you look nice." Tell them you like their hair, or what they are wearing.

Deep conversation starters

These questions are for the end of the date. These conversation starters can have your date really open up without feeling like they are being pressured. • What’s the weirdest thing that has happened to you? Can you relate to their answer? Be prepared to laugh or be shocked. • What’s your favorite childhood memory? Asking this question will really make your date feel like you are genuine about your interest in them. • If you could rename yourself, what would you choose? Maybe they like their name, or they wish to change it like Prince did. Only one way to find out! • Do you have a weird family member? Everyone has that one aunt with Kool-aid colored hair, the uncle that is a little too friendly, or a mom who is a drama queen. Find out who’s who in your date’s family life. If the conversation is still flowing, go back to certain responses from your date from earlier in the night and go over their answers. This will help you get a better understanding of them and show you are interested.

Dating tip #7

When it comes to the end of the meal, I say the person who asked the other out pays. In a heterosexual situation, often it is the man who will ask the lady out, and so he should pay. Now for the women who don’t need a man to pay for them, that’s not the point. Him paying is just a kind gesture. It’s been a few days since the first date. Hopefully, you are texting each other. If you are, great! This is a good sign that your date is still interested in you. If they are not responding or reaching out, sorry to say but your date probably only wanted the one date. Let’s focus on the scenario that you two are still talking. Comedy is a fantastic way to connect with each other. Keep using one-liners and asking silly questions. This will remind the person you are crushing on about how well your date went.

Dating tip #8

Most importantly, be yourself! Sometimes, being yourself is the sure-fire way to win over your date, leading to several more, then maybe turning into a relationship. By being yourself, you have to realize that this can also mean that you and your date might not get a second one or a few other dates after, and that’s okay. You want to be with someone that enjoys your company, who really cares about you and not what you pretend to be. This list of questions is here for you to use to get a conversation going between the two of you to find out if there is a connection. Best of luck!