What are the Essentials of Engagement Party Etiquette

The 101 guide on the etiquette rules of engagement party

By Adina Mazilu
What are the Essentials of Engagement Party Etiquette

Before talking about the essentials of any engagement party etiquette, it’s mandatory to first know what an engagement party actually is. To put it simply, this is the big moment when a couple publicly announces their friends and family that they are getting married soon. This is also the moment when the excited bride-to-be shows everyone the beautiful ring that she has received from her future husband. An engagement party is essential for the families of the two members of the couple to get to know each other better and to establish much-needed connections. They will soon become relatives after all! 

It is truly a special and emotional moment for everyone involved which is exactly the reason why there should be a clear etiquette and some essentials that people should follow in such cases. This is what we will be talking about in our article today so that you are prepared when the big moment finally comes. Here we go!

What happens at an engagement party

Before diving into other details, it’s important to know beforehand what exactly happens at an engagement party. Usually, the bride’s parents will host the engagement party, but this is no longer a strict rule as it was in older times. Today, everyone can throw it, even the couple itself or some close friends and relatives. This party should also happen in the first few months after the engagement proposal so that the event is fresh and everyone in the family and the friends need to be taken by surprise. As for whether or not you should send formal invitations to your party, wedding-style, there is no rule about it. If you are throwing a big and formal event, you might want to also send out some invitations. In the opposite case, when the party is simply an intimate gathering in a nice place, formal invitations might not be needed.

As for what exactly should happen at an engagement party, it’s definitely up to you. Usually, the families will meet each other and share some time together, gifts will be given, toasts will be held, and the atmosphere will usually be completed by some nice music and dancing, depending on the type of party that you or your family are throwing. However, there are still some details that you need to get a grasp on when you’re hosting such an important event.

What type of gifts to give

Gifts have also recently become an important part of any engagement party, although, in the past, guests did not bring any gifts because they would do so at the actual wedding party. Which brings us to the next point: everyone who attends your engagement party should also be invited to the wedding! This is an unwritten rule, but you should definitely follow it. As for the gifts, no matter how much you don’t expect these people to bring you anything, some still might. In this case, be polite and accept them while also thanking them for their effort. The most popular types of gifts include household items, decorations, pictures, tickets to various events, etc. Nothing too expensive or fancy.

However, in case you really do not want anyone to bring you any gifts right now, make sure to either specify this when you invite them or write this request on the formal invitations if you choose to send those. It is a really nice and polite way of letting everyone know that you are not expecting anything for now.

General engagement party etiquette rules

1. Family and close friends only

At this point, only your families and close friends should come be invited to celebrate your engagement. These people will also be present for your wedding, so keep that in mind. Members of your extended families and more distant friends or colleagues should only be invited to the actual wedding.

2. Make everything fun

It’s very important for your guests to feel very nice and relaxed at your engagement party, which is why you should definitely take care of this fact. Prepare some fun playlists for them to dance on while also combining those with more romantic and emotional moments and songs. Play some group games or maintain a happy atmosphere by hiring either an artist or some kind of entertainer (like a magician or dancer) to make everything more fun. Another good idea would be to prepare a short video of your most beautiful moments together that have led to this engagement and the story of how you two met. It’s the little things that make a big difference.

3. Hold a speech and a toast

The couple should definitely hold a speech together and everyone should have a toast in their honor and for their happiness. The couple should thank everyone for joining them for this special moment and explain what led them to this decision.

Things to do before the party

When it comes to things to do before the actual engagement party, these include taking care of some organizational details like hiring a host (if you want), deciding on the place and number of guests that will attend, decorating the place, deciding on the music, the outfits, the food and drinks, and the general tone of the party. You should also pick a date and send out the invites, in case you have decided to do this, or simply call your guests and invite them personally. Don’t forget to make your party as personal as possible because it’s your special moment. You can even decorate the place with balloons with your names or write your initials on the cupcakes that wait to be devoured. It’s all about having the time of your life and about celebrating a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Everything should be perfect!

What to do at the party

As we have previously mentioned, there are lots of things to do at an engagement party. Everything should start with the introduction of your families. Then, you should make sure that your guests are having a great time and that you talk to each one of them. Dance a lot on the music that you have prepared, enjoy the food, the dessert, and the drinks, play some fun games together or let yourselves entertained by an artist that you have hired.

You can bring a giant wooded Jenga game for your guests to have fun with, organize a ring toss (in case your party is n an open space), create a wedding wheel which says what the future bride and groom should do next or play some trivia games based on your relationship. These are all very fun activities that will keep your guests entertained and very happy. And Remember, this is a party in celebration for the both of you, so it's mandatory that the two of you gets to join in the fun!


To sum it all up, probably the most important thing that you should never forget at an engagement party is to have fun. Do not stress too much and always remember to smile, feel good, talk with your guests, families, and enjoy this time together. Smile for the camera, dance away, eat your favorite food, drink, play games, and everything will be just fine. Your engagement party should be a stress-free event ahead of the big stressful wedding that will follow. So, keep this in mind when organizing such an event and keep it as lighthearted and fun as possible. Years from now, you will look at your photos and you will see a happy young couple who was ready to take on their life as newlyweds without a care in the world.

Make it unforgettable, beautiful, special, both for you two and for your guests and families. Nobody should feel bored or uncomfortable at such an event, which is why you should try to make it as fun as possible. The games, music, toasts, and drinks should all be part of this, no matter where or when you are throwing your engagement party.

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