6 Most Popular Bachelor Party Destinations to Go to

2019’s best bachelor party destinations to mark down on your phone

By Adina Mazilu
6 Most Popular Bachelor Party Destinations to Go to

Most grooms-to-be are probably more excited about the bachelor party that precedes the actual wedding than the big event itself. And we cannot blame them. A night (or several) out of town with the boys, doing whatever you want and having lots of fun before you settle down with the one you love. It definitely sounds like the perfect introduction to married life. Nowadays, these kinds of parties (because future wives also get their own bachelorette party) are very popular and have even become some kind of modern tradition. It’s a way to relieve some pre-wedding stress and relax for a while with your closest friends.

And while it can be difficult for your group to choose the perfect bachelor party destination to go to, we have decided to offer you some nice and trendy ideas for you to draw inspiration from. So, get a map and let’s have some fun!

What is a bachelor party

Before getting into the real subject of this article, meaning the best destinations that you and your friends can choose, everyone should first know exactly what a bachelor party is. Usually, the groom’s closest male friends are responsible for organizing this wild party that usually takes place out of town (even out of the country) and lasts for some days and nights. They are doing this in honor of their friend’s wedding and to offer him one last occasion to do whatever he wants to. Some unwritten rules of any bachelor party are for the participants to drink lots of alcohol, have fun (sometimes with strippers), and be goofy and crazy.

This behavior is the very definition of what you shouldn’t be once you’re married, so this is the groom’s last chance to go wild. Of course, it may not be your wife’s favorite thing, but usually, they accept it because they also have their bachelorette party which can be equally wild. So, whether you consider it a rite of passage or an opportunity to party like there’s no tomorrow, a bachelor party should take place in a special spot. Here are some of our ideas!

6 best bachelor party destinations for 2019

Top destinations

1. 1. Las Vegas

There’s no party without Vegas but remember: what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! This so-called Sin city has everything your wife doesn’t want you to get involved in  There are wild club parties, hot pool parties, gambling, and, last but not least, striptease. Should you or your friends chose this amazing destination for the bachelor party, make sure to take advantage of it and make it the experience of a lifetime. You can go here anytime because there are always things to do in Las Vegas. It may sound like a classic destination for such an event, but all hangovers considered, it’s definitely worth it.

2. Bangkok

Another wildly popular bachelor party destination to enjoy with your male friends is Bangkok aka the Fun City. The main reason for its popularity among bachelors is its crazy nightlife, alcohol, and also, the beaches. Bangkok is also famous for its bachelor parties which take place in a fancy bus. Under the neon lights, pole dancers do their thing and you can even have your own DJ for the night. Beyond that, you can relax the following day and make your hangover easier to bear by visiting some traditional Thai massage and pampering places. Definitely, a destination to consider.

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Popular destinations in Europe

3. Barcelona

The fabulous city of Barcelona can offer you everything you want from a bachelor party and more, especially if you are into that wild European vibe. It doesn’t even matter what you want, this city has it all. From wild club parties to beach parties, there is something to enjoy in every corner of the city. Moreover, it’s not even expensive to do so and you might even experience some of the craziest nightlife trips ever. You can do lots of things here, from throwing a bachelor party in your hotel room to enjoying a football match or simply relaxing on the beach. You will have the most amazing time of your life, together with your friends.

4. Amsterdam

If there has been one single bachelor party destination in your mind for some time, we can bet that it was Amsterdam or the Red City. Its Red Light District can be considered one of the very best bachelor party places if you want to be a little bit more naughty before getting married. It is definitely a wild place where you can even experience the worldwide famous cannabis bars, the best striptease in the world, and the best booze. So, if you feel like you really want a crazy experience for your bachelor party, make sure to book a flight to Amsterdam with your friends. However, the same rule applies: what happens in Amsterdam stays in Amsterdam.

Alternative and off the beaten track destinations

5. Mexico (Los Cabos or Cancun)

The amazing beaches, clubs, landscapes, and tourist attractions are some of the reasons why you should definitely consider Mexico a special bachelor party destination for you and your friends. Cancun offers some of the most incredible beach parties where there’s bikinis everywhere, alcohol, and music. The nightclubs here are also a must after a long day on the beach. Also, if you feel like seeing some ancient ruins and feeling more like a tourist than a party animal, Cancun also has plenty. You can also visit Los Cabos for your bachelor party along with Mexico City and enjoy the best time of your life together with your friends. This may not be the most popular bachelor party destination, but we have a feeling that it will soon become one.

6. Alaska

Yes, when you think of a bachelor party destination you don’t necessarily think of a place like Alaska, but this is exactly out point here. This can be an epic party and one that not many people will know about, besides your friends. Also, Alaska has lots of entertainment options like bars, adventure, guided tours, fishing, and also amazing restaurants with traditional food and lots of alcohol. It is also a very inexpensive trip for your group of friends. It may not be that wild experience, but such a destination sticks with you for a long time, especially if it has to do with your bachelor party. Also, your future wife won’t have too many reasons to get mad at you. Win-win!


All in all, it seems that there are lots of incredible destinations for any type of bachelor party that your friends might be planning for you. From the wildest rides in nightclubs, gambling places, and alcohol to some more peaceful experiences in Alaska or Mexico, there is a perfect place for anyone out there. If you are the type who wants to take full advantage of their last nights of unmarried life, destinations like Las Vegas or Bangkok are definitely perfect for you. However, if you are more into having some fun without going over the top, there are places that you can visit too.

All things considered, a bachelor party should be fun, reckless, and drowned in alcohol. Even if you might regret it in the morning or your future wife won’t like it, just promise her that it was the last time. We are sure that she will understand and if not, make her friends organize her a bachelorette party and see how she feels about that. Fun shouldn’t be gender-restricted at all and a bachelor party should be a bachelor party. After all, it only happens once in your life, right?

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