5 Trending Parent Apps To Be Keep An Eye On Your Child

Reviews of parent apps useful for monitoring your child

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5 Trending Parent Apps To Be Keep An Eye On Your Child

As a caring and responsible parent, you want your child to stay away from various unwelcome content, that pops up while surfing online and you don't want your kid to surf the nasty things and know about them at a young age.

Young age is the reason why various parent apps are available online that will help you in keeping an eye at your kid, about what kind of things he searches for on the internet. What is the motive of a parent to do so?

It is that you're conscious about your child's habits and want to ensure that if he's paving on the right path or not. For a parent's concern about his/her child, there are parenting apps that will help you to let your kid surf through relevant content only.

With the help of these parenting apps, you can catch up with what your child is watching or surfing on his smartphone.

Reviews of parent apps useful for monitoring your child

With the help of parent apps, you can control your child's screen time and the content he's looking for, without continually checking on them. Sometimes it becomes annoying for the kids when their parents are frequently peeping on their phones.

That is why kids become rebellious, and it somewhere hinders the parent-kid relationship. But with the help of these apps, you can easily monitor what your kid is looking for and get various other options to deal and track the outputs.

The apps generally focus on providing the option to limit the screen time of watching the media across various devices. They make it easy for the parents to lessen their worries about their kids.

Helpful features the apps provide

Apart from just tracking down the searches, some apps do offer GPS for tracking the location, monitoring the kind of text messages they are sending or receiving, and an option where you can block the spam activity calls, as well as the pornographic content.

These are the sources of significant fears that the parents get when they see their kids spending a lot of time screen time on smartphones and other devices.

Some applications also offer educational learning from fixed media platforms. These are very useful for kids who are below the age of 8 years.

Parental control apps are available for both the iOS and Android devices, and they are available both paid and free. The best part about these apps is that you can keep a check on what your kid is doing or watching or searching over the screen and with the help of limited screen timings, you can lessen their overuse of the communication devices.

What does parental control app do?

The innovation of these monitoring apps provides suitable help to the parents to monitor what their child is doing online. You can download and install them in your smartphone and other devices and allow them to process.

Apply filters and manage the settings according to your needs and activate it. Use the features that the developer provides to monitor the best you can.

The parental controls can operate on anything, whether your kid refers to a game or visits a site online. The apps record the data, and you can go through it anytime.

Main categories of a parental control app

To make the best use of a parental control app, one should look on to these main categories- 

  1. The app provides complete availability of options to the family or the parents so that the parents can control the use of certain apps all at one device.
  2. Some apps provide the ability to control everything even on the offline mode so that they can check the offline saved browsing history too.
  3. Safety from the internet is what counts the most. The Internet is the medium where a lot of unwelcome ads and pop-ups do appear while browsing online. These can distract the kids and can tempt them to open those. Parents can select and block the unnecessary things from the internet for their kids to see only the relevant stuff.
  4. Blockage of pornographic media sites. Some applications do offer the obstruction of pornographic sites that hinder the children from having any access to these sites.
  5. You can sort everything all for once through the settings and for every device at home, so that when the limit time ends the child cannot use another tool to browse.
  6. You don't need a complex application, with lots of manuals and takes a lot of time to set up. You need one app that provides a whole of the functions by following simple instructions.
  7. There are various apps that you can find efficient at cheaper rates and that ensure total safety at that paid amount.

5 best parent apps - Free and Paid

There are a lot of promising parental control apps all over the internet that offer different deals to get you your suitable choice. You can get many of the free android apps available online with absolutely paying no cost.

For the paid ones, if you are investing a certain amount of money for your child's safe browsing, then you need to ensure about which app can offer you with best features and functions at a very reasonable paid the price.

These are the best top 5 parental control and monitoring apps, that can serve you the best:

1. FamilyTime

FamilyTime - Parental Control & Screen Time App for Android & iOS

With FamilyTime you can set the relevant content you want your kid to see and can customize it as per your requirements. The features of this app are –

  • You can track the location of your child.
  • You can set the time limits of usage for your kid.
  • You can set reminders for the kids to perform their daily tasks like homework.
  • You can control the applications on your child’s smartphone.
  • You can apply internet filters and monitor all the calls and text messages.

This app is available in both free and paid versions. The free version enables you with a low number of features, whereas the paid one provides you with suitable plans to allow excellent features.

The price range from one device to five devices is $27 to $69 per annum, respectively.


ESET Parental Control

ESET parental control app is available only for the android versions. The free version of this application offers you –

  • Blocking of spam contents
  • Availability of time limits on games, and
  • Normal reporting of spam

With the premium version, you can block websites, track down locations and get reports of every other thing your kid does. It also gives you a feature where you can text your child, which will interrupt the child’s activity until the child responds.

You can buy the premium version at the cost of $30 per year, but before activating the plan, you can use the 30 days free trial.

3. Qustodio

You can install Qustodio for Android, iOS, Nook, and Kindle. The app gives you a dashboard where you can go fast through all the recent activities of the other device. The events include the time spent on social media apps too.

The features are –

  • Set time limits for browsing
  • Block websites, racy content and even a game
  • Track down the text messages

You can use the free version of this app just for one device without paying any amount and get some of the features. The paid version is of $55 per year through which you can connect five devices at a time.

4. Norton

Norton offers you with versions available on Android and iOS. The company also has its antivirus software; it launches a Family Premiere Program to track the activities of children. It provides some useful features, such as –

  • Keep a log of visits on sites and block them accordingly
  • Automatically shutting down of the device after the time limit can be set for some hours

You have to pay $50 per year to get access to these features, and you can connect many devices at this price.

5. Web Watcher

Monitoring & Tracking – Web Watcher Free App

It is available for both the Android and iOS versions, and it offers you with the facility of tracking your kid's location, deleted calls, and texts, web history, etc. just by keeping tabs.

You can also take screenshots of your child’s activity on their phone, through your phone. You can get this app for $130 minimum per annum, just for one device.

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From various online parental controlling apps, these are the top best-recruiting apps to have a check over your kid's phone. These five apps offer you variable and exciting features.