15 Popular Bachelorette Party Themes To Impress The Bride-to-be

Awesome bachelorette party themes to use for a time to remember!

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15 Popular Bachelorette Party Themes To Impress The Bride-to-be

A wedding is one of the most important events of everyone’s life and it is important to ensure that all wedding shopping and preps go smoothly. But before the hustle bustle of the wedding day begins it is essential to enjoy the pre-wedding days.

Bachelorette party is another landmark event in the life of every bride-to-be. The bridesmaids make every effort possible to let the bride-to-be feel special and even when the bride plans her bachelorette day she makes sure that she spends quality time with her bridesmaid. Planning for this day goes hand-in-hand with your big day. A bachelorette party is planned to keep into consideration the likes and dislikes of the bride.

The preparation of bachelorette includes a well-planned day or a few days which has everything to make the bride-to-be feel special, it may be arranging a spa-at-home to pamper the bride and her bridesmaid, throwing a bash in a club or taking a day out with friends at a resort.

Awesome bachelorette party themes to use for a time to remember!

Popular themes used by celebrities

Celebrities across the world inspire and motivate people for everything right from fashion trends to wedding arrangements. They are the trendsetters for the youth. With the advent of social media sites, the gap between celebrities and non-celebrities has become narrow. People have started following the trends brought into existence by them and this has given a boom to the event planning industry. In the same way, the bachelorette parties organized by celebrities have inspired many parties and trends in the current scenario.

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Today’s generation is an Instagram generation, every moment makes its mark on the social media handles and bachelorette certainly grabs all eyeballs towards the fancy setting and pretty dresses. There are many brides who consider their Instagram and Facebook posts as an important part of their lives. Their wedding dress and makeup, decor and bachelorette party pictures make them feel special about themselves. And so the arrangements are done accordingly. 

15 popular bachelorette party themes for 2019

The last few years have been the years of fashion, trends, and celebrations. There is a lot of energy and effort invested in making a party success. But it is essential to ensure that the energy is channelized in the right direction.

Let’s take a quick at some of the popular bachelorette party themes for 2019.

1. Book a limo or a party bus

A limo or party bus taking the bride squad around the city would be fun. You can always make it more fun by planning a theme based outing taking you to all fun places. Plus uber gives great deals to make it feasible for you. This is a pocket-friendly way to celebrate your bachelorette and to spend quality time with friends.

2. Host a scavenger hunt game

Scavenger hunt game to hide naughty items like furry handcuffs, sex toys and a pair of sexy garments can be played with the bridesmaids. This would be a fun and naughty activity and we bet you all will love this one. Divide the girls into two teams and make them look for the hidden items. The team who gets most items would win and the bride takes all items with her.

3. Get wild at a bar

If you own a big gang of girls who love to party and booze, you can celebrate your bachelorette at a bar. Book the entire place for you if you wish to have privacy. Play some fun games like who knows the bride-to-be better and booze. You can make it more fun by calling a male stripper as some brides fantasize having fun before the wedding.

4. Spa Day

This is the latest current trend when it comes to having a good time with friends. Arrange a spa with the bridesmaid at home and make it happen by playing good music and cooking a meal together. The other option would be booking an appointment for the bride squad at a high-end salon, followed by lunch/dinner and spending the “girls” time together.

5. Planning a weekend getaway

Many brides-to-be prefer going on a short trip on the weekend with friends as it becomes difficult to travel with friends after marriage in most cases. Hence taking a short trip before the wedding would always be fun. Bachelorette trip with friends to a fun place would be absolute bliss.

6. Dress up pretty

Many girls believe in the idea of dressing up well and having a great indoor decor. These would create a good memory for you to look back at in the future.

7. Rent a house and not hotel

In case you are someone who prefers privacy and still want to have great fun, you can always opt for renting a house instead of a hotel. A house would allow you to steer your party the way you want.

8. Arrange a private spin class

In case your bride squad is a fitness freak and conscious about maintaining a healthy and fit body you can arrange a private spin class at your place.

9. Sports-theme party

In case the bride loves a sport and is interested in playing, you may plan a sport based bachelorette for her. The day would include playing a match of the bride’s favorite sport, following which you arrange a spa session for pampering.

10. Pool party with bridesmaid

Pool party with friends on a pleasant day would mean a lot. Many brides are aimed at spending a good time with friends over a few drinks and when this is clubbed with pool by your side, how fun it will be!

11. Hire a photographer

For many people photos are important and for the simple reason that girls love to be clicked, hire a photographer for your bachelorette. These memories would mean the world to the bride squad.

12. Drag show brunch

Most big cities nowadays run drag shows. If you plan to have your bachelorette in a big city with friends you may always plan to have brunch with friends over a drag show. This may give you an amazing experience.

13. Planning a surprise bachelorette for the bride-to-be

What fun it will be to arrange a surprise bachelorette for the bride-to-be. Just make sure to consider the likes and preferences of the bride and plan the big day!

14. Plan a sleepover

A sleepover is not a thing of the past. It still has the power to develop the magical bond between the bride and the bridesmaids.

15. Book a luxury ride with your girl squad

In case you own a gang of pretty and fashionable girls, this ides will work perfectly for you. Pretty girls love luxury and this ride with friends would give them a chance to bond over a ride.

Classy themes

The most favorite for people who love classy themes would be planning a spa, pool party, and booking the luxury ride with their bride squad. The most classy thing one can do on her bachelorette would certainly be pampering herself and enjoying the most.  

Simple themes

Simple themes would be the ones like planning a sleepover, taking a day out or planning a getaway with friends like mentioned above. Many girls prefer having a simple theme based bachelorette and spending quality time with her bridesmaid (because not all brides want it to be loud and wild).

Using of slogans as theme

This is one of the most common trends popular in today’s brides and bridesmaids. The current is to put slogans as themes that would tell what the party is concerned with. There are many slogans available in the market as props. Props are commonly used to make the bachelorette more peppy and fun.

There are many eye-catching slogans that are popular among the youngsters. Some of them are “The last fling before the ring”, “Lucky me, bride to be”, “No party is like bachelorette party”, “sisters before misters” and so on. Using these slogan based props at your party will make the party fun. 

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To sum up, it can be said that Bachelorette is a very important part of the current marriage preparations. Bachelorette is the most fun part of weddings and hence the prime motive of throwing the bachelorette is to let the bride have fun with friends. Hence it is essential to plan it properly and execute it well to make the bachelorette a memorable one.       


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