15 Ways to Say I Love You To Your Significant Other

Try these interesting ways to say I love you to your partner

By Aey
15 Ways to Say I Love You To Your Significant Other

Nerdy ways to say I love you

1. Mix tapes for the night

One of the greatest gestures that you can put forth for your significant other is to make them a mixtape that they can tune into and just fall in love with you over and over again. For the old times where carrying boom box over your head was the trend, this mixtape trend goes to cover this era in every nerdy way possible. The best way to go about this is to customize the mixtape with regards to genres of different songs. Put in songs that make you think of your significant other, which shows them how much you love them.

2. Comics and drawings

Another great way to get the message of love across to your significant other is through the use of comics and comic books. If you and your loved ones are into comics and books then this idea is meant for you. Don’t worry if your artist side does not shine brightly as you can find different templates online which you can then pursue to edit to your likings. Whether it is a one-page comic or an actual entire comic book story, you can fit the love of your life and yourself into this story time of yours!

3. Klingon

For all you star trek franchise fans out there, if your significant other is also a star trek buff then you need to convey the message of love to them in Klingon! If you do not want to use the standard Klingon “BangwI’ SoH” which translates to “you are my love” then you can opt to use the other geeky terms. One such alternate term can be “qamuSHa” which tells your partner “I undo hate you” weird? We know but star trek fans will love this unique yet nerdy way to express their love. So, move to not just your favorite language but your exclusive language to convey love.

4. Info graphic data

Data is not just for studying, not just for accountants and not just for work it has other purposes too if used right. For all our math and stats buffs out there, a great way to express your love to your significant other is through infographic data. From pie charts to line graphs all you need to do is provide analytical data to your significant other showing them that its only them that you love and that too 100%. Use this hard data and prepare a spreadsheet of love showing your significant other what truly matters to you.

Creative ways to say I love you

5. Message in a bottle

For as long as we can remember bottles with corks at the end have been used to put messages inside and have been thrown into the sea to keep treasures. Just like this, the treasure of your love can be stored in a bottle by you! All you need to do is to get a wine bottle, keep its cork, put your message of love down on a piece of paper and roll it to put it inside the bottle. With the cork back on the bottle just leave it somewhere in your garden for your significant other to casually stumble upon only to open it and find your heartfelt love note inside!

6. Puzzles

We all love puzzles whether we are adults, teenagers or kids but these everyday puzzles can be used further to your advantage in your love life. This creative confession will keep your significant other engaged in the curiosity of what the puzzle will turn out to be at the end. Once they fit in the last peace the message of love, the picture of the two of you, a proposal or whatever you want to get across will be waiting to surprise him or her. You can buy numerous puzzles online and give your significant other a challenging task but with a message of love at the end.

7. Write a song

There is no better way to express love except through the world of music! From Ed Sheeran’s love songs to Bruno Mars’s to John Legend’s the fact remains that music is one of the best languages to get messages of love across. You don’t need to have the voice of Adele or the lyrical aspect of Maroon 5, the fact is that anyone can come up with a song of love. Right about the first time you met or saw your significant other and just get it to rhyme, get in sync and sing it out with all your heart because your loved one will always appreciate the gesture!

8. Coffee art

We all love our morning Americanos but maybe next time make your significant other a cup of cappuccino or a very delicious but frothy latte. The reason for the froth being the message you want to get across. All famous coffee shops nowadays tend to do coffee art when we order coffee for dine-in from making hearts on our coffee to having proper faces on our coffee. So, get your significant other a cup of not just great tasting coffee but tell the barista to write whatever you want to tell you're significant other on top!  

Funny ways to say I love you

9. Toilet paper it up

The good thing about toilet paper in the washroom is that most of the roll is hidden back in itself and that is the opportunity you need to grab. All you have to do is to grab the toilet paper and put down messages of love on it so that every while that your significant other use the toilet the message of love pops upon them pulling down on the roll. The best part would be the conundrum of them not wanting to use the toilet paper with your heartfelt message but really being in use of the toilet paper!

10. Special delivery

If you haven’t met your significant other for a while then get a big mysterious box, wrap it up and leave a note next to it addressed to your loved one. This note can have words of your choice whether that be something scary or whether that be something filled with curiosity, your job is to be in the box! Just as your significant other is trying to figure out what is in the box you jump out and give them not just a great scare but also a great and loving surprise! Just remember to cut a few holes for you to breathe properly!

11. Video

Songs can be used as nerdy ways to say I love you, as unique ways to say I love you, as creative ways to say I love you but also as fun ways to say I love you. What you can do is create a funny music video telling your significant other about your love for them. Be the star of your own video and just shoot it yourself at home, make a hilarious yet heartfelt song and just compile this video for your loved one. From the Kardashian’s song for their mother’s birthday to everyday videos we make for friends and family. these videos go a long way in getting the message of love across.

12. Memes

In today’s day and time, the internet and the people are all about memes, memes and just memes! Give your sense of humor a push and don’t just stick to getting memes off the internet but rather use your creative and funny side to make hilarious memes out of pictures of you and your significant other. If you can’t think of funny memes then just get some ideas off of the internet and use comical pictures of your husband or your wife or whoever your significant other at that stage might be! Leave these up on the fridge or wherever they’d see first in the morning to brighten their day up!

Unique ways to say I love you

13. Hide and seek letters

Hide and seek is not just for kids, it is not just restricted to the same old game that we used to play as kids! One unique way of getting the message of love across to your significant other is through hiding and Seek letters. All you need to do is find different areas of the house to put these letters at and do scavengers hunt with your significant other. Place clues around the different corners of the house and lead them to a loving surprise which they never expected whether that be just a message of love or a sweet dinner out in the backyard.

14. Fortune cookies

We all love getting fortune cookies with our Chinese food regardless of whether we believe in the fate that this cookie has kept in store for us or not, we still love to open it and rather make it mandatory to open it. So, take advantage of this great idea and get your local Chinese take-out place involved by getting them to get your message of love typed on the paper and then to put it inside the fortune cookie. Sign it, write whatever you want to on it but just make sure that your significant other is the one to open it and not you by mistake.

15. Booklet

Booklets are another great way to get the message of love across and can be customized to your choice and your style of how you want to get that message across. From picture booklets to just different ways of saying ‘I love you’, this great idea can be handcrafted from scratch or can even be brought from the store and then customized. So, either get a photo album from your local market and fill it with not just messages of love but also pictures of you and your significant other from different times of your life and at the same time make an album yourself to add an even greater touch of love.

How to let someone know you love them without saying it

Love in itself is a unique thing and goes above and beyond any levels of attachment that we might have with others. It is not always necessary to say it out loud to someone that you love them because at times even words are not enough and your actions have to speak louder than words. Plan a surprise trip, have dinner at the beach under the starry night, plan a surprise birthday, do their tasks/chores for them, make them dinner, look after them when they are down or simply under the weather and so on and so forth.

Love doesn’t require a humungous gesture as for real love, even the smallest of efforts count and would matter to your loved one. So, plan either of these amazing gestures whether that is just a morning breakfast in bed or a trip abroad at the end it’s the thought that counts!

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Love is the most important part of your relationship and figuring out other ways to say to your boy/girlfriend you are in love with them can be very exciting.


In today’s world and time, true love is hard to find! Your significant other would always know that you love them but at times you need to take that step further to just show and remind them that you’re there for them with all your love and for that you have all these creative, unique and funny ideas above waiting in line to be implemented.


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