15 Indoor Date Ideas When You're Stuck with the Rain

Use these 15 indoor date ideas and have fun dating while raining

By Fred S.
15 Indoor Date Ideas When You're Stuck with the Rain

Did you have a date planned and it started raining unexpectedly? Do you feel like all your efforts went to waste? It’s not true, you don’t have control over the weather but you can control how you wish to spend that time. Here is a list of activities that could be done indoors, that are romantic, fun, and even cheap for date nights: 

  1. Cook together 

  1. Play board games 

  1. Go bowling 

  1. Watch a movie 

  1. Redecorate your house together 

  1. Wine and Paint night  

  1. Stay in bed 

  1. Go slow dancing 

  1. Set a picnic at home 

  1. Spa night 

  1. Karaoke 

  1. Sign up for a class  

  1. Build a fort  

  1. Go through old pictures and photo albums 

  1. Play Truth or dare/ Never have I ever 

Cheap and free indoor date ideas worth exploring when it's raining

1. Cook together:

Trust us on this, there is nothing more perfect than a date where you and your spouse spend time creating memories. On a rainy day, when all else sounds too risky, you two could pull out ingredients from the refrigerator and make something as simple as a sandwich but remember to do it together! Don’t think of it as a task, think of it as an experience together that you will remember on sunshine ridden days when date nights would be possible.

2. Play board games:

This might sound childish at first but this is a trick that has proven to work with a lot of couples. Some days when you plan the perfect date but something keeps you from it – like the rain – these hurdles make you feel withdrawn and disappointed. For these days, you need to have a little fun with your loved one. You need to play around with them, and what better way to do it then board or card games from your childhood? 

3. Go bowling:

On a rainy day, when your plan to go out sit in a park, or take a walk down to the movie theatre with your partner comes crumbling down, this is one of the most accessible indoor date that you could have! Instead of sulking around, go to the nearest bowling alley, and have a one on one match with your partner. Keep a score so that things get interesting. Sometimes, a little competition can spice things up and lets you have a little fun!

4. Watch a movie:

If you had a cinema date on the day that it starts raining cats and dogs, instead of being upset about not being able to watch a new movie, take out an old one and watch it together. You would be surprised how much you can enjoy from a movie you've watched years ago. It's different when you watch it together. Re-watch the very first movie you saw together and rekindle your love. Remind yourself of the special old times! 

5. Redecorate your house together:

For those of you who are married, how many times do you quarrel over how you don’t like the setting of something in the house and keep taunting each other? Now that you’re stuck inside, and there’s nowhere to go, how about you two put your heads together and decorate the house on mutual grounds? Once you sit down with ideas and general discussions about how your house should look, you’ll feel the time passing, laughter filling the house, and a game of chase here and there in between.  

Romantic Indoor Date Ideas When It's Raining

6. Wine and Paint night:

You’re indoors, it’s raining heavily outside, and all you have is material for a grilled cheese sandwiches, some wine, and a plain wall. Go into your garage, take out those paints, pour two glasses of wine, and paint that wall together. If not a wall, then if you have a canvas lying around, you could paint something to be put up for wall-hanging. It might not sound romantic at first, but once when you do it and it hangs on your wall for the rest of your life, you will think back to the time when you co-created this with the person you love the most. 

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7. Stay in bed:

You don’t necessarily have to get intimate (even though who minds some intimate time with the one they love) but instead you could have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in bed while binge-watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or any series that you might have gotten addicted to in the past! Sometimes the best date is when you relax in your home clothes and share a few laughs with the person you love the most!  What could be more romantic than a day in with the sound of the rain, providing music to your mood? 

8. Go slow dancing:

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting that you should head over to a club, but instead stay at home, dim the lights a bit, pour out two glasses of wine, and put on some slow music, have a night club of your own at home. If anything, the confided club would give you more privacy and a time to get romantic. Who wouldn’t want to spend a romantic evening dancing close to the man/woman they love, in the confines of their own house? 

9. Set up a picnic at home:

If you have a large window that looks out onto the road, where you can clearly see the rain set up a picnic spot near that window. Cook something simple, and enjoy the view while you eat. Make sure to talk to each other during your picnic. Some light music would make it an even more valuable time for the two people! Date ideas like these could keep the spark within you alive, and keep you in love. 

10. Have a Spa night:

Source: https://cdn.pixabay.com

Spa dates can be very expensive right? Not with the idea that we have, just like cooking together, painting together, and other activities that we suggested that you should do together and pamper each other – this is just another idea. Instead of hiring a masseuse, give each other a massage turn by turn, have pedicures, and just generally kick back and relax with one another. This is nothing but a sensual way of rekindling your love with your spouse, and we can guarantee that it will prove effective. 

Fun Indoor Date Ideas for Winter Days

11. Karaoke:

There are days when all you want to do is have fun with your partner. This is the most fun and perfect way to do that. Collect a few songs, and keep a karaoke mic somewhere in the house for days like this when it is too cold to go outside for a walk, or something other than that. Instead, plug in those musicals, sing along and have a competition to see who sings the most song without getting stuck somewhere in the middle. If you want to rise up the challenge, sing along to Disney songs and act likewise! 

12. Build a Fort:

Who wouldn’t want to go back to the days when we could just build a fort and sit in it for hours, the only drawback being that we were small back then and we were hardly able to put together a magnificent one. However, now, when you are stuck inside the house with your partner, how about you guys channel your inner children and build a fort, and play around in the house.  
To people that have busy routines, and spend time in corporate settings, this might sound like something very childish, but once you take a break and get into it, you’ll enjoy it more than you would want to admit! 

13. Sign up for a class:

Winter can put an end to you guys spending time together and going out to dinner dates, or dancing. While it could limit your options, it shouldn’t stop you from spending some quality time together away from home. You could sign up for a class together, you could sign up for baking, cooking, dancing or anything, actually! All you have to do is have your loved one with you and spend some time creating memories. 

14. Look through old pictures and photo albums:

Not all of you must’ve been together with your loved ones in high school, so a day in is always an excellent excuse to take out old photo albums and old yearbooks. Look at baby pictures of each other and laugh it off. Look at embarrassing school book pictures and confessions. Sit around, cuddled in a blanket talking about the pictures and what meaning do they hold to your partner. Listen to their stories, tell them yours, and make new memories.  

15. Play Truth or Dare/Never have I ever:

Never have I ever, and truth and dare could be two of the most fun games to play inside the house when you cannot go outside. Try playing truth and dare, with just two people, the game becomes more interesting, if both of you are willing instead of truth, you could keep issuing each other dares. With never have I ever, it is a classic drinking game that you could play to spice things up. The wine would keep you warm, the game will keep you entertained. 


The weather can be very unpredictable at times, rain, a snow storm, or other things that could keep you locked inside the house. In these times, do you sit around and waste your time sulking about your plans being ruined? No, look around your house talk to your partner about what they want to do, and make little happy dates out of the little that you have. In the long run, it is always the little things that count.  

This article gives you a list of games, date ideas, and other ideas for your days inside the house with your spouse. You could do things like play card games, cook together, or just sit back and watch movies together, because any time spent with your partner, will be time well spent.  

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