8 Tips to Master The Asian Eye Makeup for Girls

What is the actual look of the Asian eye makeup and how to do it

By Sophia R
8 Tips to Master The Asian Eye Makeup for Girls

You might have probably seen that Asian style eye makeup is very different than the traditional American one we are used to seeing. For example, you might be able to tell that Asian style eye makeup focuses on making the eyes look bigger and doll-like, they don't use too many dark and smokey colors, they go for big thin lashes and an overall "natural" look. It looks very good most of the time, and we may see ourselves interested in trying this makeup style sometimes. 

It is interesting to play with makeup styles and change them up from time to time; who knows? you might find a new amazing look that fits you perfectly when doing this. In this post, we will introduce you to the Asian eye makeup style and give you the best tips and tricks to pull it off, as well as the best products and how to do so. Try it out!

Tips and Tricks to an easy Asian eye makeup

As in any style, Asian eye makeup doesn't have to be hard at all. With the right technique and application, anyone can pull off this interesting eye look style. For you to have the best Asian eye makeup, we will give you some tips and tricks that will make everything so much easier and more beautiful for you. Keep an eye and follow them, and you will see how you transform into an Asian looking Geisha of some sort.

1. Ombre is the new smokey

As we all know, Asian don't have much lid space in their eyes. This is one of the main reasons why doing eye makeup is so hard for Asian people, and they never seem to follow the regular American eye makeup tricks and steps.

In this case, smokey eyes are not very common within the Asian eye looks. Instead of swiping dark shades into their outer crease, as Asian don't have one, they prefer to place color in an Ombre form. What do I mean by this? They take darker shades from the lash line until the lid and then progressively apply lighter shades as they go up on the eyes. 

Girl, go for Ombre from now on, and you will see how your Asian eye makeup looks 10 times better! The full tutorial with all the tips and tricks is below!

2. Keep your eyes open

Many of us tend to close our eyes when we are doing eye makeup. If you are wishing to do Asian eye makeup, this isn't going to be the best way to do it for you. Keep your eyes open when applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, lashes, or mascara, and you will see how it will be so much easier to see where you are actually applying the product, as well as giving it a better placement in the eye. 

3. Skip the wing

Asian eye looks are characterized by its softness and naturality. You won't want to have a huge thick winged eyeliner if you are going for this style; it is the complete opposite. Instead, take some smudgeable gel or pencil eyeliner and line your lash line with a thin line. Then, smoke it out and blend it with the eyeshadow with a small pencil brush. 

4. Use some color

Korean and Japanese eye looks have a lot of colors most of the times. Why not get a little fun and out of the comfort zone by following this style? Grab some colored eyeshadows and eyeliners, put them on your eyes, and see how you reincarnate the Asian eye look with just one thing. 

Best eye palette for Asian eye makeup

Asian skin tones are difficult to match with eye shadow shades, as not all of the colors complement and go with it. For this reason, not all eye shadow palettes are perfect for Asian eye makeup. Of course, shades are not everything, as the quality of the eyeshadows also has to be on point. Here we have our best pick eyeshadow palettes that you will pull off your Asian eye makeup with: 

1. Laura Mercier Nights Out Eye Shadow Palette

Nights Out Eye Shadow Palette | Laura Mercier

This palette contains 6 shimmers and 6 mattes in the most flattering shades for Asian skin tones and who are used by them the most. With these shades who are extremely pigmented and high quality, you will be able to pull off the most beautiful Asian eye look out there. 

2. Violet Voss Rainbow palette

The Rainbow Eyeshadow Palette - Violet Voss | Sephora

If you are looking to do a colorful Asian style eye makeup, this palette is perfect for you. Colorful Asian looks are characterized for using pastel bright colors, just like the ones this palette has. The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and high quality, and they will help you create that Asian makeup guru look you want so much. 

3. Etude House Play Color Eyes in the Cafe

Etude House Play Color Eyes in the Cafe

If we are talking about Asian eye makeup looks, how could we not mention an actual Asian brand's eyeshadow palette? This Korean palette is probably the best one when doing an Asian inspired eye look. What is the difference between Asian eyeshadow formulations and Western ones? Korean eyeshadows usually have more of a glossy sheen as a finish, they are not that pigmented, they aren't usually matte, and they are more subtle; just as Asian eye looks are. In other words, what better way to imitate a look than using its own products. Plus, its cool to try foreign products!

Easy beginner tutorials for Asian eye makeup

Eye makeup rules and steps change a lot when we are talking about the Asian eye makeup style. Everything you have learned for now may not work when trying to do Asian eye makeup, but don't worry, we have got you covered. How? well, we will give you an easy beginner tutorial for Asian eye makeup. Follow all the steps, and see how your eyes have never looked this good before!

1. Choose the colors

As you are a beginner in eyeshadow and Asian eye makeup looks, you might want to start with lighter, neutral, natural colors. As you get more experienced, you can, of course, hop on the more fun and bright colored eyeshadows, but that isn't the case for now! 

If your skin is cooled tone, choose brown colors and tones for your eyeshadow. If it is warm toned, you can also use terracotta or red-brown type of colors. 

Now, proceed to choose three shades from the color scheme you chose for the eye look:

1. The light shade should be a shimmery white or very light tone color like a highlighter would be.
2. The medium shade should be close to your skin tone's color, and it will work as the transition shade.
3. The dark shade will basically be the contour shade to give depth to the eyes. You can decide the darker the shade will be depending on the level of glam you want for your eye look.

After doing this, you are ready to start the action!

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2. Prime your eyes

This is a step you will never want to miss when it comes to eyeshadow. It will make it stay put for longer and the colors apply better and look brighter. Just grab your favorite one and prep those eyelids!

3. Apply transition shade

Take your medium transition shade and blend it across the eyelid with a large blending brush. Do this until the color is evenly distributed in your eye.

4. Apply darker color

Take the dark color with a precision shadow brush and apply it as close to your lash line as you can. Take it slightly upwards, just a bit above the lash line. Just be careful not to take it too far up, and blend it so it doesn't look harsh. This will look even better if the shade has a shimmery or satin finish, as many Asian eye looks have lots of it. 

5. More transition shade

Grab the transition shade again and use it to blend the edges of the darker one. Apply it right on top of the dark one, being careful not to have harsh lines between them as it won't look appealing. Once you have a nice area covered with this shade, and your eye has a kind of ombre look, this step is done!

6. Lighter shade

It is time for the light shimmery highlting shade, which will just give the prettiest final touch to your look. Apply it on the highest part of your eyelid, just above the transition shade up until your browbone. Buff it and blend until everything has a faded look, and the  3 colored ombre looks perfect. You can take some of this shadow and apply it in your inner corners, too.

7. Pop on some liner

Grab a dark eyeliner that matches the shades you chose and create a thin line as close to your upper lash line as you can. Then, blend it with a small pencil brush and create a smokier look with it. 

You can also take some white pencil eyeliner and apply it to your lower lash line, which will make your eyes look bigger and doll- like, the iconic aesthetic of Asian eye makeup. 

8. Lashes

Curl your eye lashes and apply a thin coat of mascara. Don't over do it in this step, Asian eye makeup looks are not fans of huge thick eyelashes. Here, the simpler, the better. Also, don't apply mascara on the bottom lashes, just the top ones. 

After mastering this ombre natural eye look, you can get risky and fun and do the same with colorful shades. You can basically change it up as much as you want when it comes to colors and finishes. Have some fun!


Now that you have read this article and finally learned all about Asian eye makeup, you will be able to easily imitate those Asian eye looks that you admire so much. After all, who said you need to be Asian to have Asian looking eyes? No one! So go and apply all of our tips and embrace that inner Geisha!

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