Illustration Of: What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Cute

You are being called cute by the girl you like, but you are not sure what that's suppose to mean. The meaning of this innocent word is explained here.

By Sanchari
Illustration Of: What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Cute

Cute expression of a girl

The guys and girls have different ways of expressing their views on things. So, when the girl says cute, it can mean several things depending on the situation. The girls can confuse you with their expression, I agree. But, if you try to understand the context of the conversation, then you will know what exactly she meant when she said ‘cute’. It might be an expression of consent or she is simply ignoring you. Yes, it can be that complex. If you are not aware of her way of talking, then her words can confuse you and you will have hundreds of questions in your mind. There are times when the girls actually mean one thing, but the way they put it across is completely the opposite and guys are left perplexed.

Body language of your cute girl

Sometimes, it is better to ask her directly what she actually means when she is saying cute to someone. Be prepared to get the shock of your life when she says that she meant nothing. It was just an expression of her thoughts. Yes, it can happen that way too. But, not always! If you and this sweet girl know each other for some time, but none of you have expressed each other’s feelings, then it can be her way of letting you know that she is interested in you. Confused already? Don’t be, there can be several probable meaning of a simple word like this is in a girl’s dictionary. It might take you hours before you can figure out what exactly she means when she is using these innocent words. It is possible for a girl to play with words, but more often than not, their body gives out the real meaning of their words. So, if you are in doubt about what the girls actually mean, then it is safe to read their body language. There are times when cute means nothing, whereas at times when it can mean so much more. It can be a way of expressing her gratitude for being the air beneath her wings because not everyone in our life can hold so much importance. Sometimes, some special vocabulary is reserved for that special person and 'Cute" can be one of those.

How is the word interpreted?

It might happen that the girl might have just used the word as a form of expression, but the guys are pulling their hair to guess what they actually meant. It’s sometimes silly to see how some sweet words turn into a complete puzzle for the guys. Next time, when you come across some girl who is saying cute to you, don’t jump into any conclusion that she is definitely interested in you. Keep it simple. Cute not necessarily is a hint of attraction, it can mean just about anything under the sky. Here is few such meaning that the word cute can carry.

1. Cute means ‘you’re hot’

Guys, don’t love to be known as cute because they generally feel that it is a feminine compliment and if a girl is saying cute to him, then she doesn’t find him attractive. But, the flip side of it is that, when a girl is saying cute, then she means you have this innocent good look with a dash of attraction added to it. When they are giving out compliments like cute or sweet, then they actually are interested in the boyish charm of yours. The girls always have this soft spot for cute boys, though the boys won’t agree, yes the girls do prefer cute boys over macho men. These cute and sweet boys are easy going and fun to hang out with. The girls feel that these cute boys give them the wings to fly and believe in equality, which is the most important thing.

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2. Cute way of expressing crush

If a girl has a crush on some guy, then she would use these words to express her interest towards him. She wants him to know that she is waiting for you to make the first move and they are ready to accept your offer. If the girl thinks that a guy is cute and sweet, then she surely has a huge crush on him. To be very frank, crushes are always the most romantic things on earth. The guys bask in the attention poured out by the girl and enjoy this little hide and seek game of emotions.

3. Girls find you funny

In this case, funny doesn’t refer to being a joker, instead it means that the guy has a good personality and when required, can give the girl the wings to fly. Sometimes girls use the word ‘cute’ instead of ‘hot’ because they find it quite embarrassing to say ‘you are hot’ on the face.

4. Cute means childish from the girl’s perspective

Are you the guy who has a baby face? Then you already know why you are being called cute, right? You shouldn’t have any doubt about it in your mind. You can only have questions in your mind when someone says that you are hot, even after seeing your baby face. If you do not have a baby face and the girl is still calling you cute with the eye roll, then you must have done something childish or immature. It is a kind way of saying ‘boo’ for your activity. A girl won’t go ahead and say ‘boo’ even if she feels that you are not acting as your age. So, next time when she says cute, you should introspect your own behavior first and see for yourself whether she is saying a ‘boo’ for your actions, or is she hinting at something else.

5. The girl is totally into you

It is a way of attracting your attention. You are used to the compliments that come your way every day, so in order to attract your attention towards her; she needs to say something different. It is a known fact that no boy ever likes to be called cute and if someone does that, then they would definitely notice them. So, now you know why she has been calling you cute and not hot? She wants your undivided attention and is giving out hint that she is totally into you.

6. The girl means the exact opposite

You are wondering why all of a sudden she is saying cute! She might mean the exact opposite, but it would be too rude to say that on your face, so instead of a ‘boo’, she says cute in a sarcastic tone.

7. Comfortable in your own skin

This expression of a girl can mean that the guy is comfortable in their own skin and it doesn’t matter what anybody says about them. A guy like this doesn’t get perturbed by expressions around him. He is used to the admiration and appreciations from the girls.

8. Not a poser

A cute guy doesn’t need to show off his macho side or how hot he is; instead the girls like his natural essence. You won’t find him posing or showing off, rather he is all natural and enjoys being in his own world with friends. There are not many who can enjoy the cute compliments of a girl, but a confident boy will be able to handle it with ease.

9. You get ready fast

When a guy takes hours before the mirror, it is really annoying, but if he is kind of fast, then the girl comes up with this cute expression. It is really cute to see the guy getting ready within a matter of few minutes.

10. Charming by nature

Cute boys have this amazing charming nature with the help of which they can attract anybody towards them. They know how to compliment others and how to put across their words sweetly without sounding fake.

Zeroing in on the meaning

How do you know which of these meanings hold true for you? It is simple, you will have to look for the body language or her tone or even her smile will give out hints about the meaning that the word ‘cute’ conveys.

1. Watch her tone

If she sounds genuine, then the word carries a positive meaning, but if she has a sarcastic tone or nervous tone, then the meaning surely has some negative vibes to it.

2. Smile of the girl is a hint

Is she all coy and smiling, then you are in for a treat boy. She is interested in you and is giving you hints about that. But, in case, she is laughing, then she probably means that you are funny.

3. Her expression based on your action

When she is saying cute out of nowhere, then she finds you good looking and attractive and is seeking your attention. But, if she is saying cute following your action, then don’t stress much about finding the hidden meaning because there is none.

4. Body language – a sure shot guesses

Okay, I understand, you are completely confused about what to think and when but don’t be. You will get the right meaning of ‘a cute’ if you look at her body language. If she is maintaining an eye contact and touching you playfully, then it is a sign of her showing interest in you. If she is not doing anything of that sort, then she is just using the word as a form of general expression.

Final thoughts

There is no need to stress so much on a simple word like ‘cute’. It sometimes means a lot, whereas at times it means just nothing. You might seem interested and worked up by the thought of being called cute, but in reality, she might not have meant anything special. It is all confusing if you are not reading between the lines properly. When she is saying cute, you will have to take into account many aspects before deciding the actual meaning of this simple word. If you are the wings for your girl, then a ‘cute’ will hold a lot of importance, but if you have just met this girl, then it might not carry any hidden meaning altogether. So, in order to decipher the proper meaning of the word, it is better that you take everything into consideration, rather than taking the word at face value.