10 Most Coveted Luxury Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Anniversary gifts ideas on what to buy from her to him

10 Most Coveted Luxury Anniversary Gifts for Husband

Why Get Coveted Luxury Anniversary Gifts

Husband-wife relation is the most intimate relationship in the world and demands enunciating gesticulations from each other which includes showing love and passion for each other. Sharing gifts with each other on different occasions is also a very important custom of this beautiful relationship. Although, despite being so intimate with each other, it becomes a tedious task to find an attractive gift for your spouse and one may face issues like boring, monotonous and outdated gifts, etc. In view of this, it is very important that you make the occasion memorable by presenting an appropriate and memorable gift to your spouse. When the spouse is husband, believe me, the choice is more limited as men are very particular about their used items. The ensuing paragraphs will enumerate a few suggestions, which you can keep in mind while selecting an anniversary gift for your husband.

Ideas on What to buy that will surprise him

1. Shoes 

BIFINI Mens Fashion Outdoor Cowhide Driving Moccasins Shoes

Shoes make important apparel in the outfit of a man. Good shoes are the most important (in most cases) part of the dressing. A nice dress shoe, if bought as an anniversary gift for your husband, it will be well remembered. Men wear shoes for a longer time as compared to women and therefore it will be a smart idea to have some savings and spend a good amount on buying a nice pair of shoes for him. Moreover, shoe is one item, where men always will like to go for a brand. So buying a renowned brand will surely surprise him. Apart from dress shoes, for fitness freak hubbies, gifting a nice and comfortable jogger can also be a nice idea. Daily workouts will always be more comfortable for him and in turn, guess what—he will feel awesome for you—cementing the bond of your relationship manifold.

2. Mobile Set 

Mobile phones have become an important item in today’s life, rather it will not be wrong to say that it has become an inevitable entity in every day’s life. Presenting a nice mobile set for your husband can be the ultimate gift. In today’s modern technological world, the mobile phone is a 24/7 kept item and is being used intensely. Using a nice mobile set will always remind your husband of you and will make your anniversary a long-term remembered one.

3. Watch 

Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel Yellow Gold Watch Blue Ceramic Watch

Men are also obsessed with elegant watches and presenting them with one as an anniversary gift can no doubt be an excellent idea—provided you have sufficient money. Exactly, you heard that right. Buying a watch can be really an expensive affair. However, it really depends upon your budget as well as your spouse’s desire to wear expensive watches. If he is into expensive watches, and you have the requisite budget, it is no doubt your anniversary gift. Likewise, in watches, you have nowadays the option of smartwatches as well. They have added features of getting in sync with your mobile. Moreover, they do have lots of fitness /health monitoring features. And guess what, they are not even that expensive. So you have smartwatches to get as a gift for a good anniversary gift option. If your husband has not yet tried a smartwatch, maybe it is the time to get him started.

4. Sunglasses    

Ray-Ban RB3025 Aviator Silver Frame / Crystal Grey Gradient Lens

Who doesn’t remember the Tom Cruise Top Gun look, and who doesn’t want it? Trendy men are always into glasses. If your husband also falls into this category and hasn’t upgraded his glasses over a period of time, maybe it is the time to give him a pleasant surprise. Yes, gifting a nice sunglasses can be a very good anniversary gift, and guess what it may not be that expensive as some other gifts mentioned above. Your husband will love this and will always think of you whenever he uses them. Sunglasses are the kind of utility item that is used a lot and the more your better-half uses, the more you will feel good about the selection of your gift for him. After all, in the end, anything augmenting the bondage of the relationship between you two is the most important.

5. Golf Kit  

Callaway Golf Men's Strata Complete 12 Piece Package Set (Left Hand, Steel)

For a golfer husband, what can be a better present than a golf kit? Again, this can be an expansive gift, yet if you can afford it, this is going to be something he will remember throughout life (maybe). On a lighter part, by providing him with a golf kit, you are giving him free hand to spend time playing golf. But seriously, a golf kit with a good brand name embossed is going to be something your husband will cherish throughout his life. And, this anniversary is also going to be in his lifetime cherishable memories.

6. Bicycle

Murtisol Front/Full Suspension Mountain Bike 26 inches Hardtail Hybrid Bike with 18 Speeds Derailleur

For a fitness-loving husband, a bicycle is a great utility item gift to be presented on the anniversary. And another idea can be to buy two bicycles and go on scenic rides, taking romance and fitness side by side. If presented on the anniversary, it will add a new dimension to your passionate relationship. This can become a tool of your spending time together especially in today’s hustle and bustle of life. It can add to a new chapter of bondage between two of you. Therefore, it is a nice idea to grab two bicycles and make an anniversary resolution to go for a long ride on weekends. It will strengthen your relationship as well as increase your fitness; to stay healthy and live a long life to love each other. 

Her Idea of a Romantic Gift for him

7. Comfy Jacket 

London Fog Men's Auburn Zip-Front Golf Jacket

An anniversary in December can be celebrated with a present of a comfortable Jacket. The jacket is very useful apparel, which adds grace to the overall outfit. Your husband will definitely love it. If you are in that region which has long winters, it will be an item your husband will use more often. In addition, the more he is going to put on, the more you will feel elevated. Embossing some personal remarks will add a special touch to your gift.

8. Cuff links and Tiepin 

Premium Men’s Gift Tie Set Luxury Silky Necktie Set

For corporate guy as husband, it will be a very nice gift to have Cuff links and Tiepin. This will add grace to the whole attire. Every time he wears it before going to work or corporate dinners and parties it will remind him of your love for him, and of course, the feelings will be mutual.

9. Perfume 

Calvin Klein OBSESSION for Men Eau de Toilette

For a classy touch, you can always think of buying perfume for your husband. Although, it may be a bit heavy on your pocket—ranging between $100‒$200, yet it is a kind of gift your husband is going to cherish with every spray. This coveted gift will make your husband feel ecstatic. Perfumes come in a varying price range and when it comes to gifting it to your hubby, it will be a nice idea to gift him something classy even if it is expensive. It will definitely act as a well-remembered gift. The perfume has a unique trait of making you feel good whenever you put it on. Therefore, with its fragrance in the air, your better-half will remain in that aura and resultantly will feel good about his relationship with you. 

10. Digital Photo Album

Nixplay Iris 8 Inch Digital Wifi Photo Frame W08E Silver

Here is another unique gift your husband will love if you present it to him this anniversary. A collection of your lifetime memories in the form of a digital photo album on your favorite wall of the beautiful home. This is something more practical and trendy in today’s technological world. The auto-play mode of playing the pictures will let you go through beautiful phases and moments of life and what can be a more appropriate event than presenting it on your anniversary. 

Go Homemade but still Luxurious

Who said homemade can’t be luxurious? Spend some time making a gift with your own hands and see how he loves it.

  • A Book Clock is a creative clock on a hardcover book...it’s fascinating, gives that personal touch and is sure to remind him of you every time he looks at it.
  • Make a smart table organizer using cardboard, empty tissue rolls, and glue (DIY video below)
  • Work your way down the memory lane and prepare a photo board with pictures from your wedding, honeymoon, and vacations. Feel free to add items that remind you of the shared memories.

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An anniversary is an event which reminds us of the importance of this beautiful relationship, which otherwise in the world of a mad rush, we may sometimes tend to forget. It is very important to capitalize on these kinds of events and look forward to celebrating in the best possible manner. Gifting for dear ones in life is never an expensive affair so we should look forward to it but of course while living in our means. 


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