What is emotional abandonment and how to deal with it

The symptoms of emotional abandonment and how to heal from it

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What is emotional abandonment and how to deal with it

What is emotional abandonment and the symptoms

We've all experienced pain and neglect, some experienced it more and harder than others. In some cases, people just can't get over the feeling of being hurt, and it results in emotional abandonment.

Emotional abadonment is very common for people with a tough childhood, from neglect to sexual abuse. Those kind of trauma stays, making it hard for them to ever be close to others, to have friends and family of their own. In other cases, it's result of a failed or an abusive relationship. If you think you have emotional abandonment issues or someone close to you does. Read the following articles to see if the signs describe you and how to feel better.

1. Low self-esteem and don't want to be around people

Emotional abandonment easily results in low self-esteem, for kids and for adults. Whatever you do, you just don't feel you can do it well enough or that you can do it at all. Your low self-esteem also makes your want to distant yourself from people, as you're afraid they will laugh at your incompetence.

2. Anxiety

Emotional adandonment can create a sense of anxiety. Even just a friend telling you they don't have enough space for you in the house party this week could give you an immense amount of anxiety and you don't even know why. The anxiety can take away your strength and makes you feel so weak that you just want to hide in a corner in your room, away from everyone.

3. You can't really handle your job sometimes

People with emotional abandonment issues often find themselves hard to deal with their job. They don't want to move away from home as it feels too unsafe. Even when you're at work, sometimes you feel like everything is too much to handle and you eventually have to take a step down and do some house sitting instead as it gives you more of the calm you're seeking after.

4. Depression

One of the key signs for people with emotional abandonment issues. They're often depressed. They either struggle to fall asleep or sleep until late in the afternoon and still wake up tired. They get upset and depressed sometimes over something small or even no reason at all. They try to explain to themselves why they feel this way but they just can't. They don't know why it's like this too.

How to deal with emotional abandonment and infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most heartbreaking things ever. You put your trust in someone and they completely threw it in the trash. That being said, you still need to find a way to deal with it and not let yourself drown in sorrow for something that's already happened. You can never change what happened, you can only find a way to cope with it if you still wish to carry on with your lfie strong.

1. Take a good look at your past with what happened

Unfortunately, sometimes taking a good look at your traumatic past is the only way to move forward, however painful the experience might be. You may not feel completely at peace with what happened and you just can't move on if you're not at peace with it.

Take a good look at your past, think about what happened and how it actually makes you feel. Let all your emotions out and decide what you want to do with the feelings you have.

2. Don't hesitate to get help from friends, family or a therapist

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You don't have to go through this alone. There're people out there willing to listen to all your problems and they're happy that you're reaching out. The first thing you need to convince yourself is that you're absolutely not a burden. Too people delay getting help as they're afraid they would be too much of a burden to others and their issues eventually became too serious to handle. You certainly don't want things to get that bad. You have to ability to make yourself better. You just need to reach out or let others in when they're trying to help.

3. Make sure you have closure if you can

Some people choose to never talk to their husband or wife after getting cheated on. But the most effective way to deal with it is to talk about it directly with them. Let them know it's over and you won't go back to them. Take your time to heal after. Having a closure is a way of letting both of you know it's over. It's not the time to fix it now. It's the time to move on.

How to heal from emotional abandonment and infidelity

Truly healing from emotional abandonment and getting over infidelity are the toughest part. In order to be truly at peace, you need to forgive and let go, so no hate remains. At the same time, you should never forget, so it won't happen again.

1. Yoga

Yoga has been scientifically proven to be effective with healing from depression. It relaxes you and takes your mind off of things. As long as you feel relaxed, you will see things in a lot more positive manner. Yoga is a very calming activity. It just has the magical way of relaxing your soul, make you feel at peace.

Another benefit about yoga is that you can either do it alone or with a group of friends. If you feel like hanging out with someone today, you surely can join a group and do yoga together. But if you just want to be alone at home and do some meditation while doing yoga, you can also do so! The best thing about yoga is that it's not constrained by time or place. You can literally do it anywhere and anytime you want.

2. Expanding your social circle

One thing that's true throughout history is that everyone needs some good friends to help you through tough time. Encourage yourself to go out and meet more people. Attend some social events. Dress up, not to impress others but yourself. Do whatever it takes to make you feel good about yourself!

Another benefit about expanding your social circle is that it gives you less time to think about your problems. It keeps your mind away because you're busy listening to other people's stories. It's a great way to keep your mind off things and eventually you will realise you've moved on.

3. Lock things from your past away

Past is still a memory. You don't have to force yourself to throw away memories if you don't have to. With that said, you should still lock those stuff away and put them in the attic or something. You don't need to erase that part of your memory but you also don't need to be reminded of it everyday. It's not healthy to relive your past trauma. It makes you a stronger person if you re-visit your past sometimes, but if you do it all the time it will just make it hard to move on.

Lock all your stuff away and keep that memory deep inside you. You don't have to throw the memory away because it's part of who you are. You need it to move on. You just don't need it in front of you everyday.

Quotes about emotional abandonment

1. "What truly hurts is that I don't even know what I did to deserve this"

There's not always a reason for someone to mistreat you. It's just who they are. Don't delve into why. Just understand that some people are just dicks and they just do what they do. What you can do is just to keep yourself away from people like that.

2. "When you abandoned me, I felt like the whole world did too, and still do"

People have no idea what they're capable of. When they hurt you they probably thought you'll get over it soon, they don't realise the damage can be forever. You have to live with the scars and sometimes it's not that easy to heal. It's really sad if you're a victim of this. There's no easy way to heal, only time can help.

3. "Wounds can heal but there will always be scars"

Think about what you're doing before actually doing it. Wounds can heal but scars don't. People can forgive but doesn't mean they can forget. One day, all the people that did you wrong in the past will see what a great mistake they made once they see the amazing life you're living.


Emotional abandonment can really destroy someone, tear them apart until there's nothing left. We don't want to go through that but unfortunately, sometimes, it's not up to us to choose what life brings upon us. If you think you're going through similar things and showing signs of emotional abandonment, please don't think twice about getting help.

Everyone can be healed emotionally if they choose to get help and choose to let others help. Don't ever shut out people for trying to help and you will see ultimately you will get there and glow as a person!

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