8 Creative and Unique Beach Proposal Ideas You Won't Forget

Fun and outdoorsy beach proposal ideas that are memorable

By Adina Mazilu
8 Creative and Unique Beach Proposal Ideas You Won't Forget

Who doesn’t love beaches? It is this big popularity that has probably created a romantic myth around these sand-filled spaces near oceans and seas. It is true that most people adore being offered romantic gestures on a beach far away from the crowded cities. This is why, when it comes to marriage proposals, this spot becomes the number one favorite for many couples out there who wish to create a special and unique memory out of their proposal day.

So, in order to make sure that you are given the absolute best tips in case you are also thinking of making such a proposal on the beach, in this article, we will be talking about some of the most creative and unique beach proposal ideas that you most likely will not forget your entire life. Remember that it’s about those moments of privacy that are full of love and respect for the other, the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with. These gestures do not matter if you don’t truly feel something special inside for that person. This proposal will stick with you for your life, so make it memorable and sincere. Here we go!

Best beach proposal ideas you can adopt

1. A message in a bottle

It may sound like a classic fairytale, but this is definitely a timeless proposal idea that works especially well if it happens on a beach somewhere. Such message bottle kits can be bought almost anywhere these days so you won’t have to worry about that. You can even get an older, vintage-looking bottle and use it without problems. Then, it would be preferable to get some parchment paper and write your love message on it. Place the proposal inside and go take a walk on the beach with your significant other. When they least expect it, get the bottle out, let them read the message and then pop the big question. They will never see it coming, we assure you!

2. Writings in the sand

Yet another very simple but timeless idea that will never get old no matter what year we’re in. The idea is very simple here: just write your big proposal on the sand and draw some hearts or something significant for the two of you around the message. Get your loved one and show them what you have prepared. It will be a surprise like no other, especially if they really don’t expect it. You can add some extra details like flowers, stones or shells and make them all even more beautiful. However, you need to keep in mind that this proposal might be ruined either by the waves or by beachgoers who are not careful. So, a good idea would be to do it either very early in the morning or late in the evening.

Unique and cute beach proposal ideas

3. A buried treasure

It may sound more like a pirate adventure, but it’s truly a very nice way to propose on a beach. Prepare everything ahead and send your beloved on a real treasure hunt. Do not tell them what the prize will be! Buy a treasure chest for the ring, draw a map and get some parchment paper to write your clues and the big reveal. Also, get some friends to watch over the buried chest until your significant other finds it and maybe get them to record their reaction. This will definitely be an adventure they will never forget and a quest that they never expected to end the way it ended. Talk about the element of surprise!

4. Seashell hunt

A seashell hunt is a very simple yet efficient way to pop the big question to your beloved. Nobody expects to pick up a shell that will have a diamond ring in it. The surprise will be huge. However, be careful to time everything right so they will find the exact shell that you hid the ring in. You can also have the shell with you and quickly place it on the ground when they are not paying attention or have a friend place it conveniently so they will find it. An innocent but incredible beach proposal idea without a doubt!

Sunset beach proposal ideas

5. Dinner on the beach

If you find it easier, you can go the classic route and have a romantic dinner on the beach at sunset that will end with a proposal. Do some research and you will find plenty of resorts and hotels that actually offer such dinner packages and they even come complete with candles, flowers, and champagne. Get in the mood, play some music, relax, eat some good food and finally, pop the big question with the most beautiful ring. Certainly, an experience that your beloved will never forget and will always cherish even if it’s simple and basic when you think about it.

6. A plane ride

Nothing compares to a plane ride just for the two of you to admire the sunset and to end with a big proposal. Yes, this might require a bigger budget and some organizing beforehand, but it will all be worth it. Rent one of those small airplanes that carry banners and hop in, just two and the pilot. Organize a special route and maybe fly above some of the places that your beloved loves very much. Catch the sunset and admire it together. Finally, make your big proposal when they least expect it and have the ring ready. What else can be more fascinating than a proposal in the sky? A proposal in the sky that ends with a big and happy “YES!”.

Beach proposal ideas at night

7. A romantic bonfire

A beach bonfire at night just for the two of you can be one of the very best ideas when it comes to such proposals. It may seem like a simple thing, but it can gain a huge significance. Since the dawn of time, people have been attracted to fire and the symbolism it carries, like passion and love. Nowadays, people still gather around the flames to watch them dance and let their imagination fly. Such a proposal can mean the world to your beloved. It’s simple yet very effective and unforgettable. Truly something from the heart that they will cherish for the rest of your life together.

8. Fireworks

And last but not least, what can be more mesmerizing than watching a firework show that’s been especially-prepared for your loved one? Imagine the surprise they will have and happiness. You should start by hiring a party planner and a team to handle the fireworks and to make them fly at the right time. Pop the big question and get on one knee right before the show ends. Definitely, something to always remember and cherish. It will be even better if the fireworks spell the big question on the night sky instead of you. Just imagine everyone’s reaction. Priceless!

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All in all, we truly hope that we have offered you some of the most interesting, creative, and unique ideas when it comes to various beach proposal ideas that you can draw inspiration from and adapt to your own liking. Remember that no matter how you choose to go about this big question, it’s the feelings that matter the most and what you truly feel inside. This moment will create memories that will last a lifetime and that you will always remember every time you will live other happy moments together, after years and years. It is a journey for a lifetime and it should start accordingly: with love, happiness, dedication, and respect. Always and forever.             

Remember! If nature has other plans while you are struggling to create your beach proposal, don't feel discourages. Postpone it or tone it down and make it very simple. Your beloved will appreciate anything that comes from the heart, trust us. 



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