50 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Over Text to Your Other Half

Flirty, dirty truth or dare questions to ask using text

By Fred S.
50 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions to Ask Over Text to Your Other Half

Truth or Dare is a game that’s been time-tested like no other classic, you could play this game in a party with all your friends, with your family, and it's enjoyable anywhere at all. However, the best partner you can have for a match would have to be your loved one, because the anticipation and excitement you could build up between each other is unmatched. Even if they aren’t around you, you could start the game over text. Have you ever wondered about what your crush, or love interest likes the most about you?  

Have you ever wondered what their first impression of you was? Have you ever wanted to hear their sexy voice? Truth or Dare is a game that makes all of these things possible, without even making it seem desperate or awkward. It’s a game made for stepping out of comfort zones! By asking personal and embarrassing questions, and daring others to do the craziest tasks which they wouldn’t ever do normally, you can get closer to them faster than ever.  

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You could use a range of flirty, embarrassing, dirty and sexy questions to find out things about your significant other. Play this game, at a time when they are free of all work, supposedly late at night, so that you can get them at their most vulnerable. Ask them intrusive questions, give them sexy dares, see how they respond, and the dares and questions they ask you. If all goes well, your love life will become a lot spicier than before!  

Spice up your love life truth or dare questions over text

The best part about Truth & Dare is that you can play it anywhere, anytime. It could be at a party, a gathering, in a bus, during a drive, or even on text. In fact, it is believed that if you opt for the right kind of dares and truth, playing truth and dare could help you spice up your love life. When you’re interested in a girl/boy, you want to know the basic and the advanced things about them however most of the time, you’re too shy or awkward to do that. You could use texts, and this game to finally ask those questions.  

There are a few things that you need to check before you dive into this game. Firstly, you need to make sure that you start subtly, you cannot immediately ask a very explicit and dirty question and kick them off guard, especially if you’re still trying to pursue them. Use a few flirty questions, then move to humor, and then finally embarrassing and dirty questions that knock them out! Make sure when you know that they are completely comfortable with you asking them intimate questions. Once you are sure of that, do not hold back.   

50 truth or dare questions on love to get started

Have you decided that this is the game you want to play? Then this is what you do, you could go with any kind of questions that you want, if you want to keep it light, and breezy but interesting you could easily opt for questions that are funny and interesting instead of going for hardcore dirty questions. When you start there are three types of questions you could ask your love interest: flirty, funny, embarrassing & dirty.  

Flirty questions are where you ask for little details, the dares in this category would include dares that suggest that you want to see them and that you’re interested. These are questions that trigger curiousness. The second type of questions you could ask are funny questions, where you could display humor and keep them interested. You could ask questions like, “do you drool in your sleep?” and have a laugh about their stories. The third type could be a mixture of dirty and embarrassing questions that could be a little more aggressive, and show that you want them.  

Read ahead to get examples for these three kind of questions you could ask on text, while playing truth and dare!  

Flirty questions

  1. What’s something that you always wanted to say to me but couldn’t? 

  1. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?   

  1. How would you sound if you picked up a random book and read it in the most seductive voice you can?  

  1. Have you ever flashed someone?  

  1. Have you ever shared a toothbrush with someone? 

  1. What’s your favorite body part on a girl? 

  1. What did you think of me when you met me for the first time? 

  2. What's your main romantic fantasy? 

  3. Have you ever sent someone nudes? 

  4. What’s the color of your underwear? 

  5. Who was the last person you checked out?  

  6. Which movie star do you think is the hottest? 

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  1. How would you rate my looks on a scale of 1 to 10? 

  1. Do you sleep without your clothes? 

  1. What is the farthest you’ve gone on the first date with someone? 

  1. To what extent would your date go if you’re out with your crush celebrity?  

  1. Have you ever cried because of me? 

Funny questions

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18. Have you ever face planted in public?

19. What’s the longest time you’ve spent without showering?  

20. What are the top five things you think of when sitting in the toilet? 

21. Did you ever have an imaginary friend, what did you call them? 

22. Have you ever cheated in an exam?  

23. If someone gave you a choice between walking around naked, or your thoughts appearing in a thought bubble above your head, which one would you choose for the rest of your life?


24. If you could marry more than one person, how many people would you marry, and who would they be? 

25. Who is the one person that you have met that had the stinkiest armpits?  

26. Who do you hate and why? 

27. If you could travel back in time, what would be the two pranks you would play on your parents? 

28. Who has been your worst kiss?  

29. Would you wear your best friend’s used underwear if you were in a jungle and you ran out?  

30. Did you ever fart in an elevator? 

31. Have you ever practiced kissing in the mirror?  

32. If you became the opposite sex for one day, what’s the first things you’d do?  

33. What’s been the most embarassing moment you’ve had in public?  

Dirty and Embarrassing questions

34. How often do you have wet dreams?  


35. What are you wearing inside? Describe it.  

36. Do you secretly enjoy getting dominated in bed? 

37. Do you sleep without any clothes on? 

38. Have you ever had sexual fantasies about me? 

39. Have you ever seen me nude in a dream? Describe what we did, word by word.  

40. When was the first time that you watched porn?  

41. What is the most embarrassing memory you have of yourself? 

42. Have you ever been caught touching yourself?  

43. If you could have a threesome, who would be the two people you would want there? 

44. If you were to kiss a person of the same gender, who would it be? 

45. When was the last time you had a sexual dream? Who was it about? 

46. How old were you when you lost your virginity? 

47. What is the craziest thing you have ever done, just to get a person to agree to sleep with you, without them realizing you’re being desperate?  

48. Have you ever faked an orgasm during sex?  

49. What’s the biggest turn-on to you while making out with someone?   

50. Have you ever had the fantasy of making out in the shower?  


Truth & Dare have always been a game that could be suited for any occasion, and it can be played with kids, friends, and family. If you want to take it a notch up, you could play it with your crush, or love interest. Even if you’re far away from each other, this is a game that you could play on text, or on calls. Make sure that the other person is doing these dares and answering these questions honestly by asking for picture or video proofs. 

There are three kind of questions you could ask them, one is flirty questions which give a little hint that you’re in a romantic mood; the other is funny questions that show them that you are an interesting person. When you feel comfortable enough, move up to more personal and sexually enticing questions that help build that tension between you two; we’ve luckily picked out the questions that have such an effect on the interaction. If you play your cards right, this simple game could end up leading to a much more memorable night. All the best!   

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