20 Top Wedding Songs in R&B for the Reception and Ceremony

Get Groovy on Your Big Day with These Top R&B Wedding Songs

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20 Top Wedding Songs in R&B for the Reception and Ceremony

Best R&B Top Wedding Songs for Bride Entrance

Music in the R n B genre is known for its smooth sound and meaningful messages. Specifically, love songs in the genre have been and remain very popular until this day. These songs were written in the name of love which is why they are beyond perfect to use for any aspect of a wedding. Let's take a look at the top 20 R n B wedding songs for the reception and ceremony. 

1. Boyz ll Men - On Bended Knee

The thought of losing someone you love is always one of the scariest thoughts when it comes to romance. You always learn to cherish that special someone and if given a chance, do what it takes to never lose them again. That’s the message in this beautiful song which makes it great for the bride’s entrance, as many couples everywhere can relate to this melody. 

2. Kem - Share My Life

Spending your life with someone is among the biggest decisions you can make but when they are worth it, nothing else matters. This soundtrack talks about this and marriage is about sharing your forever moments with the person you love. A lovely song for a special bride’s big moment. 

3. Ruben Studdard - Together

When you love someone, you just know it and you can feel it. You are absolutely sure you want no one else and you just want to be with that person, together, forever. Ruben Studdard is no stranger to amazing talent or love. A great combination of melody and romance fit for a bride’s entrance. 

4. Brian McKnight - Back at One

This song was a smash hit and definitely made waves in the music world upon its release. It still manages to do so as this melodic love song talks about recognizing the beauty in someone you love and realizing that, simply, no one else will do. This certainly represents marriage and is a perfect soundtrack to make a lovely bride feel even more special during her entrance. 

5. Eric Benet - Real Love

Eric Benet is known for creating timeless music and the song ‘Real Love’ is no different. In this song, he talks about the ways of the world and the things in it but those things won’t affect the real love he has with his significant other. That rings true for many people in happy and loving relationships especially those who are married. Therefore, this song deserves a spot on our list and to serve as a soundtrack for a bride’s entrance. 

Best R&B Top Weddings Songs to Walk Down the Aisle

6. Stevie Wonder - Ribbon in the Sky

When meeting the love of you life you know you always want to be there through thick and thin. Things may be tough but you have got each other and the love carries you through no matter what. It’s almost as if this song was written for such a special moment. 

7. Boyz ll Men - More Than You’ll Ever Know

This song talks about loving someone much more than they will every truly know or can imagine. Being there for them, your heart belonging to them, and falling and remaining in love all over again is what marriage is about. So, we think this speaks the sweetest words for the lovely bride during her moment down the aisle. 

8. Brian McKnight - Love of My Life

 Loving, admiring, and having adoration for someone always makes you want to do better and be better for the. You will do whatever it takes because you love them so much. This song talks about that and definitely deserves to be played during such a meaningful occasion. 

9. Musiq Soulchild - Don’t Change

No matter what, things will always change. This song talk about although things change and it’s inevitable, the love you have for that someone special will always stay the same. A tune worthy for that special walk down the aisle. 

10. K-Ci & JoJo - All My Life

This classic R&B love song talks about the feelings you have when you finally find the person you have been looking for your whole life. You feel complete and things are as they should be. This can be expressed for both people getting married making it the perfect walking down the aisle song. 

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Top R&B Wedding Songs Suitable for Father and Daughter Dance

11. Stevie Wonder - Isn’t She Lovely

One of the greatest father daughter anthems  of all time, ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ by Stevie Wonder talks about a father being in awe of his newborn baby girl. He further describes how blessed he is to have such an angel in his life. This will definitely bring a father and daughter even closer on her big day. 

12. Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father

While this song is a little melancholy, it’s got beautiful and powerful messages fit for every child and father relationship. It talks about how much a father is truly missed when he is gone but, all the wonderful memories of him making his kids happy, remains. It’s ideal for this special dance and for a daughter to reminisce with her dad during this lovely moment. 

13. Leona Lewis - Footprints in the Sand

A father will always be there to guide his baby girl no matter the point in time. Leona Lewis speaks of that in ‘Footprints in the Sand.’ Her father is not there physically but he is still in her heart and there to show her the way. This is such a special melody as every father and daughter can relate, perfect for creating new happy memories on her big day. 

14. Marvin Gaye - Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Nothing can ever stand between a father’s love for his little girl. No matter how old she gets, she will always be his baby girl. He will be there for her no matter what it takes, or what he has to do. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is representative of a dad’s love and therefore is an idyllic song for a father daughter wedding dance. 

15. Heather Headley - If it Wasn’t For Your Love

This song is both inspiring and heartwarming because it speaks of the affect a father’s love has on his daughter’s life. Because of his love, success and happiness was possible for her. Every daughter is grateful for her dad being in her life and dancing to this song is sure to touch his heart and show the appreciation you have for his love on the big day. 

Top R&B Wedding Songs Suitable for Mother and Son Dance

16. Boyz ll Men - A Song For Mama

The ultimate ode to mama anthem, Boyz ll Men pay serious homage to the love a son has for his mother with this heartfelt melody. Every word defines how amazing moms truly are making this a surefire soundtrack for a son to dance with his mother to on his big day. 

17. Gladys Knight - I Hope You Dance

 This heartwarming song can be open for interpretation in various ways. While it’s not directly from mother to son, it does talk about having deep love for someone and wishing them the best of happiness and love in their lives. Mother’s want this for their sons and vice versa. A great song for a wonderful dance between mom’s and son’s at a wedding. 

18. Phil Collins - I’ll Be In Your Heart

Such a powerful message lies in this lighthearted tune. It talks about protecting and being there for your loved ones. While the world may seem scary they have no need for fear because they are protected no matter what. This is exactly what mothers do and this song represents the protection over a son coming from his mom. A warm song for an amazing occasion. 

19. Intruders - I’ll Always Love My Mamma

This song also talks about the love for a mother from a son’s point of view. About how he admires how hard she worked and sacrificed so he could have what he needed in his life. A mother’s love is the most powerful in the world and sharing that with her son during his big day is just another priceless and loving moment to share together. 

20. The Commodores - Three Times a Lady

Spending time with your mother is something that will never fade. How she loves, cares, and cherishes is something that is indescribable and so amazing for us all. This message is perfect for a mother and son wedding dance to let her know she truly is an amazing and the first one to show what love means. 


A wedding is among the most special occasions anyone can experience in their lifetime. It’s amazing to have the chance to combine passionate songs filled with love and positive messages in with such a timeless and wonderful moment in life. 

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