15 Best Advice For The Newlyweds From The Experienced

Check this new-age advice that newlyweds can take pointers from

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15 Best Advice For The Newlyweds From The Experienced

Top 15 Advice for Newlyweds

Marriage is a lifelong commitment and you have to work for it every single day. Every single day has to be a conscious decision of choosing your partner and striving for their happiness. When it comes to advising for the newlyweds, who can do it better than those who have already proved their marriages to be strong and flourishing! Here’s the top 15 advice from the experienced in the field of marriage to those who are just starting out…

Funny advice for newlyweds

A good sense of humor is a blessing. But so is the magic that is created when both the partners in a marriage share a sense of humor and have fun with each other. Let’s take a look at the top 5 funny advice for newlyweds.

1. Honesty is not always the best policy!

From “Do I look fat?” to “How is my lasagna?”, marriage isn’t always strengthened by honesty. Sometimes a question is best answered with silence or maybe just a subtle agreeing. You can live harmoniously in marriage only when both the partners are content and at peace. This advice comes from couples whose marriage has stood the test of time; so its high time you give it due importance. So listen up folks; it isn’t always best, to be honest with your husband/wife. What they don’t know doesn’t hurt them!

2. The golden rules to being in a happy marriage

  1. The wife is always right.
  2. Always follow rule no. 1

These golden rules are what all the happy husbands swear by… Follow these for your wife’s ultimate contentment. Obviously, a happy wife means a happy life. Avoiding any unnecessary fuss in the marriage will pave way for a smoother experience. Your wife will be content with you if you avoid any unneeded argument and don’t shun her. She will love you with all her heart, but let her love in her own way!

3. Always remember those three magical words, “Let’s eat out.”

Sometimes, eating a simple meal outside can diffuse any tension you two might be facing as newlyweds. The stress of cooking and managing the meal preps can get the best of anybody sometimes. So it’s always best to keep things interesting and eat out once in a while. This will also revive the whole dating era for you and both of you can take a trip down the memory lane together.

4. Before you marry him, listen to him chewing. If you can stand that noise for the rest of your life, Go ahead!

This is cute and funny advice that might actually be useful in the long run. The chewing noise can be replaced for any unpleasant habit your partner might have. From keeping the doors open or snoring at night, anything can pile up over time and frustrate you in the long run. So, listen up, brides-to-be… listen to him chew and decide if you still love him equally!

5. ‘I’ll do the dishes.’ Is more romantic than “I love you”

After a long time of dating, you eventually settle down and start appreciating the little tokens of love and appreciation your partner keeps showering you with. Doing the dishes in an alternate fashion will not only keep the balance but might even turn into a fun activity you both do together. Your wife could be having a bad day or might be feeling over-worked some day; take the opportunity and share her burden. Helping out in the household chores will show her how much you truly care for her.

Advice from friends in speeches

Family and friends play a critical role in a person’s life. On your wedding day, your entourage is bound to give some speech and might hint on subtle advice. Taking up these might actually help you understand your future spouse better and live a more content life. Here are a few from friends and family that they’ve given in their speeches!

6. Don’t pry too much on their past

The friends have often hinted towards this in a funny manner. Everybody has a history and even if you might try to be understanding, it’s only human to feel a bit of jealousy or intimidation from your partner’s ex. Take up this advice and don’t go too deep into the details. After all, if she was supposed to be with John, she would be with John! So take a chill pill and let the past stay in the past.

7. A night out with friends won’t steal them from you!

Listen to this advice, women. Don’t feel insecure about your partner’s friends. Having a night out will help him refresh and maybe even appreciate you even later on.

8. When they’re throwing a fit, don’t make it a competition.

Everybody has good and bad days. If your spouse is having a bad day and/or is venting about their pathetic job; let them do that. Let them confide in you and don’t feel like this is a competition for attention. Let them blurt out anything and everything they want to you and you’ll definitely become their best friend soon!

9. Just sometimes, let them have their alone time.

Human beings are social animals, undoubtedly, but they also need some “me” time. It’s always good to have a few moments to yourself and just reflect on your life or simply lay in silence. Let them be by themselves once in a while and don’t bother them again and again. They’ll only appreciate you more for understanding them.

10. Ask friends to know more about your husband/wife.

Lastly, this one from friends is an important one. You could be confused as to what personalized gift to get them for valentine’s day or how to react after a massive fight; for all of these, the friends can be a great source of information. After all, they have been with your partner through thick and thin and probably know them best. So ask them for help when you feel clueless!

Advice from the parents

Here’s top advice from the parents for having a happy and prosperous married life.

11. Always choose to love each other, even in moments you hate each other.

Love is infinite and knows no bounds, but it is only human to feel fed up with a few things your partner does. In whatever situation you both face, always remind yourself to love each other. Love is pure and will help you steer clear of any confusion in the marriage. Don’t let jealousy, hatred or insecurity get the best of you and learn to love your partner in good and bad!

12. Always answer the phone when your spouse is calling.

Informing your spouse about your whereabouts on a busy day can be the one thing that makes them fall in love with you all over again that day. This advice comes from the most successful married couples. Communication is key and you should value communication more than anything else in a marriage. Talk to them and address any insecurity either of you might be facing. A tip is to keep their ringtone different so that you know which call to never miss!

13. Give your best to each other, not your leftovers after you've given your best to everyone else.

We couldn’t possibly emphasize how important this advice is in having a healthy marriage! Give each other your very best, because you both deserve it more than the world!

14. Be patient with each other.

Living together comes with some obvious collateral damage. There are days when you are not feeling gracious and would just like to be mean to anybody who comes close. There are also times when being loving and patient is the hardest thing for you to do. However, through it all, always keep in mind to be patient with your partner and not throw unwanted tantrums!

15. Be your spouse's biggest encourager, not his/her biggest critic.

Your husband/wife should be your biggest support system. They should help you conquer the world and not drag you down while you do it. Positive feedback and constructive criticism is also important but learn to encourage them to achieve great heights of excellence in whatever they pursue.

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Knowing that you always have someone’s unwavering support and love is the best thing one could hope for. Human beings crave love and support. The best form of it is the marriage that stands the test of time and becomes a blessing for both spouses. Having advice from married couples can often prove to be extremely useful. Make the best of these pieces of advice from experienced couples and have a strong marriage. Because commitment is not an easy task, it is always best to brace yourself and keep a check on how you’re taking things forward with your spouse. After all, a healthy and happy relationship with your partner will only make you stronger and more satisfied. 



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