Your 101 Guide on How to Hold Hands with Your Love

Advice and guide on how to hold hands with someone you love

By Sarah
Your 101 Guide on How to Hold Hands with Your Love

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You know someone reciprocates your feelings, you can feel it in your gut and all the flirty vibes you’ve been getting from them lately, but you both just can’t get over that awkward phase that finally gives way to romance. Heck, you can’t even hold hands without feeling embarrassed! If that’s the case, then say no more and follow these fun tips on how to hold hands with your love.

Perfect Excuses To Hold Hands

Sometimes all you need is the perfect excuse to show someone that you’re interested in them and want to take things up a notch. Guys are generally pretty receptive to hints, so we’ve gathered a few for you to try.

1. Cold hands

It’s a chilly winter evening, and your crush is walking you home. PERFECT! Use the weather as an excuse to cozy up to him, rub your hands together a couple of times and blow on them while innocuously mentioning the cold weather. For most men, this provides them with the perfect opportunity to show off their chivalrous side and offer to warm your hands. Before you know it you, will be walking hand in hand.

2. Romantic Palmistry

Impress your crush by showing off your newly acquired palm reading skills, while also using this as a foolproof way to slide his hand into yours. Don’t overdo it by going into great details on palmistry, just enough to amuse him; after all, your real purpose will already have been served.

3. New Nails

Got a cute manicure for your date? Show it off! Men absolutely adore girls feeling themselves, show him your new nails and coyly place your hands in his pretending to only focus on the new nails.

4. Distractions, Distractions

Use your surroundings to your advantage, find something interest to show your crush while walking with him, and gently pull him to the side to show him this new fascinating find. This will not only make you seem playful but will also ensure you both are walking hand in hand.

5. Comparing Hands

Playfully ask to compare hand sizes and use this as a way to let your hand linger in his. Once your hand is in his, he wouldn’t want to let go!

6. Take The Lead

If you’re feeling confident enough, and are getting good vibes from your to-be beau, just take the initiative and take his hand in yours. Guys love confident girls, so if the opportunity presents itself, go for it!

How To Hold Hands With Someone At The Movies

The movie theatre is the perfect place for some romantic hand-holding, owing to your close proximity and the cover of darkness, you have everything working in your favor to take your date to the next level.


1. Yum Popcorn

Share your popcorn, not only will this increase intimacy but will also give you a great opportunity to hold hands when you both reach for the popcorn together. Just wait for the right moment for him to be just a little engrossed in the movie while his hand reaches for the bucket and you can slowly reach out for some popcorn at the same time. Voila, your hands have found each other.

2. Accidental Brushing

The best part about a date at a movie theatre is of course that your armrests are so close, use this to your advantage and accidentally brush your hand next to his a few times, any guy, even the most oblivious ones will take the hint and clasp your hand in theirs at the next touch.

3. So scared!

Try choosing a scary movie or a sad one and at the climax, grab his hand for emotional support! Your guy will be more than happy to show you his protective side and comfort you by holding your hand.

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How To Hold Hands With A Shy Guy

Some guys are rather shy, which somehow makes them that much more attractive! So don’t worry too much if you feel like your crush falls into this category, and don’t take his hesitation as a sign of disinterest. All he needs is a gentle nudge in the right direction to bring out his romantic side.

1. The Accidental Nudge

While walking close to him, accidentally bump your hand to his a few times. If you’re lucky enough (and if your guy has seen any romantic movies at all), he will get the hint immediately. He'll also feel comfortable holding your hand after a few initial encouraging bumps, as you would have initiated subtle physical contact.

2. Make Him Comfortable

You’re probably nervous, but remember he’s more nervous than you, especially if he’s shy. Make him comfortable, and make sure your body language is relaxed, so he feels comfortable enough to make his move.

3. Be Private

Shy guys value their privacy quite a lot and aren’t always comfortable with being too affectionate in a very public environment. But being private doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be entirely alone, just pick a place where you’re less likely to bump into people you may know.

4. Confidence Booster

Boost his confidence by giving him some well placed, subtle compliments, a boost in his mood, and overall demeanor around you is sure to have him trying to reach for your hand. Just be vigilant enough to pick up the signs.

5. Hint, Hint

A lot of the time shy guys just aren’t sure how to initiate physical contact. It will serve you both well to make him feel like it is okay to do so, gently placing your head on his shoulder from time to time or a few coy touches to the arm now and then should do the trick for you here.

What Holding Hands Means To A Guy

You can tell a lot about a guy by his actions, especially how he presents himself to you romantically. A guy wanting to hold your hand but waiting for the right signal or time may seem a little frustrating to you in the beginning but is definitely a huge plus for his personality.


He wants to be intimate with you, but not just physically. Even though the act in itself is rather simple and innocent, it is one of the hardest things for men to do because it means they are making themselves emotionally vulnerable to you. Something that doesn’t necessarily come easy to men.

Being A Gentleman

Making any physical advances, especially in the first few dates can be somewhat risky. Even if there is the undeniable chemistry between the two of you, understand that he probably respects you too much to initiate any contact. Men know the consequences of misconstrued signals all too well, especially if the relationship, even in its first stages, means something to them. They take extra care not to spoil things.

Taking Things Slow

If a guy wants only to hold hands on the first date, it might mean he wants to take things slow and build a strong connection there before taking it any further. Men understand the need for compatibility, and one of the best ways to gauge your compatibility is through simple hand-holding. If you both feel comfortable doing so, and it only adds to the spark you both are already feeling, be sure that this is an excellent pathway to a healthy relationship.


In today’s day and age, the appropriate uproar for the need for consent has finally taken place. More and more men now understand the need for asking consent or at least making sure that their dates are entirely comfortable with them, making any physical moves before actually doing so. Make sure they know that you’re okay with such contact.


All in all, holding hands is one of the most romantic gestures known to couples. It is pure, subtle, and innocent and only adds to the intimacy. It doesn’t matter who initiated the hand holding; if you both feel a connection, this will be an excellent way to take things further. Not only can you appropriately measure your depth of feelings for someone, but can also pick up on how receptive and attracted they are to you. Most true romantics know how helpful and gratifying hand holding is in a new relationship, and wouldn’t take things any other way.

Either way, what is most important is to be in tune with your feelings, go with the flow and make sure your crush is feeling the same way as you are. Don’t stress too much, be respectful, and enjoy the butterflies along the way. The beginning of any relationship carries with it some of the best moments one can experience, and it is important that you thoroughly enjoy them.

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