Tips To Have The Hottest Sex That Will Make You Beg For More

A Roundup of All the Sex Positions and How to Enjoy Them!

By Fred S.
Tips To Have The Hottest Sex That Will Make You Beg For More

Sex is the pinnacle of human desire. Despite the taboo that has been associated with the expression and gratification of our carnal needs, artists in almost every century have added elements of sex and its pleasure in their work, especially paintings. 

No matter how uncivilized and ancient the populations were that once inhabited planet earth, they were all bound by the need to make memorable love with their partners. To enhance the quality of satisfaction that was reaped, innumerable sex positions were concocted, to help both partners climax. The most profound work was perhaps undertaken with the formulation of the Kamasutra, which is your go-to guide for having the best sex of your life without the activity ever losing its appeal owing to the innovation it adds to it. The guide illustrates the art of lovemaking by incorporating emotions and spirituality in the deed. Most of our knowledge about sex positions is derived from this Sanskrit manuscript, guaranteeing us unprecedented satiation that can positively enhance our bond with our partner. 

Make Out to Have a Hot Start

No matter what you do and who you are going to make crazy love to, never forget to make out first. Remember, having sex is not barbaric and it is not merely focused on reaching an orgasm; it includes the aspects of consent, the alacrity of the involved parties and a gradual build-up to the summit. Especially for women, you need to take considerable time to appreciate their bodies, let them feel your desire for them by kissing like there is no tomorrow and subtly touching them through it to help them be more ready for the rituals in bed. 

Also, kissing is the simplest yet the most thorough expression of your adoration for someone. It allows you to caress your partner in all the right places just before the sex so that when you two are finally at it, there is a general aura of comfort and the perfect reception of shared love. 

Roundup of all sex position (with good tips)

1. Man on Top

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This is perhaps the most oft-opted for the position since the beginning of time, also referred to as the baby-making position or missionary position. The man on top has a patriarchal hue to it, as it shows how it was thought that man needs to take control of the sex too. Nevertheless, this position is a hot favorite, particularly preferred by older couples. You can add your own flavors to it by taking into account the following tips: 

a) Kiss your partner through it

The best part about this position is the fact that both partners have easy access to one another’s lips and are better able to gauge one another’s facial expressions during sex. Make use of it to alter your moves and up the heat with a steamy kiss. 

b) Bear the weight of her legs

Amongst the plethora of variations present for this sex position, raising and supporting your lady’s legs against your shoulder or penetrating her while her legs embrace your lower back are some of the best-known ways to  increase your chances of hitting her G-Spot, while giving you easy access to the clitoris to stimulate her as the needs be. 

c) Explore their bodies

Don’t get boring while you are in the missionary position. Reach for her nipples, fondle the skin on her abdomen and use your fingers to stimulate her clit to make her feel things that are out of this world. 

2. From Behind

You need to appreciate your partner’s rear by using it for making unforgettable love. This peculiar sex position particularly comes into handy if you two are into anal or just like to go as wild as doggies in sex. This again gives man the control to navigate the hot session. You can make it better by: 

a) Using the hair

While she might never say it, she might absolutely love it when you slightly pull at her hair when you enter her from behind. It adds to the heat of the moment, which can be very evident by her body language, allowing you to take it as she likes it the best. 

b) Being generous with the lube

For many women, doggy style vaginal penetration can be a bit too rough for their genitals, so make sure that you use a good quality lube to keep the momentum going without causing your lady any discomfort. If you two are engaging in some wild anal action, remember, pain is never a good idea, and it is always better that you use something to reduce the friction between the skin of your penis and her anal lining which naturally is devoid of any fluid.  

c) Propping her up

Place a few pillows beneath your partner’s abdomen, to increase her pelvic pressure and put a fluffy pillow for her to lower her head in. This setting allows her to be in a position that has a pelvic condition that is favorable for an orgasm and with the head low, her rear can be higher up, giving you the golden opportunity to finally reach the hidden G-Spot. 

3. Woman on Top

Girls rule the world, both on the streets and in the sheets. This is a reversal of conventional roles and allows women to finally take the reins during the lovemaking session.  With you on top of your male partner, there is complete freedom for you to help his penis find its way to just the right spots and gives you the liberty to be as naughty as you wish to be with your clitoris, while your partner pants with all the pressure your sultry existence is putting him under. 

a) Set the pace

With you on top, you are allowed to determine the speed and intensity involved in the sex. Remember, there is no rush during good intercourse. Slowly dip yourself down and pull yourself up, preferably in a squat to allow you to build pressure in your pelvis, increasing the contact between your vaginal canal and his dick. Feel free to use your hands to tease him, give him hickeys on his chest and lean in to kiss him, while he takes the steering wheel when you lean down by thrusting himself into you. 

b) Get kinky

Blindfold her, slide ice cubes down the groove in the middle of her breasts and tie her hands to give you the complete control to pound them to their Big-O. Getting a little creative and assertive in the bedroom makes everything better than ever. 

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c) Get in the reverse gear

This position can be altered in so many ways, making it a very fun thing to try out the next time you two are in the mood. Sit on his penis, with your back facing him, while you focus solely on the feel of him in your vaginal canal. Position your legs as your comfortable with and if possible you let his dick into and out of you at a sensual pace.  

4. From the Side

The fool-proof way of making a lady orgasm is this particular position that allows your penis to be angled into her vagina in the exact same direction which is thought to lead to the orgasm machine, the G-Spot. Every male understands the frustration of being the only one to climax during sex sans their female partner getting to feel the same electricity in their legs and the gush of relief in their body. If you are adamant to help penetration, besides clitoral stimulation, unlock the Big-O, this is a position you should definitely include in your intercourse sessions. You can make it even hotter with these tricks: 

a) The “facing one another sideways” variant

Increase the heat and the love with this crazy variation of the sideways sex. Face your partner, each part of their body aligned perfectly against the corresponding part of your own body. Raise her leg, or ask her to do it herself, nearly extended perpendicularly. Enter her while holding the accessible butt cheek and feel her insides go wetter and hotter, with each of you asking for more. 

b) Hugging while sexing

Take your lady in an embrace, with one of your legs pulling her lower body into you. Slowly penetrate her, tightening your embrace around her and going as deep as you can without letting go of her body. 

c) Legs entwined, lips locked

Slightly tilt your partner’s upper body as she lies on her side while making room for your leg between hers and entering her. In this position, you lie behind her and with her face turned back to you; you can put your arms around her as you two share a passionate kiss. 

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Sex is not only about the fun, but it is also about the emotional connection that you share with someone. Regardless of your relationship status with your sexual partner, it is never too late to take things up a notch and try newer things in the bedroom with the aforementioned hot sex positions that are bound to give you two the time of your life. 

What are you waiting for? Select a date, choose a time and arrange the room to try out these amazing ideas of making bed affairs sexier.