Too Shy To Approach Anyone? 10 Easy Tips For The Super Introvert

The super introvert guide on how to date and be successful

By Sameet
Too Shy To Approach Anyone? 10 Easy Tips For The Super Introvert

How To Meet More Girls And Guys

All you introverts out there, it’s time to get rid of your shy and gloomy self and put your game face on. It’s never too late to pump yourself up and just go get it. So many people are waiting to meet the wonderful person you are within, so why waste yourself behind those closed doors and in the shadows? The world awaits.

Especially for introverts, it’s the HARDEST job to get out of that comfort zone (which is mostly limited to your bedroom couch with a bag of chips and Netflix 24/7) and actually meet someone you might just be imagining from a TV show.

But everyone has this constant fear of making a fool out of themselves when meeting someone new, but you need to accept the fact that this is simply human nature and it’s totally fine to be nervous. One thing is always to be kept in mind that everything resolves as long as you put yourself out there.

Check out these tips to interact with more people around you and probably get hooked up in no time.

Free sites

You just HAVE to keep up with social media, or else it’s just like living like cavemen these days. And joining different sites on social media doesn’t mean watching people from the shadows, being a part of a social circle is important too.

1. Plenty of Fish

The Leading Free Online Dating Site for Singles & Personals

PlentyOfFish claims to be the largest dating and online meetup platform where a number of factors help you find a new friend in your area and of your age too. There are over 3 million users online each day so yeah, plenty of fish.

2. Ok Cupid

Free Online Dating

This site offers a very interesting algorithm. You are asked about your personality and linked up to someone closer and well suited to you. This is best for shy people as they will interact with others just like them.

3. Tinder

Match. Chat. Date.

Tinder can look up a potential partner for you to meet up around your area. This makes it very convenient and you only have to interact when a match is made.

4. Zoosk


This one has the options for live video sessions and voice notes can be exchanged in a quick way which doesn’t make it boring. It has a very easy to use interface and offers browsing profiles too.

5. Coffee meets Bagel

Discover Meaningful Online Dating with Coffee Meets Bagel

As the name suggests, this dating app will most likely hook you up with the perfect possible match. Here people give feedback to other people which helps them improve their profile. The best way for shy people to know their pros and cons which will help them in the future.

In your college

There are a lot of opportunities in college and school that you should totally avail to meet new people.

Don’t stay hidden

Lurking in the shadows and hiding behind locker-doors won’t help a bit. It’s not necessary that you start bumping into people, but at least keep up appearances so that people see you quite often and know that you exist.

Stop Overthinking

As an introvert, you are most likely to think a lot and act the least. Imagine, there is a person who walks by you in the corridor and you find them attractive. You have two options, either you can just stand there and think of all the possible things that can go wrong OR you can just go up to them and say hello. It takes courage, but it will sure be worth it.

Join Societies

These little groups and communities are the best way to meet and connect with new people. Find the society that has all your favorite activities, this will make it easy for you to talk more because the people around you will be having pretty similar interests as you.

As A Guy Introvert: Tips On Approaching Her

To all the shy and introverted guys out there, follow these tips and get yourself a girl.

1. Keeping eye contact

This is the most important thing in any kind of communication and especially when you’re meeting someone you like. A bad eye contact, looking away frequently makes the other person feel awkward and conscious. Don’t do that, it’s rude too.

2. Less staring, more talking

Eye contact is one thing, staring is another. If you keep looking at a girl from a distance, there are chances she might get creeped out and totally get out of sight. Girls want to be approached in a straightforward manner. Whether she likes you or not, is the latter part of the story. So go up and meet her rather than keeping a death stare.

3. Ask open ended questions

It’s a trick to keep someone engaged in a conversation. People, especially girls, like talking about themselves and their interests. So avoid asking questions that are answered in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Instead ask short questions about them, their personality, likes, dislikes. This will make it easy for you to make conversation and get to know them better.

Here’s a very quick and to the point video by an expert on how to approach girls:

4. Simply be a gentleman

Chivalry has never gone out of style and this one thing can always put a man in the brightest spots. So when you’re approaching a girl, put your best behavior out front, be gentle, speak softly, and no need to rush things at all.

As a girl introvert: Tips on approaching him

Don’t stress out girlies, we got you covered.

5. Don’t try too hard

Girls often misunderstand the concept of simplicity and modesty. Guys don’t always go for layers of makeup and revealing clothes. On the first meetup, definitely NOT. Most prefer being with someone who is okay with their original personality. And simplicity is usually pretty sexy on its own.

6. Too much attitude is a turn off

Playing hard to get is the worst idea that has ever been introduced to dating. Don’t listen to such advice and play nice. It already takes up a lot of effort to be around a guy or new people, so why waste it by keeping a bad vibe cloud around you all the time?

7. Positive body language

A lot can be said about you the way you walk or stand or just act around people. If a guy notices you, keep yourself upright, smile, and don’t get fidgety. This will automatically make that guy want to talk to you. But if you slouch and keep looking down, that won’t attract a guy.

8. It’s okay to initiate

Every time you go and talk to someone, your confidence level boosts up. It’s a plus point for you if you initiate a conversation as men like such things in women. So take control and muster up the courage to go and talk to that cutie you’ve been eyeing one for a while.

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Always understand that if you’re an introvert, a lot of other people are too. Improving yourself as a social being will influence others too and help them get over their fears. Being nervous, anxious and shy is all your mind’s game. Only you can control it and overcome the thoughts that keep you from going out and hanging out with people. All you have to do is believe in yourself and have a great time, whatever you do.


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