10 Psychological Preparation You Need For A LDR

Rules on making long distance relationship actually work

By Sophia R
10 Psychological Preparation You Need For A LDR

Why a long distance relationship is difficult to maintain

Are you in the situation of a distant relationship and you wonder why distance love is so difficult? If so, we welcome you to the club of those who maintain a long distance relationship. What we can say is that it is difficult, but by putting effort and making agreements with your partner, the relationship can pay off and the distance will not matter to keep the fuse burning with love.

Distance love or distance relationships are difficult, although it sounds obvious because you do not have your partner close to you, which means that everyday life is done in separate worlds without sharing things that can be shared while being together.

The typical activities that couples do cannot be done in long distance relationships; you can not see a movie in the cinema together, you can not go out for a walk, have dinner, skate or any activity that involves physical contact, and how could we not mention sexual activities. All this response to why distance relationships are so difficult to maintain. Basically, you are with someone who is not there.

10 psychological preparation to make LDR work

Loving from a distance can be one of the hardest and most complicated experiences if you can not find the right formula to cope with it, as we already said before. Nonetheless, love from a distance is possible and it can help us realize if the person next to us is the indicated one, or not.

Since you can not make the kilometers disappear between the two of you, why don’t we give you some things you should be working on that will make your long distance relationship easier? After all, the mind is the most powerful of all, and it can really make a difference in the outcome of something as difficult as an LDR.

When LDR is with a Guy

1. Don't stop taking care of yourself

Do not let the sadness of not seeing him cause you to take less care of yourself. To stop worrying about you will only be the beginning of the end. Remember that the essential thing to have a good relationship with another person is to be well with yourself first. You must continue taking care of yourself to feel beautiful and stable every day. Keep up with activities you love doing, take time for yourself, get dressed, put on makeup, go to the hair salon; do anything that implies taking care of yourself. Your mind and body will thank you for it.

2. Trust him

Women tend to be crazy jealous and have difficulty trusting their partner most of the time. For a long distance relationship to work, women have to trust their partner fully and do not doubt their word for two reasons: The first one is that you will go crazy if you are constantly thinking that he cheats on you or that he has not told you the whole truth. The other one is that as a result of this mistrust, a problem of jealousy may arise which, if aggravated, will undoubtedly end with the relationship. I mean, who will ever keep up with someone that doesn’t trust you? He will get tired of it no doubt.

3. Don't go obsessive

Your relationship is not the only thing that is happening in the world. Yes, it can take time, you have to FaceTime him, or text him, but the day is still long for you to do other things that will keep your mind healthy. He also has to have time for his activities and himself, so let him have his time, too. Always remember that when you feel the need to know about him at all times every single day.

4. Don't be negative

We know that long distance relationships can be extremely stressful and that hope is easy to lose in this case, but you need to leave all the negative thoughts you have behind. Women tend to over think and be negative about many things most of the time, but for your long distance relationship to work, you must stop these thoughts. Remember, negative thoughts will only bring negative outcomes, and we know you don’t want that for your relationship.

5. Know it won't be easy

We are not going to lie to you; your long distance relationship won’t be easy at all, but that is something you have to be aware of at all times so you can prepare yourself best for it. Know what you are going to be going against, all the things and problems that can happen, and how to deal with all of them. This way, you will be prepared for everything and anything that comes at your relationship.

When LDR is with a Girl

6. Be open

The majority of the time, men have a more difficult time opening up in relationships. Now, in long distance relationships, it is essential that even though it is hard for you, you tell her everything you feel. Whether you are sad or happy, it is best to share it with your girl. This way you will both keep a healthy flow in the relationship, never leaving anything in the blue or undiscussed. She will be able to know and help you with everything you need. Also, it is fundamental that there are no secrets among you, so leave all of that behind.

7. No extreme jealousy

Boys can also be extremely jealous, which is yet another point that should be worked on in order to have a successful long-distance relationship. If this one is an actual huge problem for any relationship, even normal ones, imagine how big of a deal breaker it must be for long distances. No girl can stand a man that is jealous of everything at all times. It gets exhausting and it will definitely end things. Trust her, know that she loves you and that she will never do anything to jeopardize your relationship, and don’t asfíxiate her with your insecurities.

8. Know you can't control her

This one here comes from the point we said before. Extreme jealousy will cause you to control her every move because of the fear of not being present to see what she is doing. You will start wanting to control what she wears, who she hangs out with, her friends, where she goes to, which is all a huge mistake. This will cause her to get tired of you and your control because, after all, she still has the right to decide on her life, you are her boyfriend, not her parents. Start knowing and telling yourself that this decision is not yours to take.

9. Don't give up

Long distance relationships are hard, and you might want to end it all many times during it. When these feelings come, focus on the love you have for her. Think about why you are doing it, all the love you have for her, and the reasons why you decided to have a long distance relationship in the first place. It will be worth it when you two see each other again. Don’t give up, keep going for your relationship and for her.

10. Feel

Men tend to not let all of their feelings in, to ignore them. In order to make a long distance relationship work, you must feel everything that comes at you. Cry, miss her, be sad. This will make you capable of controlling your feelings instead of letting them all burst at once and making you finish the relationship out of overwhelming.

Good gifts to give for special occasion for LDR

Even though you don’t see each other every day or that frequently, a long distance relationship is still a relationship. Gifts will still be a must to show appreciation for each other, so we will give you some good gift ideas for any special occasion you two have. They are perfectly fit for anniversaries, birthdays, welcomes or goodbyes. Just order and deliver any of them to their door, or have someone you trust to give it to them. Check them out:

1. Love cards

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Love cards are always an amazing idea for any special occasion. They are just such a cute and thoughtful detail that suits any moment. Check this next store out, they offer a bunch of beautiful designs you can get and custom to deliver at your lover's door anytime. 

2. Dual zone watch

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3. Webcam light

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Useful Quotes on LDR to Text Over

If you think missing me is hard, you should try missing you. – Unknown

If only I could fly, I would use my wings to be right beside you to begin each day. – Unknown

Time is the longest distance between two places. – Tennesse William

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Yes, LDR is hard, but with desire and perseverance, it can succeed. We are sure that our tips and recommendations will make this difficult ride way easier for you, as it will give you the tools to fight all the problems that come with LDR. Good luck, keep going!


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