Guy Confession: What Was The Best Kiss He Ever Received

How it feels like in an incredible kiss and how it was done

By Fred S.
Guy Confession: What Was The Best Kiss He Ever Received

Kissing is an important defining moment in the beginning days of every romantic relationship. It’s obviously understandable for first-time kissers to be nervous, but even experienced individuals can find it nerve-wracking to kiss someone. If you’re a girl who’s feeling the same way at the moment, clueless about what you should and should not do in a kiss, this article could actually come in handy! We’ll tell you the exact things that any guy would love to experience in a kiss, and how you should execute it. However, remember that kissing is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for both of you, so feeling stressed about it is only going to ruin the fun for you. Don’t obsess over the tips, but keep them at the back of the mind. Keep reading to find out!  

8 Tips That Make Every Kiss Incredible For Him!

The first thing you should keep in mind before we get into the tips and experiences in an ideal kiss, you should understand that there’s absolutely no pressure on you to get this perfectly right. It’s not a final exam, it’s a kiss, as simple as two lovers locking lips. If you can’t ace it the first time, there’s always going to be another try to follow it – you'll only get better. You’re not the only one who could be a bad kisser, maybe your partner needs a tip or two to get on your level. The whole journey of finding out what works best for you can be enjoyable in itself and brings in a ton of funny and goofy moments that make the relationship stronger and stronger. That being said, let’s get to business and tell you what every guy is bound to love in a kiss from his girl! 

1. Make sure your lips are ready for him

We’re going to take these tips in order, which means the pre-kiss lip preparation comes first! Kissing is all about your lips, that’s obvious. That means that dryness or soreness on your lips could become a pretty annoying barrier for your guy to have the kiss of his dreams. Make sure your lips are well moisturized, smooth, and hydrated. Lip balm comes in handy for this, make sure you apply it throughout the day because its effects aren’t instant. The softer and glossier your lips are, the sexier they’ll look for your partner. Increasing his appeal and desire to kiss you is a super-powerful tool to make it the best kiss of his life. But just that won’t suffice, so, more tips coming your way!  

2. Make sure you’re both comfortable

Kisses can be unexpected at times, and it’s always important to make sure you’ve got optimal comfort in your positions before you have a go at each other. If it’s a weird angle where you’d have to twist and adjust your bodies just to meet his lips, it’s best to take it somewhere else. A kiss is only memorable when all that’s going on in your mind is the sensation of your partner’s lips on yours, and a hurting twisted back situation doesn’t contribute to that at all.    

3. Begin slow

While the most passionate kisses on TV may be shown as two people going crazy at each other like animals – that's not always the best thing to pursue. When you’re starting to kiss a new partner, or having your own first kiss ever, a slower kiss works wonders. Guys can be weirded out pretty easily if you move too fast in an attempt to make it seem passionate. Instead, touch his lips with yours ever so slowly, giving him a peck and taking your time to move away. It’ll make sure that he feels your lips in calmer details, and each movement would go well-noticed. A slow kiss has a lingering effect, you’ll feel it when you do it.  

4. Pay attention to what his lips tell you

The best kiss a guy can ever have can only have characteristics that he values and desires, you just have to find out what they are. The best way to know them is to understand what your partner’s movements during the kiss tell you. How wide does he open his mouth to kiss you? How does he move his tongue? What does he do with his lips? By paying attention to cues like this, you can easily understand what he looks for in the kiss of his dreams. If he opens his mouth wider than you, he wants a more intense kiss and you should reciprocate it. If his tongue finds its way on your lips more frequently, he’s into tongue-kissing. Follow this lead!  

5. Pull him into yourself

Your partner wants you, and everything that reminds him that you want him too will make the kiss more special. Sitting all awkward during the kiss isn’t going to do you any favors in this regard, show him how interested and attracted you are to him. Get yourself closer to him, and put your arm around his back and pull him closer into you as well. Don’t be afraid to make moves as a girl, he’s all yours! Contrary to popular knowledge, guys get butterflies too, and one way to achieve that is to let him feel your body pushing against his while you kiss him ever so passionately.  

6. Explore him with your hands

While a kiss is mostly about your lips, it’s not constrained to that. A memorable kiss always involves hands running around each other’s body, exploring crevices and curves while your lips are entwined. How exciting does that sound? We’re not saying you should start feeling him up right away, but if the kiss goes long enough (say for over 30 seconds), your hands can start roaming around your man. Run your fingers down his jawline, his neck, shoulders, arms and lock fingers with him. It’s certainly better than having your hands resting on your lap while he kisses you, that’s just boring!  

7. Use your body

People that have been in a relationship for longer times can take a much more liberal approach to make a kiss memorable. If you’re already having sex, then using your body should always be an option to take the whole experience at another level. Imagine you’re kissing him, with your lips all glossy and smooth as advised above, and you start to make moves with your body. Such as changing positions, and lifting your leg up to his waist. If you’re sitting on a couch, you can always just take it up a notch and get on top of him while you kiss, resting your you-know-what, against his you-know-where! It’s going to make him feel amazing, and not just on his lips. *cough cough* 

8. Flaunt yourself to your man

Every guy is bound to love it when you dress sexy just for him, showing him just enough to stimulate his thoughts about you. Wear tighter clothes at night when you’re alone with him, maybe a loose off-shoulder top that makes you look irresistible. Sure, you’ve already got him in a relationship, he’s not going anywhere, but that shouldn’t mean you have to stop showing off what he likes about you! Remind him what a gem he has scored by showing off your curves in subtle ways prior to the kiss, just to pump up his desire for you beforehand. You should be proud of what you’ve got! Showing off in cute ways like stretching in front of him or flipping your hair every once in a while, can never go wrong. It’ll only make him more passionate about feeling your lips and caressing your body, which will surely boost the experience!   

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While you should also pay attention to what you want in a kiss, making a kiss incredible for your partner has a unique sense of satisfaction. Along with all the tips mentioned above, there’s another guideline you should follow – and that’s what your gut tells you during a kiss. If you feel like moving down to kiss their neck for a few seconds is the right move, go for it. It’s spontaneous movements like these that add to making the experience memorable because kissing shouldn't be rule-based or rigid.

Kissing is a beautiful display of love, a physical bonding of tasting the essence of each other in the most pleasing way if it’s done right. Don’t feel pressure, remember you’re not the only one who goes through these feelings! Now that you have the required info at hand, you’ll only get better with every other kiss in the future. Good luck, and happy kissing!  



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