8 Subtle Red Flags That Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

Subtle signs that your partner doesn't love you to watch out

By Aey
8 Subtle Red Flags That Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest

Stop the Slippery Slope of Losing Love at the Smallest Signs

Watching all those Hollywood romantic comedies ends up in us having this made-up idea of love in our heads. We start to expect that same level of unending romance in our own romantic relationships which is why most of the time they fail to meet our expectations. Whilst you can get over a one-time mishap, a lack of interest should really make you get up on your feet and analyze the situation to see what exactly is going on in your relationship. In order to save you from being caught off guard, we will provide you with a list of signs that you should keep a lookout to see whether your relationship is going downhill.

8 Subtle Signs That Your Man or Partner Doesn't Love You

1. You’re the ones making all the plans

Let's hang out? Let's go for dinner? Let's go for a movie? Let’s go workout together? Do you want to come over? Do you find yourself constantly saying these things to your significant other? If the answer to that is a yes, then you need to realize your partner has lost interest and that they would rather sit at home on their phone then spend time with you. If you’re the one initiating all plans then just know the issue persists and they are not there anymore mentally.

2. No reliability

One thing that you expect in a relationship from your significant other is reliability. Whether that reliability comes down to them doing something that you asked them to do or just having your back and being there for you in times of need. If you constantly feel let down, have to make up for tasks not done by your significant other then it’s time you realize that they cannot be relied on anymore. Their sudden lack of reliability doesn’t stem from them being lazy but from them not caring enough to be there for you when you’re in need.

3. Not the same level of intimateness

This aspect of the relationship should be looked at from two different angles. If your partner refuses to have the same level of intimacy with you and for no legitimate reason then you need to look into why that might be. Are they getting that intimacy from somewhere else or just aren’t interested? At the same time if the level of intimacy increases more than usual whilst the emotional connection is decreasing then know again there is a problem. This increased intimacy is all that they want because they’ve lost all other interest in the emotional aspect of this relationship.

4. Lack of communication

Communication is the key in any and every relationship and for someone that you want to spend each and every day with, communication becomes 90% of the relationship. No communicating in a relationship leaves you dating a brick wall and nothing else. You lose anything and everything that is meaningful in the relationship. If you see your significant other not only resisting from communicating emotions then know they don’t care enough to share anymore. This is a very important sign which shows that your partner has lost interest and they would rather keep things with them.

5. Meaningful conversation and talking about future

Fun times and intimacy aside, what defines a solid relationship is that you can talk about literally anything and everything with your significant other without being hesitant. At the end of the day, it all boils down to those emotional, deep and meaningful conversations that you have which define your closeness and easiness. If you see that your partner avoids those meaningful conversations and future plans (marriage and most importantly just life commitment) are a no go zone for them to talk about then just know you’ve spotted a red flag.

6. No calls or texts

In the age of mobile phones, Snapchats, WhatsApp and Instagram; talking to your significant other is as easy as pressing a button. However, even with such a facility, if your significant other refuses to be the first one to text you or call you then we have a problem. The texts and calls you get should not just pertain to tasks to be done etc. but it is important to have normal everyday casual conversations, good morning texts and so on. If you find yourself not at the receiving end but rather on the sending end every time then know that the amount of interest and effort in this relationship is definitely not equal.

7. Fights

Fights are a part of every relationship which comes and go, however, if you see these fights becoming a part of your everyday routine then the relationship is not where it was. Fights which have reasons behind them are indeed understandable at times but if you see your partner being nitpicky and picking fights for unnecessary and unreasonable reasons then again this is another red flag. You need to understand that those fights are frequent because he wants you to know and realize that he isn’t interested in the relationship anymore and is just trying to find a way out of it.

8. Excuses

I can’t go out today because I have work. I didn’t call you last night because I slept early. I rushed because I was getting late for work. My friends came over last night. These are just a few of the excuses that you will commonly and frequently start to hear when your partner starts to lose interest. You need to realize that if they cared enough for the relationship they would prioritize you. However, when you become second or third in the list and excuses become answers then you have a code red situation, my friend.  

Quiz to Check on Your Partner Love You or Not

Q1. Does he spend time with you

Quality time in every relationship is very important. Whether that is at dinner, movies or just chilling at home, you need to see if your significant other is still spending that time with you. If they are making excuses to hang out with you and those hangouts are less frequent then no that something is definitely up.

Q2. How often do you fight

If you find yourself constantly fighting and bickering about the smallest of things and you can’t spend an entire day without fighting about one thing or the other then again know that your partner is unhappy. He is either unhappy with something that happened amongst you or just wants an out from the relationship.

Q3. Can you talk or is it a brick wall

Do you still click? Can you still talk about anything and everything and still be intimate with each other? If the answer is no and you feel like your partner has grown distant to you in terms of communicating with you then, unfortunately, it is again an unfavorable sign. 

Q4. Is the spark still present?

Is romance still present? Is he still the same person that he has been with you throughout the relationship? Judge the behavioral change. Is he more distant? Secretive? Or is he just trying to get more comfortable? Ask him and if he still tries to be secretive then take that as your red flag.

Q5. Does he make time for you

Everyone has a million things to catch up on in the day but it still boils down to making even the slightest of time for your significant other because at the end of the day it’s the effort that counts. If he is not putting the same effort as you then your question is answered and it is unfavorable to you.

How to Win Back His Love

Like anyone else, if you are invested in that relationship you want the spark back and you want your partner back. Firstly, analyze yourself and see if you’ve changed in an unfavorable way. Are you more distant, moody or just busy? Second, talk to your partner because communication is again, the key. Whilst they might not be up for this conversation but showing them that you are aware of their behavioral change might make them open up to you. Lastly, just try to be there for them as much as you can without losing your own self and hey, if it is meant to be, it will be.

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Whilst the portrayal of love in Hollywood movies seems to be easy and straightforward, in real life it tends to get a tad bit more complicated in that. Soul mates can’t be found every day so make sure to keep an eye out for these red flags to assess where your partner’s interest stands and try and bring your relationship back.



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