Find Out 10 Subtle Signs That Your Co-Worker Likes You!

Does your co-worker like you or just being nice in general?

By Aey
Find Out 10 Subtle Signs That Your Co-Worker Likes You!

An office is a place where employees spend more than half of their day. As humans are social animals, they are bound to make new circles, find friends that last for life and even significant others. No doubt that there is office politics that exist but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good things. I have tons of friends who have found love in a co-worker and have a movie like a love story. When it comes to flirting at the office, it’s a make it or break it kind of situation. If all works out, you will have an amazing time at work but if it doesn’t… oh boy, the fear of awkwardness is real. So, before approaching that certain someone who you think has been throwing signals your way, you need a guide to help you interpret those signals. What if he/she is just being friendly? As always, I have got your back!

Just A Really Nice Person Or Having A Crush On You?

The pressure of interpreting the signals right is no joke. It was there in junior school, the same in high school and even worse when it comes to the office. If you think that it’s going to get easier, you’re wrong because you need to up your game and polish your skill of reading those signals right. So, nice people are good to be around until you start getting confused if there just being nice or they have a crush on you. They don’t seem that nice anymore because now you have a headache because you can’t think about anything else except whether they like you or not. Notice if they have the same attitude towards all their colleagues or just you… if it’s latter, they definitely have a crush on you. Keep on reading to find out more signs that will tell you if your co-worker likes you or not.

Signs A Male Co-Worker Likes You

1. Follows you for lunch

If, every time, you are joined by him during lunch just because ‘he just found the time to eat’ then it isn’t really coincident. This is one of the sure signs that he’s putting aside his work, spying your lunchtime and following you just to spend time with you (not creepy at all). If it happens twice or thrice a week, it may really be coincident but what are the chances of this happening every day? Yeah, close to zero if it isn’t intentional. If this is the case, he isn’t even trying to hide the fact that he likes you so go on, drop those girly spells to get the romance started if you like him too. There is no harm in playing along!  

2. He defends you

The office can be a playground and a battlefield at the same time. If this guy is only there to share a laugh when all is good, chances are he’s just a friend but when he’s there like a knight in shining armor to defend your honor, sis get the hint because he’s sending a message. Apart from sending a message, it really does bother him when your name is on the line. This is definitely a sign that your co-worker likes you.

3. He finds reasons to be close to you

He keeps on following you around… he waits outside of the meeting room just to go inside with you and sit beside you. He tries to align his coffee kitchen rounds with yours and he even asks you to give you a ride back home… If he is doing all this; he definitely wants something more. If you like him, go for it girl.

4. He wants to know your life outside of work

If you have had experience at offices then you should know that after seeing the same faces for over 9 hours every day, you don’t want to know more about them or even look at them for a second longer than you have too… no offense though. If your co-worker starts slipping in personal questions, trying to get you to open up to him, making efforts to make you feel comfortable around him then he definitely is on to something. One of the major signs is if he asks your relationship status. If the guy doesn’t ask lots of questions, he just isn’t that into you and is being friendly. Most of the time, guys make it very clear when they want something more so you’ll know.

5. They get weird when other male-colleagues are talking to you

Men are bad, I mean really bad, at hiding their jealousy. If they get weird when you eat lunch with another male co-worker, even a child will be able to tell you that he likes you as more than just a friend.

Signs A Female Co-Worker Is Attracted To You

6. She leaves cute sticky notes for you

Most of the time girls are really shy around the guys they like. This is why their ways of showing their interest are delicate and subtle too. If your one of those really dorky guys who just don’t get it even when the girl’s actions are practically screaming at your face then those shy signals are way off your radar. If Julia from HR is leaving cute little notes around your desk when she can easily call you then that definitely is a sign, Ben! Get your geeky little bum off that chair and ask her out if you like her.

7. She offers to help you with your work

Old school movies aren’t always just fiction. When the female characters spend hours to perfect their crushes home assignment, they almost always wanted something more than just being classmates. This is why if your female co-worker is trying to help you out and executes small tasks on your behalf so that you don’t get tired, she isn’t doing that as friends. She wants you to think of her as someone you can depend on. This is a sign that she isn’t just being friendly but she has got feelings for you.

8. She offers to get you coffee

If she’s offering to get you coffee and completely ignoring other people around you then she wants to send you a message. Girls always show their affection by doing the small sweet gestures and well, who doesn’t love coffee? If she offers to get you coffee and ignores other friends than she definitely doesn’t want to stay ‘just friends’ with you.

9. Remembers your birthday

Who remembers birthday in this day and age? Who does? Just your parents and significant other. Honestly, I don’t even have expectations from my siblings with regards to my birthday. So, if your female co-worker remembers your birthday, that is a sign she has caught feelings for you. If you’ve been trying to figure out if it’s safe to ask her out, it is because remembering birthday means they care for you and aren’t afraid to show it

10. They send the message of their single status across

If your female co-worker casually slips in her relationship status of being single then she definitely wants you to know that it’s safe to ask her out. Come on! Will you let her do all the work? If you’re interested, ask her out and if you’re not, politely send out the message that you’re not looking for anything so she can move on too.

What to do if you are interested

If you’re interested and there aren’t office policies against this then I’d say go for it! Nothing can be more exciting and fun than office romance. Oh, boy doesn’t even get me started on the fantasies both of you could play. Also, if there are policies against such romance, I’d definitely suggest you hide it well.

What to do if you are not interested

If someone is trying to ask you out at your workplace and you aren’t interested, it can definitely make things awkward. Now don’t be a fool and say yes just to not make things awkward. There can be consequences if by mistake your disrespect the individual because office politics is no joke. The best getting outline here is that you prefer to keep business life separate from personal life and going out with a co-worker will definitely result in blurred line. Tell him/her that you feel honored and if you guys had met under different circumstances, you would’ve definitely considered it. This will not only keep the water at bay but also make them respect you even more.

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Office romance can be the extra spice that you needed to bring that joy back in your life but it can easily be too spicy for you to handle. Caution and reading the signals right are the keys for a lasting romance otherwise… lasting awkwardness. If they are going out of their way to get you to notice them, they want something more. Don’t hesitate in asking them out or politely sending out a message if you’re not interested.