25 Signs Your Female Coworker Likes And Wants You Badly

What are the signs a female coworker likes you and wants you badly

By Nicolle L.
25 Signs Your Female Coworker Likes And Wants You Badly

So, you have the hots for one of your female coworkers

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What are you going to do about this obvious attraction? Does she feel the same way about you? Is the attraction mutual? Or, is she just a friendly person that treats everyone else the same as you? Is she married? Is she the type to cheat or only wants a little harmless office flirting? The type that wants an “office husband", but doesn’t intend for it to go anywhere further than having a person she looks to break up the monotony of the day. How can you tell the difference? Sometimes it isn’t that easy.

If you want a shot with your hot coworker, then let’s explore the facts some more

You don’t want to make a move only to fall flat on your face with a rejection and must continue working with the girl for years to come. It can lead to the tension you don’t want to expose yourself to. And you don’t want to come on too strong and end up with a sexual harassment charge pending. Yikes! That will not be good for future promotion opportunities. While you’re at it, brush up on your office’s fraternization policy to make sure you’re not putting your job at risk. How do you know if a female coworker likes you?

5 conversational signs a female coworker likes you

1. Says "Hi"

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Every morning, she stops by your office to tell you “hi”. If every morning, a female coworker comes by your desk and stops to say “hi”, this can be one of the signs that she likes you. The fact that she is seeking you out to start her day is one of the positive signs. However, if she says “hi” to every employee, every morning, then this is more of a sign that she is friendly and wants to make everyone feel included. So, while saying “hi” every morning is a good sign that a female coworker likes you, there must be more.

2. Inquires about your evening or weekend

Another one of the signs is when a female coworker asks how your evening or weekend was. It might just be polite conversation. However, she may be subtly trying to figure out if you’re married, engaged, seeing someone, or available. She wants to know what you are doing with your time, if she has a shot with you, and whether the two of you have similar interests.

3. Calls you

Does she find a way to call you or email you at work? When you're talking does she make cute jokes or play on words with a sexual undertone? She’s flirting with you. She likes you.

4. Tells you about her friends and family

Has she told you about her childhood? What she likes to do with her friends and family? The types of qualities that she looks for in a friend? She is not going to tell a random coworker about the time she went skinny dipping with her friends. If she is making sexual innuendos, then this is another of the signs that she is attracted to you.

5. Asks about your friends and family

Even if she is the type to disclose too much information, if she follows it up with quizzing you about your friends and family, then she’s interested in learning more about you. The more she asks, the more she’s interested. She wants to know what to know you like, what makes you tick, and how she will fit into your life with your friends and family.

5 signs while working that a female coworker likes you

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1. Sits next to you at meetings

If a female coworker tries to sit next to you at every meeting, that is one of the signs that she likes you. Frequently going out of her way to be near you is a positive sign. If she asks you to save her a spot or, even better, asks someone else to move to that she can sit next to you, those are even stronger signs that she likes you.

2. Offers to work with you

If your job provides opportunities for group work and she volunteers to complete projects with you, this is another one of the signs she likes you. The fact that she trusts your work skills and wants to work additional hours with you is a great sign of attraction. If you suck at your job, this is an even better sign! She must think you're hot if she doesn't mind doing all the work.

3. Notices changes

Does a female coworker notice when you get a haircut? New glasses? A new shirt? She’s stalking you. Especially if she knows exactly what is different. Most people may notice something is off or different about you, but won’t be able to pinpoint the difference. Noticing specifics is one of the signs that she finds you attractive and likes you.

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4. Asks you to do things together outside of work

If a female coworker asks you out to an event outside of work or constantly shows up where you are after work, then she is letting you know she wants to spend more time with you. The 8 hours a day that you work together is not enough time for her. This is another one of the strong signs that she likes you.

5. Asks you to go to lunch

When a female coworker invites you to go to lunch with her, whether in the break room or by leaving the office, she is letting you know how much she enjoys your company. While eating together at lunch can’t be considered a “date”, it is one of the positive signs that a coworker likes you.

5 physical signs a female coworker has an attraction for you

1. Asks you to walk with her to her car

If she asks you to walk with her to her car at night, then she’s letting you know that she trusts you to keep her safe. She appreciates your presence and wants your protection. Or, she wants to continue a conversation that you were engaged in earlier in the day. She can’t get enough of you. This is another one of the strong signs that she is interested in you.

2. Brushes into you when walking by

Unless you have a super narrow hallway, a female coworker is not going to brush into you by accident. If she finds a way to rub against you when walking down the hallway together or meeting each other in the hallway, these are positive signs that she finds you attractive and wants you.

3. Touches your arm or hand

In the beginning when she passed you something, was there no contact? Now when she hands you a paperclip, do her fingers rub across yours in the passing? More than once? Dude, here’s your sign. She obviously likes you and there is a strong chance she wants you to do the same.

4. Her leg brushes yours

If you are sitting next to each other at lunch or in a meeting and there is plenty of room at the table and her leg keeps rubbing against yours, you need to ask her out. This is one of the physical signs that she finds you attractive and wants you.

5. Catches your gaze

Does a female coworker catch your eye from across the room? Does she hold your gaze longer than others? Does she smile? Does she bite her bottom lip when she’s looking at you? You do know what flirting looks like, don’t you? She obviously wants you.

5 other signs a female coworker likes you

1. Buys you trinkets or breakfast

If a female coworker is always bringing your favorite flavor of coffee or breakfast sandwich, then she is showing you that she cares about you. Surely she's not buying everyone else breakfast! By knowing what food you like and how you take your coffee, she is showing you that she is thinking about you before she even gets to work. You are on her mind and she wants to please you. If she remembers some small factoid that you told her about always wanting a band’s t-shirt when you were a kid and she brings you one, she likes you. Without some of the other signs that a female coworker likes you, this might only mean she considers you a friend. However, this one added to brushing against you is a crystal clear sign.

2. Remembers your birthday

If a female coworker remembers your birthday and she’s not the keeper of the birthday calendar, then she likes you. Once you’re an adult, your friends no longer come to your birthday party bearing gifts to get a free trip to the bouncy house. If she shows an effort to remember your birthday or even better, the anniversary of when you both started working together, she’s throwing out some strong signs that she wants you to ask her out.

3. Sings your praises to other coworkers

Have you eavesdropped on her talking about you to fellow coworkers? You know you listened if you heard her talking about you, so stop trying to pretend you didn’t. Was she complimentary? Did she tell them what a good worker you were? More importantly, did she tell them what a good person you were? If she’s singing your praises when she thinks you're not listening, she likes, values, and respects you. This is another one of the signs that a female coworker likes you.

4. Defends you to coworkers

Were those coworkers in the other department talking crap about you? If she defends you, you are at the very least counted as one of her friends. It is so easy for coworkers to complain about each other when the other person is not around. If she is not feeding into that, she’s a good person herself and has high regard for you as a person.

5. Nickname

Does she have a nickname for the two of you? Dynamic duo? Dream team? If she is finding a way to describe the two of you as a “we” rather than as two separate entities, she is expressing her appreciation of what the two of you can accomplish together. Why not continue that outside of work?

5 Obvious signs a female coworker likes you

1. Remembers what you like

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From these conversations, if she remembers specific things about what your likes and dislikes, she is not only paying attention to the details, she cares about whether you are pleased or not. People don’t put that much effort into random coworkers.

2. Worries about you

If you are sick, does a female coworker send you a text, call, or instant message you to make sure you are alright? When a female coworker notices that you are missing and is worried about your health, she likes you. If she tells you that the place is not the same without you, she's definitely interested in you. She only likes work now if you’re there.

3. Other coworkers tell you

Do fellow coworkers tell you that a female coworker likes you? Coworkers notice subtle signs between people. They will notice how she looks at you when you aren’t looking. Or will notice how the two of you interact when you're together. If people are telling you that she likes you or that you would make a good couple, take notice!

4. The married coworker

If a married female co-worker seeks you out with all these signs, she is likely unhappy in her marriage and looking for some fun. It is up to you whether it is just “office” fun or turns into something more.

5. Ask you out

She likes you! The attraction is mutual.

In conclusion

So, does a female coworker display these signs when she’s around you? Is the attraction mutual? The more she expresses the above signs, the more interested she is in a relationship. If she hasn’t already made the move, ask her out!

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