10 Strong Signs Of Sexual Chemistry Between Two People

How to identify chemistry is working between the 2 of you

By Sophia R
10 Strong Signs Of Sexual Chemistry Between Two People

The Mysterious Workings Of Love And Sexual Chemistry In Feelings

You've probably wondered why you get along so well with someone in bed, but not in other ways. If this has happened to you, you are surely experiencing what we call sexual chemistry.

Sexual chemistry is what differentiates a relationship between friends and a love one; That ingredient that makes feelings and sensations different. It is also something that is felt or not by a certain person. What attracts you without being able to avoid it. However, if you try to have chemistry with someone and it is not present, it is difficult for it to arise or produce.

Seduction in bed is an energetic reaction and is more related to the unconscious part of the brain, the area that activates the primitive impulses of the human being. In this case, it makes you feel that tingling in your stomach, it speeds your heart and stimulates the production of hormones, allied warriors in this kind of attack.

Want to know more about sexual chemistry? Keep reading and find out everything there is about our best Allie in bed!

10 Strong Signs of Sexual Chemistry Between Two People

Sometimes, that spark between you and that person is super noticeable to others, but you don't even realize, although deep down, you know there's something there.

Flirty looks, silly smiles, that strange magnetism with a person that causes that sexual tension ... there is chemistry, but you don't decide to see it, so you need to identify all the signs first.

Although there is a good chance that you both feel it, there are many signs that point to sexual chemistry with someone you are dating or seeing in a casual way. Want to know what they are? We have got 10 different signs of sexual chemistry between people for you, so look out for them!

Between friends

Many friendships turn into something more after the sexual chemistry and tension get the best of you. Want to know if this is your case? Be aware of the signs we will tell you next: 

1. Flirting is inevitable

"Sometimes sex is not on the table, but underneath it." This means that even if you don't want to, there will always be flirting with your friend unconsciously. Whether they compliment you or say sexual things, flirting is always present. It is normal if there is sexual tension between two friends, so there is no reason to feel guilty if this happens to you.

2. Direct physical contact

We live in a society where physical contact is not as frequent as it might seem. Usually, except when greeting each other, we don't touch people unless they are very close to us. You will know it is not normal as the contact will not be the usual friendly hug, You will feel it’s different. However, when there is attraction or sexual chemistry between friends, it is common that there may be spontaneous physical contact, such as touching or rubbing the arms, face, back or hands. It might be constant if the sexual chemistry is bigger, so be aware of that.

3. Sexual jokes

Compare your situation to this one: One way or another, you always end up talking about sex:A topic or a phrase with sexual connotation sneaks into the talk almost every day. More than bothering you, it makes you funny, blush, or a flirtatious smile escapes you. If this is your case, honey, you and your friend got a lot of sexual tension.

Between Co-workers

Most people experience that strange moment at work. You know, where you look at your co-worker for too long. Feel something inside: a tingling in your stomach, a kind of nervousness that wasn't there before. Have you ever felt that? You may experience sexual tension at work.

You may have a massive crush on a co-worker for years or, suddenly, your boss starts to treat you favorably and you are not sure why.

Of course, the work environment is dangerous when it comes to sex. Having sexual tension with a colleague and not knowing if acting upon it can be very disturbing for your job. It could affect your performance and cause gossip in the office. In addition, if you act and things do not work, it leads to discomfort at best and heartbreak at worse.

What are the signs that there is sexual tension between you and a co-worker? Let's take a look at some of them.

4. Eye contact

One of the first signs of sexual tension at work is when one meets the eyes of the other. If you discover that every time you look up, one of your coworkers is looking at you, it may be because they are attracted to you.

Are you looking to have eye contact with a certain person in the office? Do you look at each other for longer than usual? Maybe you find yourself blushing and looking away, but then looking back for another look? My friend, that’s all signs of sexual chemistry!

5. Lunch breaks

Are you always going to have lunch together or do you find time in your breaks for a quick chat? Spending as much time together as possible during the workday makes it quite clear that there is something between you. I mean, how could you not see it?

6. Drinks after work

If flirting continues outside working hours, this is where things get more intense. If you often have a drink after working together, it shows that you like them and that they like you, there is more than a slight flirting in the office here!

7. Flirty notes

Do you spend time writing flirty emails or sticky notes to your colleague? Or vice versa? This is a sure sign that there is sexual tension between you. I dare to say It can’t get more obvious.

Between strangers

8. Looks

Once again, the eyes give information about the mind and soul. The way two people look at each other says a lot about them.

When a person you don't know cannot take their eyes off you, that means that they are extremely attracted to you. On the other side, if you cant also take your eyes off them, there is undeniable sexual chemistry at first sight between the two of you.

It is a great start!

9. Attention they give to you

Attention is one of the most important signs of chemical attraction. When two individuals pay attention to each other in a crowd, it means they are interested.

When you are close to that person, you feel a kind of physical magnetism, it is as if your body is expressing the inner passion. Two people with chemistry feel good in the proximity zone. While two strangers have greater body distance, on the contrary, when there is physical attraction, the protagonists seek contact almost unconsciously. The search for contact is the answer to the law of desire since the body seeks its complement.

They will also appear closer than other people present in the room during the time you are at the same place. To seek the attention of the other, they might even try to disturb them, so be aware of this very important sign!

10. Face to face

People tend to direct their knees or feet towards the person who sexually appeals to them when they are in a group circle, we do this unconsciously to face that person we like. Women have another technique, as they usually cross their leg in a transversal way to the person that attracts them. Why?  so that you notice the shape and tone of their legs, and also because this behavior makes them more attractive for the rest.

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Remember that people are capable of doing everything as long as the person they are interested in notices it, but there is only one thing they will probably never do: tell them. That is why it is so important to learn the nonverbal language of seduction. Anyone can lie with words, but almost no one can cheat with nonverbal language, the body gives us all away. If you detect at least 7 of the 10 signs we mentioned above when interacting with someone, they are for sure interested in you!

One last thing: these signs will not be there forever. There is a fair time for everything. Only when we don't notice is when we have missed the opportunity. In the game of seduction, we don't always have a double chance, so don't fall asleep on it: review the 10 signs and don't miss out on more opportunities. The time is now!