33 Texts & Gifs To Make Him Smile After A Long Stressful Day

How texting can make him miss and want you more in a stressful day

By Sameet
33 Texts & Gifs To Make Him Smile After A Long Stressful Day

Lighten His Daily Grind With Texts That Make Him Smile

Imagine you're sitting at work, or some old boring place with dull people all around, and you just wish you could go home, then suddenly, your phone screen lights up and guess what? It's bae! Instantly putting that frown upside down and making your day. An amazing feeling isn't it? So why not be the reason behind that instant smile and mood booster by checking on your boo from time to time, and this does not mean annoying them with questions and inquiring about there whereabouts. It means to keep the mood light and fun by sending emojis, GIFs and cute text messages and remind them of your love.
So what really happens when you do this?

Your bae gets more into you

Instead of the boring and clingy texts like 'Hey, what's up?' or 'When are you getting home?' etc. which will probably add more to the rough or hectic day he's been having, try cheesy stuff like 'Can't wait to see you' or 'Somone's waiting for you at home'. This will excite him immediately and make them more attracted to you.

Less bossy attitude

It's obvious that you want to know where your man is and know what he's up to. But some of us take the bossy road to it. When someone is already having a busy, hectic day, don't show them attitude. Give them the love and attention they need as per their requirements. They'll love it and not consider you all mean and rude.

His mood is always happy

You'd be surprised to know that making a guy happy isn't that hard. A little flirting here and there, some lovin' and a pinch of teasing. Men sometimes like that pampering and put them in a good mood.

30 Texts And Gifs Suitable For Work To Keep Him Entertained For Hours

Can't think of sweet and clever things to text your lover? We got you covered. Take a look at these ideas and put a touch of your heart into them as well, creating something that will make your love's day.

So sweet that he love you 3000

Your honey deserves a daily dose of sweetness through these sugar-coated texts and GIFs, he can never get enough!

1. Love you 3000

Source: https://media.giphy.com

Didn't this scene make us all go 'aww'? How loved he'll feel after this popping on their screen, go make his day.

2. You make me smile like no one can

Every now and then, express your love and share it with him by telling him simply how you smile just by thinking about him and being with him makes you the happiest gal alive. Guys get confidence by praises like these.

3. Together? Forever

What's more there to say after this? The best feeling in the world, that you mean that much to someone.

4. I feel the safest around you

Always appreciate a guy's masculinity, they love it. Texts like these will get him all pumped up and all even more protective around you. Also, men get acknowledged that they hold that trustworthy position in your life and won't like to lose it.

5. My heart beats...

Source: giphy.com

...only for you, baby.

6. Your thoughts make my heart do flips

SIlly and adorable things often touch deep into their hearts. Won't this cheer someone up double-time, no matter what sad thoughts are clouding over them? Only you can pull your man away from lifely sorrows, all it takes is a good choice of words and lots of love.

7. All the love

This one is so full of emotions and things you want to do with him and simply be with him.

8. Hurry home, my arms are waiting for you

Even the slightest thought of a hug or a nice warm cuddle gives you the butterflies. There's no other stress reliever than your baby waiting to just wrap their arms around you and forget the rest of the world.

9. The classic I Love You

What more could you want other than these three most honest and sincere words?

10. If I were a letter in the alphabet, I’d be Q, so I could always be next to U

Pick-up lines work every single time. No matter how cheesy or lame, they always get the job done, you're compelled to laugh and smile at them. Your babe can never get enough of these, and coming from the girl, they're even more special

11. You light me up

This GIF will literally light up their phone and heart at the same time. He needs a little pick me up every once in a while, for sure.

Funny and flirty

There's always a need for the mood elevator texts.

12. Kiss me like that again

Nothing like direct flirting, especially if you catch him off-guard. Send these kinds of texts and something like 'got you on my mind' or 'can't wait for those kisses when you come back home'.

13. How you doin'

What is more cheesy and flirty than Joey's famous line from Friends? Simple yet flirty.

14. I bought a new dress for you to take off of me tonight

Teasers are the best. Texts like these will swipe him off of his feet and get his heart racing. You'll welcome a very happy man at home and be prepared for a very sensual night too.

15. Rawwwrr

This will definitely crack him up, just look at those naughty lil' smirks.

16. Can't wait to get in bed with you again

Men get an instant ego boost when they're appreciated, especially at sex and romantic gestures. It's never overrated to compliment your man from time to time. Especially when you achieve a milestone in your relationship like after your first kiss, tell him he's a great kisser and so on.

17. Fine as hell

No one can top Jess from the New Girl in cheesy flirting. You can always say this line whenever he has his shirt off

18. Guess what I'm wearing right now? It starts with an 'N' and ends with a 'G'

Let him do the imagining part now, he'll feel the luckiest to have you. If only you could see his flushed and overwhelmed face at that time.

19. Hot stuff

Instant boost of blush and confidence coming right up.

20. Some NSFW thoughts on my mind, and you're a part of them

Guys love the dirty talk, any time anywhere. This will totally make their day and make you irresistible. That is probably what he needs to freshen him up during that tiresome routine of his.

21. Cat business

You can spend your whole day sending cat memes and GIFs, they never get old.

22. Tongue action

Source: giphy.com

Who doesn't like a little tongue action? Your guy will probably keep thinking about it all day, waiting to come back to you to get some.

Suggestive but innocent

23. I had a dream about you, it was something...

That's one way to get his heart and mind running. Say anything vague like this and let his mind do the rest. You can find out where his imagination took him by asking him to figure it out. A playful and sexy story will win his heart.

24. The bite

Oh, how can you forget the lip bite? This sexy move can always make his heart skip a beat!

25. Come home to a surprise

Now, this could mean a LOT of things, a surprise can be anything, something cute or something really sexy. Keep him all in suspense and mystery which is a major turn on itself. After all, pleasure is best achieved after quite some patience.

26. Button down

Source: giphy.com

To reveal or not to reveal. Now, this is a really hard decision because who wouldn't want to be told this? 

27. Lookin' good, handsome

How clever it would be to text him something like this as if you're watching them. For a moment, he'll even look here and there to see if you're around. But when he asks you, just tell him how good he looks all the time.

28. Dirty dancing

If a clumsy little dance can't excite them... then maybe you should try wearing thin clothing to impress him!

29. Hope you didn't work too much today, because you won't be getting rest tonight

Highly suggestive and will do the trick to make him running over to you in no time... Bold texts and conversations make your man feel important and trusted, also that you're missing him, which is a sweet feeling on its own.

30. Direct romance

Source: giphy.com

What's better than a direct scenario to imagine for the day?

31. Fantasizing about you...

A quick turn on the text can be something like 'I'm fantasizing about us right now, wanna come over soon and make them a reality?' or something like 'I'd love your touch right now, wanna come and make my day?'

32. Well, hello

Source: giphy.com

Can you get the idea yet? ;)

33. Is it hot in here

Source: giphy.com

"It sure gets hot when you're on my mind. Wanna come over and make things even hotter?"

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