30 Ideas To Spice Up Your Sex Night And Make It Unforgettable

Interested in some fun ideas to revitalize your sex life? Here are thirty ways to enhance your intimacy and have a memorable night at home.

By Alessandra
30 Ideas To Spice Up Your Sex Night And Make It Unforgettable

Gotta spice it up!

Every now and then, couples need something new to throw into their sex life to lighten things up and reignite their chemistry. If you feel like the past few weeks or months of your intimate times together have been pretty monotonous, trying something new in bed, even a little thing, could really improve you and your partner’s chemistry. On the other hand, if you are more than happy with how your sex life is, take the risk of trying something new simply to see what else there is to enjoy. You may find a whole new arena of pleasure that you never knew existed.

1. Take a picture or video

Set up a camera and tripod next to the bed, or simply use your phone in your hands to film your sexual acts. Not only will you have something to watch later, but the idea of being filmed might make you feel extra glamorous and sexy, like you have an audience to please.

2. Watch porn together

Discover how you and your partner’s sexual preferences overlap and watch an adult film that has something both of you can enjoy. Bonus: as you're getting aroused, you may even learn some new moves. Or, if you did number 1, watch the video that the two of you have made together.

3. Wear sexy lingerie

Lingerie literally says, “it’s time for sex.” Plan ahead for your next sexy night and find some cute knee high socks or sheer lace stockings that will surely arouse your partner. If you are feeling especially kinky, shop for a body stocking that will make your partner drop to their knees at the sight of you.

4. Wear high heels

Like lingerie, high heels are also arousing for some couples. Use them for a visual effect or find ways to incorporate them into your sex play.

5. Use lube

Lube can be such a savior on those dry days. But the right product can also take your sexy night to a whole new level. Order a bottle that heightens sensations and makes you tingle at every touch, or find one that is hot enough for a massage. Your partner and your private parts will thank you.

6. Handcuffs

Do you like when your partner takes complete control over you? Or do you enjoy being the dominatrix in bed? Use this idea on your next sex night at home to create a game of power between you and your partner. Other toys to up the kink factor include nipple clamps and whips.

7. Sex in the bathtub

Shower sex is always great. But for an extra hot challenge, have sex in the bathtub. When in a smaller bathtub, doing missionary or cowgirl (reverse works, too) is best for this idea. If you have a big bath or a Jacuzzi, more sex positions are available to you.

8. Add more people

Threesomes are so fun and so pleasurable. Find a stranger or a mutual friend whom you and your partner find attractive to join in on your next sex night. A warning before you start: you and your partner must both be comfortable with the idea of a threesome and have set limits on the boundaries beforehand.

9. Use a vibrator/dildo

Use a toy you can insert to enhance your pleasure and focus on your orgasm. Your partner can do it for you as you lay back and relax, or they can use it as you 69. Also, try using the vibrator on you and/or your partner's back doors to stimulate other areas of your bodies.

10. Give your panties to your partner during date night

While out on a date, excuse yourself to go to the toilet. When you get back, discreetly hand your panties to your partner, giving them an idea of what is waiting for them when you two arrive home. Keep dropping hints throughout the night or let them discreetly cop a feel of your bare parts every now and then to keep the excitement going.

11. Surprise them in the nude

Your partner will immediately want to make love to you if they find you naked upon arriving home. Add some humor by doing something casual, like reading a book and sipping coffee as they walk through the door, and pretend like everything is normal until they jump on you.

12. New sex positions

This is a common yet important suggestion. Trying out new sex positions will help you have more fun and discover the penetration angles that pleasure you the most. Have a Kamasutra book next to your bed and challenge yourself and your partner to try a new position at least once week.

13. Sext them ideas of the upcoming night

Send your partner a few sexts throughout the day to make them eager for their night with you. Tell them what you sexy thing you want to do that night in bed or send a suggestive picture. They will think about you for the rest of the day, with their anticipation running wild.

14. Raise the temperature

If you live somewhere hot or where it is summer, turn off the AC and let the heat in your room rise. Let your bodies become completely sweaty during foreplay before you progress to intercourse. You might feel more animalistic and inherently dirtier, making you desire kinkier positions and tricks.

15. Just manual sex

Refine your manual skills and just use your hands on each other for one night. If, as a girl, your best orgasms are clitoral, this idea could be especially nice for you. It is also a great way for you and your partner to climax at the same time.

16. Mutual masturbation

Take a tip from the French and masturbate in front of each other. While not normally practiced by some couples, masturbating together can actually be quite hot: you can dirty talk together to heighten your senses as well as discover what pleases you visually. And because you are in control of yourself, you may achieve an enhanced orgasm.

17. Change locations at home

Eventually, sex in bed can get pretty mundane if it is your go-to location. Find a new place in your home that heightens both of your arousal levels. This might be on the bathroom floor, the kitchen counter, in the guest room, or on the stairs.

18. Public locations

Change locations completely and have sex in public. Find a discreet place but one where you are still comfortable to be as nasty as you can. Elevators, bathrooms, and closets are ideas that might work. However, this might not be the best idea if you are constantly anxious about getting caught -- it will decrease the pleasure.

19. Music ideas

Spice up your sex night with some sensual music that sets the mood. Pick a song with lyrics that are dirty or romantic, or find a tune that has the perfect thrusting rhythm. Many songs in Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” are a great place to start.

20. 69 the whole time

This idea might be more tiring for some couples, but you will learn to appreciate exactly how you partner prefers getting oral when you do it for a whole night. Doing it at the same time will make both of you work hard and enjoy the experience. This is another great way to achieve simultaneous climax.

21. Discuss ideas for role play

Think about your favorite porn categories, and find a role play situation that turns both of you on. You may feel uncomfortable at first while talking about your sexual preferences, but don't worry -- almost everyone has a certain situation that make them horny. Cheerleader/student and teacher, maid/pool boy, and office hottie are a few examples.

22. Let your partner finish anywhere

Allowing your partner to come wherever he wants will keep the excitement going even after he has finished. Your guy partner may fantasize about finishing on your breasts or face. If, as a girl you can squirt, find a position that will excite you and make you feel in control as you finish.

23. Make him finish you first

It is too typical in (often younger) guy-girl relationship for the guy to finish first or for the girl to not finish at all. On your next sex night, take control and put your partner's hands on your sweet spot during foreplay. Let it be clear that you will not move on until you are finished. Do not feel selfish by doing this -- you deserve to be top priority every now and then! Your guy may even find that he gets hornier when giving you attention first.

24. First, a massage

Start your sex night out by giving your partner a massage. Use massage oil or lube to be more sensual, but do not touch anywhere erotic at first. Build the heat and the anticipation in your partner, and just when they think it is sexy time, make them massage you, too. Continue that anticipation.

25. Position your legs differently

For a slight change, change how you hold your legs in your usual sex positions. For example, in missionary, wrap your legs around your partner’s waist and hold him tighter when he thrusts. Or, have your partner stand on the ground or kneel on the bed as you put your ankles up on his shoulders or around his neck. Not only will the new angle be more exciting, but the different penetration angle may elevate both your pleasure. Experiment with other angles by putting a pillow under your hips.

26. Explore the other hole

Anal sex is not for everyone, but if you have never tried it before, discuss it with your partner. Be sure to prepare the anal cavity properly beforehand to prevent tearing as well as infection.

27. Play with other parts of the body

If clitoral/vagina and penis orgasms are usual, experiment with other areas of your bodies. For women, see if you can orgasm or even squirt from nipple or anal arousal. Some men can orgasm anally, too.

28. Midnight fun

Wake your partner up in the middle of the night with your mouth on their genitals. Wake them very slowly with the motion of your mouth, or rub them gently to wake them up.

29. Striptease

Give your partner the sexy gift of a strip tease. Get dressed up in a sexy outfit, throw your partner on the couch, and put on some hot music to turn them on. Definitely watch some videos beforehand to get some ideas.

Marco laid out his cards on the table. Nina brought her hands to her head with a pleasant expression of bewilderment and frustration. His smile, invading Marco’s wet dreams, decorated his sweet face, mined with honey-colored round freckles. Marco’s face, however, seemed frozen. “Poker face,” Nina described. “I do not understand how you do it,” she said, shaking her head. Marco was on a roll. On the table there were no tokens, no money or anything of the sort. The one who lost was removing clothes. Nina’s sweater, scarf, hat, stockings, shirt and panties were packed together with an ashtray and a couple of bottles of wine. Nina was driving Marco craz. He feared he had entered that phase of “friends,” though he insisted on setting his position. He would give her small suggestive gifts, invite her out with fairly clear intentions and show certain signs that, unlike when she played poker, they were so clear that even a blind man would have seen them..... http://ow.ly/Bngm30eymWK #strippoker #poker #dollhousebarcelona #stripclub #striptease

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30. Strip games

Or, challenge your partner to a game of strip poker or a board game. The excitement from the competition matched with the anticipation of getting you in bed will make your partner so horny they won't be able to concentrate.



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