Step By Step Guide To Please A Man And Make Him Crave For More

Sex goddess 101: How to please a man so much that he wants more

By Sophia R
Step By Step Guide To Please A Man And Make Him Crave For More

The common belief that men are simple sexual creatures that can be easily satisfied is an idea that many women share, but it is terribly wrong. Men are as complicated as women, and pleasing them in bed and making them crave more of you is not a very easy thing to do. Every wife or girlfriend wants to give their partner the best and most exciting experience they have ever had before. Make love to your man and fulfill his hottest and most passionate sexual desires, starting tonight.

Read the following tips ... you will like these ways to please a man in bed!


1. Take your time

Some women think that men only care about the final note of making love and not the process. This is completely wrong. While it is important for a man to reach orgasm, men enjoy the whole process.

That is why previous games and foreplay are something that a man greatly appreciates. You should strive for it if you really want to know how to please a man in bed, so take that into account next time!

2. Set a romantic ambiance

Believe it or not, men are truly into a bit of romance and they love kindness gestures.

Automatically, you will be thinking about candles, music, incense, and maybe roses with love petals for that extra touch of romance, but the truth is, this is a typical ‘cliché’.

However, on the other hand, they will absolutely love all this. Imagine this now, the happiness that will exist between you and your partner since you have gone through all that just to be happy. They will certainly remember it forever, and so will you.

People say this cliché is typical and cheap, but, despite this, you can still put a smile on your lover's face and what is more important is that he will always thank you.

3. Use positions

The instincts of every animal are to reproduce with the opposite sex, so the main position that is used in the animal world is that of entry-back also known as "doggy style" so naturally that it is normal also that the human being enjoys it the same way.

Many couples do not feel comfortable looking face to face when they make love so many men prefer the "doggy style" because it gives them control over their body and allows them access to the G-spot as well as the breasts, clitoris, neck, shoulders, back, and other sensual parts that their partner may have.
The main advantage of this position is that you benefit as well as your partner since it allows you to get very deep penetration and feels amazing for them, too.

Men like variety and it is easy for them to get bored if their sex lives follow the same pattern over and over again. To drive a man crazy in bed, all you have to do is change your sexual positions from time to time. Some positions may be more pleasant for both of you, and it is possible to find one that you have not tried before, and that could give you extreme pleasure, so it is worth trying new things when you want to learn how to please a man in the right way.

4. Move

One of the things that men complain mainly about is women not moving in bed. “All she does is just lie there", I’m sure we have all heard about that.

Your man wants to see that you are involved in the act. To seduce a man in bed you must be an active participant, it is not possible for you to enjoy long-distance fun. In addition, adding your own movements to his will increase your pleasure and his in an incredible way.

5. Use your hands

Like women, men also love to touch and caress sensually. Places like the lips, the groin, the inner thighs, the ears, the scalp, the neck, and the chest are very sensitive and they love to be caressed in those parts. Make sure that during the foreplay these areas are stimulated, as it will increase the pleasure of your partner.

We all know that the male genital area is sensitive to touch. Your hands can work wonders to raise his mood and send him to ecstasy. One tip that I found extremely useful is to use some baby oil in your hands. This can literally send your man into a state of shock of pleasure, trust me.

Start with light and soft strokes, almost as if you were just fiddling with him, have him beg you for more. As you get stuck in the same rhythm and he starts enjoying it, make sure that you stay at that pace. As you begin to develop a good pace in which he can relax and enjoy, it will be the key so that he can release his tension and take him to orgasm.

6. Oral sex

One thing that all men enjoy is oral sex. They are naturally very grateful to the women who do that, and you will probably get special treatment in return.

This is the best advice we could give you to make your sex life exciting and full of passion.

Although it takes a lot of confidence and comfort to be able to have your mouth down there, he will be delighted that you give him pleasure in different ways.

Often, women have the misconception that they should start by sucking the penis immediately. Ladies, don't do this, you have to have techniques to suck a penis and thus satisfy a man.

Actually, you should start with the fiddling and caressing slowly and play with it. Using different techniques is how you will increase pleasure and definitely much more if you use your tongue. All you have to do then is sit down and feel proud of yourself as he cries out for sex, so don't waste the chance to feel proud of knowing how to suck a penis.

Be sure to take your time and experiment with different techniques. In that way, you will become the goddess you wish to be so much.

7. Be bold

Many women are afraid of destroying the image of the "perfect girlfriend" that they have built with so much effort, and do not want to ruin by showing themselves too much across the bed, showing that they know more than one trick or that they want to try new things; But the truth is that men love hot sex, where there is everything to experience with and they will definitely  want to repeat. 

So don't be afraid to express your wishes, feel free to bring a sex toy or to talk dirty during the action.

8. Try different experiences

Men like to be left thinking all day about something new they experienced the day before.

Either during oral sex, foreplay, or intercourse, you must put your signature on your movements, according to what he likes, so that he remembers you forever. "If you have mastered a particular technique that is really exciting and different, all the sexual experience will remain in your mind," explained psychologist Joel Block, author of the book The Art of the quickie, to the media.

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Be an educated and attractive girl. Take care of the details: Perfume, hygiene, class, elegance, and simplicity when dressing, etc. Remember to be a lady in the street and forget about it in bed. Remember to be faithful to your style and not forget your intuition or your common sense to get to target your weak points. Be yourself, put your nerves aside and have a great time. Your naughty laugh, your carefreeness and your cheerful and safe air are also very important when it comes to driving a man in bed crazy. Don't give another twist to things, just act!

Now, after you had read this article and learned everything you have got to do to make him crazy in bed, your men will be completely crazy for you and at your feet.  He will definitely never forget you and will crave you forever. It all works like a spell, it is actually quite impressive. You can thank us later!