14 Signs A Man Is Unknowingly Falling In Love With You

Notice him falling for you faster than him and what to do next!

By Sameet
14 Signs A Man Is Unknowingly Falling In Love With You

Can A Man Fall In Love With You And Does Not Know?

When it comes to understanding men, they do seem like a totally different species, but they are way too similar to women when it comes to emotions and feelings. Their minds are wired a bit differently but that doesn't mean they don't feel the same stuff like gals do.

The difference is, when women fall in love, they express their feelings in flooded happiness and a mixture of confused yet positive emotions. Their expression is mostly instant and pretty evident. Guys, on the other hand, have a hard time revealing what's in their hearts and also take a fair amount of time to figure it out themselves.

So yes, men can fall in love without knowing it. All they need is some care and a little guidance and not an abrupt reaction to it. 

A guy's perspective:

Men experience a series of 'phases' when they meet a girl, get to know her and then feel something for her. There's a different one for every step of the way. This explains that when men fall in love, they fall hard. Their love has this build-up of affection and time overall those phases which creates the depth in love, take a look at those:

The 'liking' phase

This one is pretty simple when guys instantly like you based on physical attraction, body language, and just the mainstream stuff. Yes, this seems a bit shallow but that is just the beginning. Understanding a man's emotions do not have to be difficult. Sometimes, you only need to observe his actions to learn his true feelings.

The 'chasing' phase

When guys are pretty much sure you're the one to go for, they'll try to gain your attention. They will try to impress you in any way they can, and then move to the next one.

The 'wanting love' phase

This is the point when he's getting serious. He is so into you that he wants the same thing back. All his worries right now are to get you to fall for him. Remember to have patience! Making things go too fast is also a bad sign. make sure to take your time

The 'deciding' phase

When a girl has pretty much expressed her feelings, the guy now makes up his mind about how things will go afterward. He might be confused that all his attempts to impress the girl didn't portray him the way he actually is. 

The 'loving' phase

If he passes on through the deciding phase, then he's probably falling in love now. It takes all that for men to fall in love.

The Brutally Honest Phases Of A Man Falling In Love

14 Signs That He Is Falling In Love With You Slowly And Unknowingly

You can't afford to miss out on the feeling of love, it's amazing, fulfilling and special in its own way. The signs are always in front of you, a little closer look can help you figure out the whole complicated thing. It's all about following the bread crumbs a guy leaves, those hidden signals which you might leave unnoticed might be the key to everything. Every guy is different for sure, but here are some of the surest signs that he's falling in love:

How he acts with you around

1. The old school gentleman

When a guy truly falls for you, he'll respect you in every way. Your comfort means the most to him, whether it's opening doors or pulling out a chair at a restaurant. No matter how muscular or tough he seems, he switches to a softy when around the girl he loves. His acts, his voice, everything turns gentle.

2. He accepts your weirdness

Guys fall in love with everything and yes everything means no matter how goofy or clumsy his girl is, he's gonna admire that. If you ever feel sometimes you're really weird and annoying but he has no problem with that, instead he enjoys it or laughs with you, then he's definitely falling for you.

3. The sex life is like never before

Sex with the pinch of love can be an eye-opener. A guy puts in a lot of effort to please the woman he loves and what better way than to give it all in making love. After all, a man's ego is always his biggest concern if he can't satisfy his girl.

4. Fidgeting

It's almost a little funny when guys are trying all their best to prove their masculinity but yet get so nervous around their one true love, it's the cutest thing ever. Often their hands shake and they get cold sweats and jumble up their words when around you.

5. He's protective

Being protective is every man's natural instinct. This point should always be taken positively and not in an 'annoying possessive boyfriend' sense. The instant warm fuzzy feeling you get when he puts your arm around you, take it as a sign he's falling for you.

Body language

He might not exactly say what he feels and you can't really read his mind either, but what you can read are the signs his body tells. The mind automatically makes the body language so predictable when someone is attracted to you, don't miss it.

6. The hidden signs

Things you have to look closely are, his pupils will dilate when he's talking to you or just feeling the love. His toes will almost always point towards you when standing by you. There's a very typical head tilt people do when interested in someone. At some point he'll start mimicking your moves like when you laugh, he laughs, you can catch him the act even.

7. His attention

Look out for little gestures like he's leaning towards you when you're talking, extra efforts to understand your every word, replying to everything you say or do, etc. He wants to know your reaction to everything, keeps in check if you're getting bored. 

8. The million dollar smile

No suspicion here, that cute little smile will say it all. Especially when he's not around you, he will have that constant smile with blushed cheeks, probably reading your texts, or thinking about you. And when he's with you, that cheery face can tell you how much he really likes you. This is such a sure sign that you make a guy so happy he can't help it.

9. The touch

Guys are really into physical love, if a guy likes you that much, he'd want to touch you or be as close to you as possible without making it awkward. If he stands really near you or tries you reach out for your hand, your hair, especially in public, then he really is falling for you.

10. The dramatic eye contact

Men like to see what they like, and by see we mean the deep and longer than usual eye contact they make. Eye contact is one of the most intimate gestures and if you feel that he's enjoying himself looking in your eyes, so much that you often get uncomfortable even, then he's so into you.

Changes in Personality

Other than being with you, there are so many changes you can spot in his personality that all point to one thing, his falling in love:

11. His friends can wait

Guys can have a hard time choosing between his mates and his girlfriend. But if he likes you, even his friends will know how important you are and a balance is created there. Men prioritize things that make them happy, even if it's love. There's no need to crave or fight for attention when a guy is in this phase of love.

12. Other girls don't matter

That is one of the major things you can notice in your guy if he's falling for you. He might not even notice it, but looking at other girls or even spending time with his gal pals, becomes non-existent.

13. Future Planning

Getting a guy to talk about commitments? It seems impossible but not when he's diving deep in love. Even you might panic when he brings in the marriage talks or what names your kids will have. If not specified, in general, you can feel he's getting serious and wants to spend a lifetime with you.

14. He opens up, truly

It takes quite some time to get inside a guy's head. When he finally starts sharing little details about his life, his past, his feelings, then this means he's ready to give his heart out to you. Being close to this level is another degree of intimacy.

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Maybe a guy wants you to look for these signs so that you can give him the response he wants and things move ahead. These precious signals should not be missed, maybe you don't want someone to fall for you, so you can detect these and not lead them on further. On the other hand, these might be the baby step towards great love.