Men Can't Read Your Mind. 15 Things Men Wish You Can Just Tell Him

Some men just can't get the hints that are just so obvious

By Kimmy
Men Can't Read Your Mind. 15 Things Men Wish You Can Just Tell Him

Been Disappointed Before For Something You Expected But Fell Short?

Men are a peculiar creature. They can be loyal, smart, emotional, caring, yet goofy, care-free, derpy and can be insensitive at times. One thing about men is that they just can’t seem to pick up hints. You’d think your hints were obvious enough and that no one could miss it.

Believe it when I say a guy just doesn’t pick up hints. It must’ve happened to you as well. Walking pass a traditional gift shop and hinting that it’d be nice to have a dream catcher for your birthday gift, and he ended up gifting you a fluffy scarf from Zara.

You couldn’t tell what went wrong, your hints were perfect. It’s the men. Most of the time, men wish you could just tell them what you want instead of wanting them to guess. Being upfront isn’t revealing the surprise or spoiling the fun. It just makes life easier for guys.

Why Men Just Can’t Get Hints (Even Obvious Ones)

The defense mechanism runs strong in a man. There’re times that he probably guessed what you wanted and couldn’t be more wrong and got scolded in the face. Men choose to shut out hints because they don’t know how to guess. If you say curry smells nice, does it mean you want him to make curry for you tonight or that’s just a statement?

Men feel confused when girls drop seemingly 100 clues a day. They don’t know which one to pick up and when they do pick up one, it’s probably the wrong one, and the girls will think they suck at picking up hints. Men then choose to just not accept hints to protect themselves from making further mistakes. After all, can’t do any wrong if you don’t do it at all, right?

For the very obvious ones, men get your hints but choose to ignore them because it’s not something they want to do. You keep dropping hints about wanting a puppy, your man pretends to not get that hint even though it’s so obvious because he doesn’t want a puppy, ever. Your man might not be dumb for not getting hints, he is probably ignoring them on purpose.

15 Things Men Wish You Can Just Tell Him

1. Anniversary

Stop saying it’d be nice to go to a Beyonce concert or stay at a hotel by the beach. Go up to him and make it clear that you are getting these for your anniversary. In a guy’s mind, if you don’t say something clearly, there’s still a chance for him. He is planning something that he thinks is a surprise without knowing you already have a scenario in your head.

Every time he asks you how to celebrate your anniversary and you say you don’t know, you aren’t throwing hints at him, you’re giving him the permission to be creative, and he will be as creative as you hate.

2. Birthday celebration

“Awww, I don’t need anything for my birthday other than you.”

Trust me, this is all you’re going to get, period. Don’t say things you don’t mean. Do you want a huge celebration with friends and family? Tell him so he can arrange it. Don’t rely on a guy to plan your surprise birthday celebration when you told him you didn’t want one.

Guys rarely say things they don’t mean so it’s hard for them to understand a girl that always says things they don’t mean.

3. Date night

Date night is the second-closest thing to makeup for girls. You want a date night and guys don’t mind giving it to you, they just don’t know you have been longing for it. Hints like “we haven’t spent much time together” or “it would be nice to have a night to ourselves” will only get you a date at McDonald’s.

To him, that’s just you being you, snuggling up to your boyfriend. He wouldn’t take it seriously and think it’s the time for a real proper date. It’s frustrating, but if you don’t want to be disappointed at the date, you better write him a book of guidelines to follow.

4. Dinner

The argument of the century.

”What do you want to have for dinner?”
”I don’t mind babe. Your choice.”
”Let’s do Thai.”
”I don’t feel like having Thai. It’s too oily.”
”Let’s do Italian.”
”Nah, we’ve had it yesterday. Maybe something new.”
”Nope. Your choice babe. What else?”

Sounds familiar. This has happened to every couple on the planet. In his defense, it’s not much of a hint to tell the other person to choose when you obviously have a preference. He can’t automatically know what you prefer to have for dinner tonight. That’s a common thing with girls. We tell the other person we don’t care when we actually do. If you care, say it.

5. Grocery

You’re on a diet and want to stay away from sweets. Yet, you’re low-key craving ice-cream so when your man goes grocery shopping you just pretended to not want any ice-cream but the truth is, you want him to bring back ice-cream. Then you feel disappointed when he came back with no ice-cream.

Yep, that’s something that happens often as well. And your man is confused as to why you’re so upset. You said you didn’t want it to begin with. No backsies. You said no yourself.

6. Household chores

Some girls tend to do all the household chores when their boyfriend is around, in hopes that their boyfriend will stop them and do it for them instead. Now, that’s something that will happen in Hollywood movies, never in real life. Your boyfriend will only appreciate the fact that you’re doing the chores. But they won’t help out unless you ask them to. 

7. Take care of the baby

You want your man to help change the diaper and all. For him, he has had a long day at work so naturally, he’d think it’s your job to do it. Most of them would be very happy to help out, but only if you tell them you need help. Otherwise, they’re tired as well. Don’t blame your man for not helping out when you never asked for help.

If you’re the housewife and he is the workman, also understand that he doesn’t come to you to solve his tasks so it could happen that he just doesn’t realize he should be helping you. Just ask him to help out instead of getting upset.

8. Clean up at family meetings

You want him to be presentable and he thinks it’s just family, he doesn’t have to look sharp. Literally there’s no point in dropping hints in this situation. Just tell him you want him to suit up because it’s a fancy restaurant, even if it’s “just family.”

9. You don’t want to go out tonight

Doesn’t matter if it’s with his friends. You’re tired and don’t want to go, stop trying to hint that you’re tired. Just lay in bed and say you don’t feel like going and if he wants to go, he can. Don’t make it sound like he is not understanding and is forcing you to go when you never fully let him know you really don’t feel like going out tonight.

10. You don’t like the way he raises the kids

Role models are a thing, for kids, not for grown men. You can’t just show your man how you want the kids to be raised and expect him to mimic you. He is going to do it his way. Discuss with him if you have a problem of his way of raising the kids and list out the changes you want to say. Pouting alone does you no good.

11. Come straight to home after work

Sometimes your man has to socialize with colleagues and can’t come straight home or bring you along. It may be frustrating. Ask about his day and tell him you wish to be there for him or that he can find time to come home earlier more often. You rarely have to have after-work five times a week. Sometimes it comes with the job, sometimes it’s just a choice. And make sure he knows you want him to make a different choice next week.

12. Make a choice

When you want your man to choose your outfit and he says you look equally stunning in both, it’s because he is scared to offend you. You won’t get upset even if he says you look ugly in one outfit because you genuinely need his opinion on this. It’s not a trick question.

13. You don’t want to do something

Whether it’s planning for a trip, meeting his family this weekend or partying at his boss’ place, no one should force you to do something you don’t want. Let him know you just don’t feel up for it. Letting him guess how you feel will only leave you feeling he is insensitive because he most likely won’t pick up the hints and the plan goes ahead.

14. Stop talking so much

It’s great and all that he wants to share his past with you, but you actually don’t need to know how sweet he was with his ex. That part he can leave out. He thinks he is just sharing without realising it hurts for you to hear.

15. Be honest!

Guys always think they have to guess what we want and are afraid to be honest because they don’t want to upset us. The one thing they need to know is that with all the guessing going on, it’s nice to let the truth out. If he has something to say, say it. No one should be guessing what the other person thinks. It goes both ways.

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Men are always confused about what we want. You just have to tell them instead of letting them guess. Do you feel more comfortable and relieved now that you know men are simple creatures that prefer honesty? Their mind doesn’t work the same way we do. They never intend to hurt anyone, they never even thought it would be hurtful. Don’t blame them. Now that you know, you can just be honest with them and everything will go as smoothly as it should have been!



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