12 Reasons Why Men Cheat And How It Is Not Your Fault At All

The truth about cheating and it is not because of you

By Sameet
12 Reasons Why Men Cheat And How It Is Not Your Fault At All

The Number One Reason Why Married Men Cheat

People are complicated, no matter whats studies or researches you follow, there will always be something unpredictable about them including yourself. It is basic human nature to always be unsatisfied despite the many blessings in life. Whether it's sexual pleasures, a happy relationship, a good social circle, successful profession and whatnot. Still, their remains that one unhappy cell in your body that wants more.

You might be thinking that sexual gratification is the major thing that drives the male mind, it is true but there is still one more thing that even tops that. So much that it will compel a man to cheat and that one thing is EGO! And when this ego is combined with sex, it's a disaster.

It is pretty evident that people with low self-esteem tend to want more approvals even if they have to cheat their way to get it. This also doesn't let them man up and straight forward leave you because they're just too insecure. This low self-esteem also ties them with you or else they'll just end up alone. The male's ego is so much connected with sex that even if their partner is satisfied, they will tend to seek validation from another person just to get the proof that they're desirable and get an ego boost. But what they don't realize is that they're jeopardizing a healthy relationship just for the sake of wanting more.

12 Reasons Why Men Cheat (And It Is Not Because of You)

There can be usually two possibilities behind the cheating; either there's something wrong with the relationship, or there's something wrong with the person himself.

Instead of blaming yourself which won't benefit you in any way, it's better to realize that there are certain reasons why men cheat that do no involve you at all. It might seem like the worst thing but at least knowing that it wasn't your fault will surely let you stand up on your feet again. The bitterness won't last long either. 
So have a look at this list we compiled for you that why men cheat when it has nothing to do with you:

1. Insecurities

The already mentioned issue of ego is the one thing that drives men crazy. It's like no matter how much you appreciate them they will always end up wanting more and from someone else. The constant desire to be called good in bed and appreciated, it's like an addiction. So, sweety, it's not your fault he's just that desperate, let him go and get insecure with others too. If you can't help him believe it, there is a chance no one can.

2. Lack of communication from him

It is obvious if you don't communicate with your partner, you can't possibly fix your relationship. But what if the only open communication in your relationship is from your side alone? You're doing your part in protecting your love life from falling but it could be possible if he is not even considering to share his feelings and needs. Instead, he'll just go and fulfill the needs from somewhere else, but you had no idea.

3. The narcissism

Darling, if he's a narcissist, make a run for it. There is no way he's going to take time and consider you, your feelings, your desires. But yes he will have plenty of it to prove himself right, get the sexual and non-sexual gratification he wants from you. So don't even bother expecting something in return from this type of person.

4. Monogamy just isn't his thing

Yes, this reason does seem a bit unfair and weird that how can a guy be in any kind of relationship with anyone ever? But if he's cheating on you and you can't figure anything out, then maybe he's just wired up there that way. Maybe they want you to understand this too and probably put up a proposal for an open relationship. But it's okay if your feelings aren't mutual. You don't have to change your beliefs to that extent.

5. The Rebellious ones

It's true guys reach maturity way after women, they also have this childish attitude that you cannot replace despite the efforts. You start feeling guilty about your 'parent-like' behavior, always complaining, always telling them what to do. But sincerely, that is not your fault. If a guy can't man up and take responsibility, then it's their loss.

6. Being bad gives them a rush

Boys will be boys, always chasing after the stuff that is probably illegal or just morally wrong. And why? Because it gets them the high they want. This is a whole different species of guys who tend to get on the nerves. They will cheat and do all sorts of forbidden things because they get pleasure by being the 'bad boy'.

7. Angry and Reckless

Be sure to get to know your man before you jump into a deep relationship. It's quite normal to have anger issues, but it's not acceptable to use it as an excuse to hurt the people around you. Some mistakes might be your fault but uncontrollable anger isn't. When your guy fights with you no matter how tiny the issue, he might take a route to revenge by cheating. This isn't the anger making him do reckless stuff, it's just who he is and anger is just an excuse.

8. Irrational expectations

Pretty sure you're doing the best you can to make your love life work, but if you're with a guy who is so needy and particular about his sex life, every desire then you should probably be cautious of him. A guy like that would probably expect so much that those expectations might not even be fulfilled by ANYONE else. Still, they will seek gratification from other people, hence ending up cheating.

9. Mentally confused

It is also possible that he might have gone through a very challenging childhood, or has been through some emotional trauma growing up. Due to which his mind also adapted and molded itself in a way that created intimacy and commitment issues. Cheating becomes an impulse for them and they no longer realize that their behavior can be challenged and proven wrong. They just do it to make themselves feel a little better for the time being.

10. Men who run from commitment

We can see so many examples of men who are literally afraid of the 'C' word. If a guy is in a relationship with you and he senses that things are moving a bit too fast, he probably gets all confused and wants out. Obviously he needs an excuse to get out of it, and cheating will make things so much easier. It's his reaction towards a serious relationship, but totally not your fault. Slowing down the pace might be a good idea but not when it's been decades with him and he still isn't ready to commit.

11. You're too easy for him

Most men are happy with uncomplicated stuff. But some men are sometimes the meanest people, if they find themselves in a very easy going and soft relationship, they still aren't satisfied. They like chasing women and always love a challenge. Whereas a simple (even though perfect) relationship bores them and they get the need to cheat. It gets a little complicated but it drives their brain somehow.

12. He wants backup after break-up

As lame as it sounds, it actually is true. When he's not in love with you anymore, he probably wants to break up, but he also doesn't want to be alone. So basically, he's preparing a backup plan to fall back onto after he's done with you. So it's his heartlessness that is to be blamed, not you.

The lamest excuses for cheating

Not trying to bash any gender, but it's a generally accepted fact that men cheat more than women. And the most surprising thing you can encounter after cheating is the infidel reasons to why that happened. Men have this weird brain chemistry that tries to justify even the craziest excuses.
Here are some examples that might sound familiar to you and you'll find yourself amused even.

Intimidation by the partner

Some men feel a loss of control when their girl is a bit dominant in sex or comes very strong forward in emotions. It affects them so much that they have to cheat in order to regain that control and this is the weirdest excuse to cheat ever.

Helping out a friend in need

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Oh, they had a 'friend' who needed some consoling and they just couldn't help themselves. Get real.

They thought the relationship was open

Really? This excuse really gets your eyes to twitch. If you had declared your relationship open, wouldn't you know about it too? Lame.

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It's hard to cope up when you've been cheated on, but it gets a bit easier when you stop blaming yourself for it. Yes, a lot of relationship issues are a result of mutual problems, complaints, and fights but cheating is something a person does with their own will and reason. If it's your fault, (which is rarely) it will be pretty evident but most of the time, you didn't need to sulk and give yourself a hard time.