8 Best Jobs You Can Have If You’re Always Thinking Dirty

Not as a sex worker but jobs best suited for your dirty mind

By Fred S.
8 Best Jobs You Can Have If You’re Always Thinking Dirty

Have Always Been Told That You Are Dirty Minded?

Being a dirty minded person, you just perceive most situations differently. Many times, you’d find yourself in situations where your mind comes up with “that’s what she said” jokes that no one else thinks of. Or you might just look at a certain, perceivably normal image, but it just reminds you of something super dirty or sexual. If you personally relate to these scenarios, then you can quite safely be identified as a dirty-minded person.  

You’d always find people telling this to you directly as well - “Oh, you and your dirty mind!”, but is it necessarily a bad thing? A sense of humor that’s sometimes more sexual than normal isn’t something you should be ashamed of; it’s what makes you stand out after all. They always say your job should be doing something you love, so that your work doesn’t feel like work to you anymore. Well, with that thought in mind, we’ve written this article just for the people who absolutely love thinking dirty and have freely embraced their personality with a passion. Here are a few career ideas that you can look in to if you’re one of these people!  

8 Jobs Best for The Dirty Minded You

1) Erotic Writer

Writing erotic content has to come naturally from a mind that’s able to think creatively about a sexual vibe. A good writer constructs a virtual reality of the setting in which his characters live, and for erotic writing, that setting has to be sexual. Someone who is already good at thinking dirty could do this effortlessly. It’ll provide you a sophisticated platform in the form of an article, blog, or even a book, to channel your sexual creative thinking into the experiences between fictional characters.  

Before you commit to pursuing this career, you should definitely read out some popular erotic blogs and see if it sparks an interest in you to try writing one yourself. Who knows, you could help a struggling couple reignite the fire in their relationship through your writing, eh?  

2) Romance Beta Reader

Speaking of erotic writing, there’s another job that relates to it but doesn’t involve writing even a single word. You’d just be reading hundreds of words of erotic content with a view to provide an objective review on your perception of its quality, and how it made you feel. Isn’t it all a dirty minded person would want? Getting paid for reading content that he actually enjoys to read?  

Now you may think that this is an unnecessary job, as writers could just ask their friends or family for review, but the problem with that is a lack of objectivity and seriousness in feedback. People generally would just praise something their friend has written, or may restrict themselves from critiquing the work of others with a fear of hurting their feelings. However, a Romance Beta Reader ensures a professional review of the content with an unbiased critical assessment.  

3) Sex Toy Tester

If you’re obsessed with thinking sexual thoughts naturally with your dirty mind, you’d be just as interested in actually experiencing the pleasures that come with sexual stimulation. Amazingly, there’s a job that requires just that. Yes, sex toy manufacturers need professionals who would test out their products and give feedback in a prescribed form for them to understand and improve on their craft. This helps them maximize the pleasure their customers receive through the products, in turn increasing their sales.  

You’d essentially be getting paid for trying different sorts of sex toys on yourself to note the pros and cons about the product, with the bonus of the orgasmic bliss at the end. It’s mostly a stay-at-home job, so if you’re someone who doesn’t like to be out in the open too much, that’s an added benefit!  

4) Comedian

Dirty thinking comes with the ability to find sexual humor in almost any sort of situation. That’s something comedians actually have to work for to come up with, but not if they naturally have a dirty mind. Who doesn’t love to laugh at relatable jokes that actually remind people of funny experiences they’ve had in the past related to sex or making out? In this day and age, the internet has grown to provide tons of platforms for aspiring comedians looking to make a name for themselves. If you want to be one of them, get a pen and a paper, and start writing any sexual jokes that naturally pop in your mind. What harm could it bring to give it a try?  

5) Sex Therapist

In many divorce cases, unfulfilling sex and other related issues play a huge part in escalating the situation. People may have performance anxiety, some guys or girls may be too shy to openly embrace the experience, or they may just generally be unaware of how they could do well in bed. That’s precisely where sex therapists step in.  

They provide sex therapy as a form of counselling that’s meant to help couples solve problems related to their sex life, providing a platform to the couples where they can openly discuss and express their thoughts in the presence of an expert. The therapist, with his sexual expertise would generally advise accordingly to fix what’s wrong. This profession is much easier to master for someone who’s been naturally thinking sexually for a long time. It’s actually a pretty well-paid career, if you choose to go this way.  

6) Dating Coach

Dirty minded guys hardly ever struggle with ‘getting girls’ because girls generally like a guy who’s passionate about being amazing in bed. Who wouldn’t love to be with a guy who’s driven to take care of her needs in the best way possible? These guys just know their way around a woman, and that’s something a whole lot of people would pay to learn.  

Hence, pursuing a career to become a good dating coach should be a pretty good option for you if you’re anything like the person described above. You’d know tips about treating girls, playing hard to get, dressing up, and all sorts of things to help guys get the girl they love. You wouldn’t get bored of your job, that’s for sure!  

7) Being a Part of the Sex Tech Industry

The sex tech industry is all about enhancing the sexual experience that humans are able to achieve today. A dirty minded person is obsessed with the idea of sex, and getting a chance to use his creativity to transform the way people experience this pleasure could actually be a dream job for most people.  

You could combine this passion with some other skill that you may possess, or another subject that you’re studying at school. For example, if you’re into engineering, then there’s a lot of room for engineers to enter the sex tech industry to innovate new designs in sex toys that maximize the pleasures with minimized costs. Not to mention, you’d be making a pretty decent amount of money in this industry.  

8) Painter

What if there was a way to pictorially express your sexual thoughts just as they cross your mind? What if you could achieve the skill of picking up a brush and bringing your dirty thoughts into a physical reality on a canvas? There is a special place for erotic art in the market, and a lot of couples would love to hang these things in their bedroom for obvious reasons.  

Generally, a painter has to consciously use his/her imagination to come up with thoughts that may later be translated onto a canvas, but a dirty mind could complete this first step naturally, without putting in much effort. This is what makes this profession a natural direction for you to consider.  


Every person is naturally created with a unique combination of skills, interests, and inclinations. In this progressive world, ‘doing what you love’ has been promoted immensely over the last few decades, and the same applies to people who just naturally think dirty thoughts. Surely, there is a variety of jobs to incorporate even this natural gift and reward such people for it. This article attempts to list down those professions with descriptions to introduce them to you.  

Every career would obviously have its own pros and cons, but it’s all up to you to research deeper and deeper to find the path that connects to your personality the most. At the end of the day, making a huge paycheck with a sad mental condition wouldn’t serve you happiness. However, doing what you absolutely love, and being rewarded with a reasonable pay check for it; that could be the key to true fulfilment. Hope this article helps you, and we wish you all the best!  


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