Spice Up Your Sex Life With Literally 8 Foods

No, not libido food but really food as your foreplay weapons

By Aey
Spice Up Your Sex Life With Literally 8 Foods

Food, An Available Foreplay Weapon To Spice Up Stuff

When it comes to spicing up sexy time with your partner, there is no end to the toys at your disposal, but the one weapon you absolutely positively cannot miss out on experimenting with is food! Yes, actual food, can be used as a very naughty sex toy to spice up your sex life in a way, even expensive gadgets cannot. Food and sex are our most primal, most fundamental needs; put them together and you have an orgasmic amount of pleasure at your disposal and you would be a fool to miss out on the explosive, mind-blowing fun you can have with different kinds of foods.

8 Food (Leftover included!) To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Food with minimal mess

1. Chocolate-covered strawberries

If there is any food that screams romance and seduction, it is chocolate-covered strawberries, an old-time classic that deserves to be on this list. It helps that this combination is an actual aphrodisiac as well, but you can get very creative with how you consume these bad boys. Eating them can be made into quite a show for your partner as you suck, lick and tease the tasty treat. Be naughty and get creative with ways to eat them off your partner – how about a little game of no hands and you have to use only your mouth to eat them off your partner? Maybe you can feed them to your partner with your mouth. The possibilities are endless.

2. Mints

Here’s a fun one! – The cool sensation of mint in your mouth can be a great way to preclude bad breath messing up sexy time but pop some mints and go down on your partner and that extra tingling sensation is sure to send them straight to heaven. Playing with temperature is a great way to take foreplay to the next level and the hot and cold bursts that mints give you will take your oral sex truly to the next level. If your partner is female, try to avoid dairy and sugar in their private parts because they react poorly to those food categories. You can easily find non-dairy and non-sugar versions of these foods and most of them should be safe to use.

3. Fresh fruits

Make a fresh fruit bowl out of your partner’s body and quite literally eat them out. It would be fun to decorate them and eat fruit off them slowly and sensually. If both of you are open to group sex; this idea would be even more fun. Claw out those pomegranate seeds onto their torso, rub berries on them and lick that juice off or feed grapes to each other. Combining our primal need for food and sex heightened pleasure in both domains. Use sweet fruits with strong floral scents to indulge all your senses, consider pineapple, strawberries, grapes, papaya, and many others.

4. Caviar

If your partner is bad and boujee, caviar is one fun and elite food to mess around with. Not many people know this, but caviar is often eaten off the skin of one’s hand so the salty taste of skin with caviar is nothing less of a delicacy. Go wild and make a sushi platter out of your partner. In bed you and your partner should be free to let your freak flag fly, that is the only way to have a healthy, fun and happening sex life. After all, decorating people’s bodies with sushi is an elite art form just as sex should be – push the limits of what your sex life can entail.

Food that is fun to play with

5. Wine/Champagne

Oolalah! Nothing like some delicious wine or bubbly champagne to set the mood and nothing like drinking that sweet drink off your lover’s body – yes! Pour some into the crevices and contours of your partner’s body and drink it off them like a thirsty traveler quenching thirst for a hundred years. The tension that this will create in your partner’s body, is sure to build both you and your partner up to a mind-blowing climax that you can savor together. You can spice it up even more if you involve bondage - tie up your partner and drink wine off their tense and highly sensitized body and/or ask your partner to do the same to you. Trust us! You are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

6. Melted chocolate

Ask anyone the sexiest food that exists in the world and chances are 9 out of 10 times they will say chocolate. It’s an aphrodisiac, it is fun to play with and it tastes so goddamn good! It also has a strong sensual presence and association with sex and seduction and there are virtually infinite ways to have sexy fun with chocolate. A chocolate fountain could be fun to play with. Chocolatey oral sex is sure to be yummy! Chocolate syrup can also be replaced with sticky sweet honey that is sure to make a mess but also truly helps you tap into the sexual animal hidden or sleeping inside of you. The possibilities are endless – with melted chocolate you can get real down and dirty. You really haven’t taken full pleasure out of sex if you have never made a mess while doing it.

7. Cream

Whipped cream is another all-time classic that you can use to decorate your partner’s body like a patisserie dessert – make them feel like an expensive dessert and get real down and dirty with it. Creamy nipple pads sound yummy or maybe thick scrumptious line down his happy trail with a cherry on top its tip. Let your imagination run wild; couples who worship each other’s bodies are happy couples. The cream can be coupled with strawberries and chocolate to make it more fun! Condensed milk is also a fun little ingredient to add into the mix and with its thick, bodily fluid consistency and intense sweetness; you are in for a fun ride.

8. Phallic Foods

We have all used phallic foods to seduce our partners at some point, whether it was sliding that hot dog extra slowly into our mouths or subtly licking the banana we are eating, and it is no surprise that people want to use penis-shaped foods as makeshift dildos and that can be fun – bananas, cucumber, etc. can be used for this purpose. However, when it comes to actually use it for vaginal penetration, it is very important for you to put a condom on them before using them as toys as they can cause irritation and bacterial infections – yikes! So perhaps not the best, although seemingly an obvious, choice! Phallic foods are often the first thing people think of when asked about incorporating food into sex, but one should be careful in penetrative practices to avoid allergies and awkward sexual disasters.

Tips for Easy Clean up if There's a Mess

A, perhaps, not so sexy way to avoid a mess is to lay out a plastic sheet before food play but if you do not feel like playing on cold plastic, try an old bed sheet. Or maybe draw a sexy bath for you and your partner afterward so you two can clean up together and maybe go in for round two, if you know what I mean *wink wink*. Tiled floors are much preferred to carpet ones but if your food play isn’t too messy, you should be able to get away with not much of a mess.  

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There is no limit to the kind of amazing options you have available to spice up your sex life and keep the passion in the bedroom alive if you are in a long term relationship or just to explore the limits of your sexual pleasure and push those limits with your lover; all it needs is a willing partner and the courage to let your creative juices flow which is sure to lead to some literal juices flowing. Food foreplay is a tried and tested, and commonly practiced sexual practice and is sure to guarantee a very fun time for both of you. Definitely, consider experimenting with the above-mentioned foods and get creative with others. After all, making love is also an art form and should be treated as such.