8 Sexy Texts to Send During Midday to Make Your Partner Want You Later

Sexy dirty texts to make him want you and head straight for you!

By Adina Mazilu
8 Sexy Texts to Send During Midday to Make Your Partner Want You Later

Sometimes, a full workday can seem like an eternity, especially when you are in a relationship and cannot wait to see your beloved at the end of the day. However, if you want to surprise your man and do something really special, why not try texting him during midday? And no, we don’t mean those classic “Hey, how are you?” texts. We are talking about really sexy messages that will make him extremely excited to come home and have you.

So, take a few seconds of your time and draw inspiration from our list of sexy texts that you can send him while he’s at work and stressed out. Even if he may not answer, he’s certainly seen them and now he’s thinking about you and picturing you doing all those things you said. The excitement will be over the moon and you will get to spend unforgettable nights after each one of those stressful days. Here we go!

Midday Sexting is the Best Way To Turn Him On

Midday sexting is truly the best way to turn your partner on, especially when he’s busy at work and he would rather be anywhere else, preferably with you. Thankfully, you can easily do that if you have some spare minutes, but the key here is to send the right messages that will drive him mad with lust. Don’t just go down the classic route of telling him how to pleasure himself or explaining to him how you do that thinking of him. There are more creative ways of sexting.

And believe it or not, there is also a little bit of science behind all of this. When someone gets turned on, the body releases chemicals like oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphin which make the person feel good, loved, and even cuddly. Now imagine how much these will help your beloved go through their busy day at work. He will be excited to get to you in the evening and will have a far easier day at work. Win-win! Now, let’s see what kinds of texts you can send n order to help him feel more stress-free and happy when the day is over.

8 Sexy Texts To Send During Midday

Before or During Lunch

1. “I just thought you should know that I adored the way you looked at me last night…”

Ok, so this is a slow start but it’s the perfect one if you are still before lunch and want to keep sending him sexy texts. This will get his attention right from the beginning and will make him start thinking about last night and what you did. For now, this is enough to light that little spark of excitement. Leave him wanting more.

2. “In a meeting right now and I cannot stop thinking about what we could do tonight. I’m getting distracted here…”

This is all about building up that sexual energy that cannot be released at work, but which will trigger fireworks in the bedroom later. Make him imagine what you too could do tonight and insist on that. He will not be able to stop wondering and thinking about you in sexy ways now that you’ve teased him.

3. “You looked so hot this morning when you left. Wish I could see all those professional clothes on the floor tonight”

Complimenting you man’s appearance will get him over the moon and will increase his self-esteem. Also, this is the best way to go whenever you are feeling a little bit uninspired. Moreover, the way this text is phrased makes him think both about how good he looks and about what you are going to do to him tonight when he gets home. Maybe rip off those fancy clothes?

4. “I’d invite you to join me on my lunch break but then we will be totally late going back to work.”

​​​​​​Again, this is one of the biggest teases that you can send him. Proposing something and then canceling will make him keep thinking about what could have happened. Maybe a quickie in the bathroom? This thought will not leave his mind until the evening when he will finally be able to put into work all those ideas that he had for the lunch break. Nothing sexier, right?

After Lunch

5. “Why would you be worked up for your job when you can get worked up for…something else?” (insert sexy pic)

This is the type of kinky text that you can sed if you are really brave and want to also show him what he will get tonight. Apart from alluding to what is going to happen, you will also help him picture it all in his mind with that sexy pic or even a nude. However, make sure that you both have your phones secured with passwords so that nobody gets to see those private texts. That wouldn’t be pretty at all.

6. Guess what’s got me so wet and maybe I will do it for you tonight when you get home”

​​​​​We are now crossing into the hot and steamy territory with these after-lunch texts. The evening is getting closer, the moment when you will see each other too. So, what better way to get him going than to tease him with what you are thinking of now and how you will also do it to him when he’s home? There’s nothing better than a good tease, and this is just that. Trust us!

7. “When you finally finish work, I will make you beg for what I have…”

Again, some of that good old tease to make him want to escape work quicker and get to you. This sexy text implies more than just some fun, which means that he will be even more eager to see what you have prepared for him this evening. In fact, such hot texts can definitely become your own personal way of getting over those hard days full of stress. Just imagine the evening relief.

8. You must be very tense right now. When you’re home, I will use everything I have to make you relax”

One more sexy and juicy text to send to your beloved when he is very busy working and you cannot wait for him to appear in the doorway. Just telling him that you know that he must be very tense and stressed out makes him think of you as a caring person. And let’s not talk about that second part when you tease him. Teasing makes everything better, even when it happens at work via a text message.

Phone Settings Suitable For Sexting (So That Co-Workers Do Not See)

When it comes to sexting, we should never forget that privacy matters more than everything else. At the end of the day, you only want your beloved to see your juicy teases, and not everyone in his office, right? So, in order to make sure that this will happen, you need to talk beforehand and establish that both of you have certain security settings active before starting the game.

This means that you both should definitely have a password-protected smartphone and password-protected messages. Apart from that, you should try to always cover the screen either by placing the phone underneath a file or by keeping it upside down. Finally, nobody should ever have access to your phone while at work, let alone be able to search in it. This is a personal device and it’s an intrusion of privacy if anyone starts looking through it.

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In conclusion, it appears that sending sexy texts to your loved one while he is busy at work can do wonders for your relationship. Teasing him midday will make him want you more when he gets back from work. Just remember to be mysterious and kinky and to excite and turn him on via those well-thought-out messages. In the evening you will get your prize and enjoy the results of a hard day at work.


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