7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Your Man Masturbate

Heard from the master himself the sweet spots he enjoys

By Sophia R
7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Your Man Masturbate

Masturbation in couples has always been a taboo amongst society. Today, we are here to erase that taboo and finally dismantle the real benefits of it in a relationship. We are sure not many of you know this, but there is an actual way in which masturbation can help and make your sex life and relationship even better. We are talking about watching your boyfriend, fiancee, or husband masturbating. Yes. It sounds crazy, I know, but give us a chance to explain why we say such a thing. If you are interested in learning more and actually taking this into your real life, keep reading this article! Trust us, you certainly won't regret it.

Masturbation: A Natural Way to Discover your Sexuality and Pleasure

It is said that erotic self-stimulation is accepted as long as a partner is not available, in fact, some cause conflict to discover that their partner resorts to masturbation.

This could be due to the fact that it may provoke a feeling that they do not meet the expectations and desires of the other sexually and then believe that for that reason they resort to this individual practice.

There is a belief that masturbation is a substitute for sex when in reality it is a complement to sexual relations as a couple and is different from these.

Masturbating is a pleasant experience, it eliminates tensions and there may be times when solo pleasure is preferred and that is not negative, it is simply one more option.

So why do you think that if your partner masturbates, he is committing some kind of infidelity? Remember that masturbating is sexually related to yourself and only in the event that there was no sex as a couple could it be a factor of concern, but not for masturbation itself, but for the lack of intimacy with the other person.

However, if you think of masturbation as another technique to bring satisfaction to your sex life as a couple, you will get more excited to see how your partner goes on and the fantasy of being watched.

This also means being able to relax from attending to whether one or the other is closer to the climax if we accelerate the pace if we delay it ... simply because each one is focusing his desire and his needs on himself, although sharing with the another in a back stimulation game.

In conclusion, this is a practice that is not only exciting but also beneficial, which consists in procuring one's pleasure while the other couple observes. Want to know more about this sexual practice that could be extremely beneficial for you? Keep reading!

7 Reasons on Why You Should Watch Your Man Masturbate

As we said before, watching you man masturbate can teach you one or two things about a better sex life between the two of you. Don't believe us just yet? Open your mind, think about it a bit, and hear us for a brief second. We will surely not disappoint you. Now, enough gibberish, here are the reasons why you should definitely start watching your man masturbate:

1. It helps to build up the excitement for him

The fact of not having the "pressure" of you doing something to him makes it a very useful tool to combat against any sexual difficulty. For example, in the case of men with erectile dysfunction or those who have a rather hard time getting hard, masturbation is a good way to find stimuli that cause excitement, and that encourage lubrication or erection of the penis before getting down with someone. In some way, hid body will have more trust in him than in somebody else directly. And it will surely make him more excited to know you are watching this whole process.

2. It increases desire

Contrary to what some people think, masturbation does not exhaust sexual impulse and the desire to have sex with each other. In fact, this can be a good alternative, for example, when the couple's sexual rhythms are different. Having him touch himself and you only watching, not doing a single thing to him, will defiantly increase the sexual desire for the two of you.

3. Build up tension for him

Let’s think about what will go through his mind whilst he is masturbating in front of you: it will be extremely frustrating to feel pleasure given by himself and having you there just watching, not doing anything even though he knows you can please him well. It will make him go crazy for you.

4. Build up tension for you

Now let’s think about what will go through your mind whilst he is masturbating in front of you: knowing that you could have all of that for yourself in a matter of seconds will make you crave him even more if that is possible. Watching him please himself will make you eager to show him that you can do it better yourself. Also, you can admire him and think: all of that is mine to enjoy! The mind takes a lot of part in any sexual act, so there is no better way to stimulate it than with this practice.

5. It will make the sex better

When he stops masturbating and you finally are going to have sex or touch each other, it will feel like an explosion of sensations. Having been so contained between each other all this time, without being able to do things to each other, will make the moment magical. After all, we all know there is nothing better than well longed for sex, the one you have been craving for a long time.

6. You can learn from it

Which better way to learn what your man exactly likes than by actually seeing it happen. I mean, sure, he can tell you and try to direct you sometimes, but humans are visual: we learn by seeing. Pay attention to the way he plays with himself, the pace, the strength he puts into it, and you will finally customize a perfect handjob for him. Think about it as a personal 101 class on how to give him the best handjob specifically. Seriously, you couldn't ask for more help! You have got it all just right in front of you, so take advantage of it gurl.

7. It will bring you closer

Being part of such an intimate and personal activity for him will only make you two closer and trusting of each other. He is literally taking you into his own personal world, a place where probably no one or very few have been a part of. There will be no better times for the two of you than from now on.

How to Approach him to "Watch Him" Without Freaking Him Out

Alright. Know you know how beneficial it can be to watch your man masturbating, and you might be really excited to do so. But you don’t know how to approach him and actually make it happen. It might be scary, embarrassing or just weird feeling for you. Feeling identified? Well, there is nothing to worry about, because we will tell you the exact way to make this happen without making him freak out. take some notes:

What you have got to do if you wish to watch your man masturbating is simply telling him . There are many moments in which you can do so; perhaps you are having a deep talk, or just laying on the couch on a Sunday afternoon. Just tell them as if this was a thing you have wanted to do, without hesitating or making the situation weird. Do so as a suggestion.

The ultimate best way to tell your man this without it being weird at all is actually during any sexual activity you are doing. For example, if you are kissing in bed, and things are getting hot, you can stop the kiss and tell them very closely and slowly that you would like to watch them touch themself. This way works almost every time.

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The sex world is infinite in options. There will literally always be something you haven’t tried, and all of those things are a plus for your future sexual encounters. Now that you know all the benefits of watching your men masturbate, there is literally no reason why you shouldn’t try it! Trust us: it will always make sex and your relationship better if that could even be possible. Let go of any taboos or fears you may have and get yourself into a new way of enjoying sex. You will thank us later! And your man will do so, too. 


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