5 Top Body Language of Men that He is Interested or Not

Identify your chances based on his body language, not what he say

By Michele
5 Top Body Language of Men that He is Interested or Not

So here we are, you were unsure if he likes you or not. Let's keep it straight forward. If a guy shows some interest, you need to pay attention to his body language instead of those words that come out of his mouth. You must have heard that actions speak louder than words. Because it is somewhat difficult to tell – in the light of different words, that a man promises if he is interested or not.

Actions never lie, write that down. That is why, I am going to share, in this write, 5 Top Body Language of Men that He is Interested or Not. These indicators will help you in making a credible decision and staying out of any sort of trap or disappointing relationship experience.

Why Do You Need To Note The Body Language?

Naturally, men are not that expressive when it comes to letting out feelings. Even if a guy likes a girl, he won't just say it out. There can be multiple reasons for that. One of the reasons is that a guy feels shy about it and isn't that cute. Other reasons are related to different insecurities and the fear of rejection.

Now there is one thing, you can suppress words but not body language. Several body language signs can tell that a guy is interested in you in a candid manner. When you like someone certain reactions and reflexes surface even if you try to suppress them. They just happen unconsciously. It is unemotional factor.

All that you need to do is observe those signs and you will be able to decode the thoughts running over his mind – related to you. Let's see if he is into you or not.

5 Top Body Language Signs That Tell He Is Interested or Not

1. Does He Smile While Looking at You?

A guy who secretly likes you will always pass a smile, whenever he looks at you. His facial features will change and you can easily notice ‘happiness’ written all over his face. And whenever there is an eye contact with him he would reflect the inner delight.

Just notice how a guy looks at you despite him having a rough day. If you are the reason behind his smile, you can take away his worries all in one glance. It is an evident sign that you need to note that he likes you, even more than you can imagine. A guy who likes you will have some trouble in giving a verbal channel to his feelings so the subtle smile does the job. 

2. Does He Stare Quite Often?

Before I start here, you need to differentiate between a stare and a glare. Men are quite artful when it comes to hiding emotions so that their affectionate side doesn’t show up. Funny isn't it. But there is one thing and that is; a guy who likes you cannot take his eyes off you. Pay close attention to his eyes and see how he stares you. 

A guy having feelings for you is simply fascinated by your presence around him. He doesn't want to miss any chance of not looking at you so the stare is what you get. Don't get uncomfortable. As you are the only girl amongst others whom he likes, for him you are the most beautiful girl ever. He would often look deep into your eyes just to let you know that he has some feelings for you. While he is staring, he is also reading and testing your reaction. He is checking your level of interest in him. So act accordingly.

3. Does he Fix His Hair and Clothes (before Meeting You or Coming Across You)?

Is it only with girls that they become extremely concerned about their makeup and outfit when they meet someone whom they like? Actually no! As a guy who is interested in a girl nearly does the same minus the makeup. He would make sure that his outfit and hair is perfect. A guy won't admit it at once that he is concerned about his looks but the reality is; he would make sure that he is in a perfect state before he comes across you. 

So now you know why he is always fixing his hair, he is falling for you. So who says that guys do not look after themselves, especially when it comes to impressing a girl that they fancy? It is also to be noted that a guy who likes you will also get extremely nervous around you. He is confused and does know what to do. So he might start buttoning up or tucking in his shirt.

4. Does He Hug and Kiss You?

You must be having a couple of male friends, but he is the one who kisses you and hugs you differently. If you observe closely that guy, who adores you, he will stand for you differently – not like other male friends of yours. He would make sure that he makes the best use of your personal space. He will make you feel special. Your gut feeling will tell you that he wants to be someone special in your life and certainly more than a friend.

If he is into you he will find an opportunity to kiss you or hug you in a friendly manner. He would like to kiss you on your lips rather than your cheeks but quite afraid to do so. Interestingly, his kisses on your cheeks would be quite close to your lips. He is fighting the desire to lock his lips with you. In the same manner, he might not hesitate to give you warm hugs and try to hold you in his arms as long as possible.

5. Does He Raise his Eyebrows?

According to psychologists when someone likes you his eyes would interestingly look at you. If he likes you, his pupils will certainly dilate while looking at you. The same is the case with his eyes, while he is talking with you. He will also raise his eyebrows quite often to keep his eyes open. It is all done in a subconscious routine to see you in a better manner and have better attention to whatever you are saying to him. 

He is focusing on whatever you are pouring out and how your body is reacting during this interaction. So be very careful of whatever the signs that you send him.

So, these are the 5 Top Body Language signs of Men that tell if He is Interested or Not. I hope that you have a careful observation next time of that guy, who is interested in you.

What If He Doesn’t Show Any Of The Above Signs?

The 5 signs that I have discussed above carry emotional and psychological elements. They are clear indicators that tell if a guy is interested in you or not. Now, if you do not observe any of the signs, listed above, you must consider the next step. And that is stopped; even thinking that he is interested. A guy who is not genuinely into you will find excuses and would not show any sort of signs that convey affection.

All words and no action mean nothing. Either he is playing or going to use you for a short time. Do not fall for such guys who can break you mentally or emotionally. Have a strong grip over your feelings and decide what the best for your happiness is. You can always come across someone, who likes you truly. The chances are high if you are willing too.

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You are lucky if you find a guy who exhibits the body language signs that I have discussed above. Do care for his feelings and reciprocate properly. There is no need to rush. Keep it slow and go with the flow. Let him speak his heart out for you and that is only possible if you are going to help him.

Stick with that special guy and build your future with him. Finding the right guy can help you in focusing on your career and life goals in an unprecedented manner. He would make sure that you stay happy and make all those accomplishments that you have visualized. Don’t get late, make him say that you guys are meant for each other and start a well-deserved cheerful life together.