Girls Revealed 55 Things They’d Like To Hear From Guys

Girls want to be wooed. All that froufrou stuff is where it’s at for most girls. Find out what girls want to hear from their boyfriends.

By Nicolle L.
Girls Revealed 55 Things They’d Like To Hear From Guys

Guys, do you know what your girl wants to hear from you?

Are you worried you’ll say the wrong thing? What was your last compliment to her? “You have wide child bearing hips.” Wow! I’m guessing that did not get you the response you were looking for. Yes, I understand that you were trying to tell her you see her as the potential mother for your children, but a girl does not want to hear she has big hips.

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Let’s find a way to make this sentiment appeal to her.

Girls want to be wooed. All that froufrou stuff that makes you gag around the guys is where it’s at for most girls. Even the strongest, most independent girls want to feel appreciated and respected. Listen up guys. It’s time to find out what girls really want to hear from their boyfriends.

Things girls like to hear from their boyfriend about their looks

1. “I love your smile.” A girl wants to know that you like more than her body, that you're also attracted to her smile and how she makes you feel. 2. “I love how expressive your eyes are.” The eyes are truly the window to the soul. Look into her eyes. See the real her. See her passions and her desires. 3. “You’re not fat.” Your girlfriend wants to know that you still find her attractive even if she’s put on a few pounds since she started dating you. 4. “Is that a new dress?” If you notice she has purchased something new or is wearing something different, she will know that you’re paying attention to her. It shows you notice the small things. Finish it off with, “You look good in that”, or, “The blue in your dress showcases your eyes.” 5. “You look great.” Yes, your girlfriend wants to be more than just looks, but that doesn’t mean she wants you to ignore that she works hard to keep her body in shape. However, don’t use this too much. Especially if she’s feeling bloated or her face has broken out. She’s not going to believe it or be in the mood to hear it. 6. “You are adorable when you sleep,” or, “I love to watch you sleep.” Hearing these words will solidify that you would rather watch her sleep than sleep yourself. Awww! On the other hand, don’t be too creepy about it. It might give her the heebie-jeebies if she finds out that you stare at her at night. 7. “I love how you look without makeup.” Inner beauty is the key. She will feel comfortable enough with you that she won’t have to spend hours plucking eyebrow hairs and straightening her hair, which will give her more time to romance you.

Things girls want to hear from their boyfriend about their friends and family

8. “I would like you to meet my friends.” You girlfriend knows how important your friends are to you. When you break out the “meet my friends” topic, she will know that she is important to you. 9. “Would you like to meet my mom?” This can be anyone in your family, siblings, father, etc. Pick whoever you’re closest to in your family. The fact that you want her to meet your family means that you are ready to make a stronger commitment. 10. “My friends think you’re great.” Now that she’s met them, she’s desperate to know what they think of her. If they like her, let her know. If they don’t, well, you might want to skip that conversation. 11. “I like your friends.” Your girlfriend values what you think of her friends. She hopes that you will get along with them but secretly dreads the first meeting. Here’s to hoping you like them! 12. “My mom wants me to marry you. She hasn't stopped talking about you since you met.” The support of your family in your relationship is very important to your girlfriend.

Things girls want to hear from their boyfriend about their personality

13. “I love how passionate you are about [insert topic here].” Your girlfriend wants to know that you respect her and appreciate her convictions about things. Let her talk about what she's passionate about. 14. “Your personality is my favorite thing about you.” She’s not dumb. She knows that you think about sex more than women do, but she still wants to hear that you like her personality more than her booty. 15. “I wouldn’t change anything about you.” Your girlfriend needs to hear that you don’t want to change anything about her. She’s perfect the way she is. 16. “You are real.” Girls don’t like being perceived as fake. It is likely important to her that you appreciate how open she is as a woman. 17. “I love your honesty.” A long-term relationship is based upon honesty, so hearing how important her honesty is to you will signal the level of importance you place on your relationship with her. 18. “You’re a strong, confident woman.” Modern day women find it very important to be perceived as strong and competent. 19. “You’re a good friend.” The fact that you have noticed how she interacts with her friends and find that interaction attractive will not go unnoticed by her. 20. “I admire your intelligence.” Your girlfriend will be glowing when she hears that you value her intelligence. 21. “Your determination is amazing.” She is proud of her determination and will smile knowing you notice how she handles her business.

Things girls want to hear from their boyfriend about how hard they work

22. “Go ahead and buy [insert item here].” Lots of girls will put themselves last. Telling your girlfriend to go ahead and do something for herself will make her feel great. You might even get a few tears of joy. 23. “How can I help?” Asking what you can do to help a situation is invaluable. Whether it's listening to her or taking the trash out, she will love the fact that you offered. It doesn’t matter how independent she is, asking how you can help lets her know that you see how hard she works and you appreciate that work. 24. “I’ll do it, you rest.” Rest? She doesn’t know what that word means. Stepping up to the plate and doing the dishes after she’s come home from work and cooked a meal for the two of you will warm her soul. 25. “I bought you a spa day.” If she didn’t cry at #22, this one might do the trick. The fact that you want her to pamper herself and are willing to pay the price to let her go and relax and have someone else take care of her for the day will solidify her love for you. You rock! 26. “Let me get the door for you.” Chivalry is not dead. Get the door for her - even the car door. 27. “When I saw this, I thought of you.” What this is doesn’t matter. “This” can be some cheap trinket, but the fact that you were thinking of her when you weren’t together and had to buy her a gift will lead to a sigh of contentment. 28. “Dinner was fantastic.” If she is a good cook, let her know. It takes time and skills to become good in the kitchen. Don’t take it for granted. 29. “I have dinner ready.” Go one step further than #28 and cook for her. Not take out. You cooked for your girlfriend? Awesome sauce.

Things girls want to hear from their boyfriend about their thoughts and opinions

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30. “Tell me your opinion.” Asking her opinion indicates you value her, that you want to talk about how she feels or thinks about a topic. 31. “How was your day?” Your girlfriend will appreciate that you want to talk about her day. What went wrong. What went right. Etc. 32. “I appreciated when you [insert topic here].” Tell her what you like that she does and why. 33. “I’m sorry that happened to you. Tell me more.” Girls like to talk. They also want to be understood. Men tend to want to fix the issue. Girls want to vent. Listen to what she has to say and you might be able to help her find a solution. It's a win-win situation! 34. “What do you want to do tonight?” Let her make the plans and see what fun things she has in store for the two of you. 35. “I feel [insert emotion here].” Girls want to know how you feel. They know that guys don’t give up their feelings easily. 36. “I don’t if you remember or not, but today is our [insert event here] anniversary.” Wow! Just wow. She will eat this up. 37. “I’m sorry.” If you tell her you’re sorry for something, know what you are sorry for, and why you should be sorry for doing it; she will appreciate your honesty. 38. “You were right.” OMG, your girlfriend will never want to give you up. 39. “We’re a great team together.” This lets her know that you consider the two of you a “we” and not as two separate individuals. 40. “You’re my best friend.” Friendships are valuable to people. The fact that you consider her your best friend is saying a lot considering how much you value your other friends. 41. “You make me feel comfortable.” Do not say this at the same time you stick your hand in your pants and scratch your balls. You don’t need to be that comfortable. At least not yet. There will come a time and a place for being that comfortable. Right now, you are expressing the fact that you feel safe to share your thoughts and opinions with her and she won’t be judging you for how you feel. 42. “You read my mind.” 43. “I’m here for you.” When she is going through a difficult time, letting her know that you will be there for her and not running off to avoid deeper emotions is another sign of where you feel your relationship is heading.

Things girls want to hear from their boyfriends about how they are in bed

44. “Jill, that was amazing.” Jill wants to hear her name on your lips. She doesn’t want you to take the easy way out and call her hon, babe, sugar, or sweetie. She wants to know that you know who you are with and you're not getting her confused with someone else. She wants to be valued as a person and not as a convenient nickname. 45. “Last night was hot.” Your girl wants to know that you love her in the bedroom. She may feel insecure when you bring up a past relationship or not be confident enough to quiz you about the girls in your past, but she still wants to hear that what she’s doing in the bedroom is exciting. 46. “No one is better in bed than you.” To continue with #45, your girlfriend wants it to be clear that you enjoy sex with her more than anyone else that you’ve been with. Let her know how good it is.

Things girls want to hear from their boyfriends about how you feel about them

47. “I like how you take care of me.” Girls are nurturers. They like to take care of things and make people feel special and cared for. 48. “I’m proud of you.” 49. “You make me a better person.” Girls want to know that being with them is good for you, that she has made a positive impact on your life. 50. “Your soul is beautiful.” She wants to be appreciated for being a good person and not just her pretty face. 51. “I love that thing you do when [insert the thing she does].” When you are expressing your love for her, be specific. If you’ve noticed that she twirls her hair when she is thinking, and it makes you smile every time, let her know. 52. “I love you.” Tell her. Of all the things that you can tell your girlfriend, this one is the most important. Look her in the eye, and tell her how she makes you feel. 53. “You’ll make a wonderful mother.” Telling a girl that yearns to be a mother someday that you think she has the qualities to be a wonderful mother will melt her heart. The only thing that will melt it more is when your first child is born, and you tell her that you were right: she is a wonderful mother. 54. “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” When the time is right, and you are both ready to take the next step of having a long-term relationship, then these words will have significant meaning for the both of you. Don’t miss the opportunity to make her heart swell. 55. “Will you marry me?” This one goes with #54. Asking her to marry you when you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with your girlfriend will be one of the most important times in her life and hopefully yours as well. Make it special when you ask. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but make it a symbolic testament to your relationship. You can take her on a carriage ride at Christmas and treat her like a princess or you can do something a little simpler. Take her to the first place that you ever kissed her. The first place you asked her out. The first place you went on a date together. Where you told her you loved her for the first time. Where you met. Any of those places will have sentimental meaning to her and will prove how you pay attention to what means the most to her.

In conclusion

The fact that you care enough about your girlfriend to read what things a girl wants to hear from a guy is a great sign that you’re a keeper. The most important thing you can do for your girlfriend is to pay attention to the little things and tell her how much you care for and appreciate her. The more of these types of comments that you say to her, the more cherished she will feel.