9 Ways to Stop Loving a Married Man and Avoid an Affair

What to do when you know that an affair is wrong but can't help it?

By Madiha A.
9 Ways to Stop Loving a Married Man and Avoid an Affair

Moral Values: Know the Consequences of Getting into an Affair with a Married Man

Whether you know it or not, falling for a married man can have severe consequences. In case you don’t know about him being married then you are not to be blamed for your actions. But if you know that he is married and has a complete family at home and you are still falling for him, you are probably pushing yourself into a ditch. You will probably end up empty-handed or you will have to face millions of consequences to win the man of your dreams. Morally speaking, you are going to hurt so many people on your way to loving a married man. You will hurt his wife, parents, kids and many others.

In the eyes of God, you will be counted as a sinner because you will hurt his creation and they will suffer because of you. Nobody likes to share people they love, so you will hurt yourself as well because you will have no choice left except for sharing the person you love if you fall for an already taken man. Speaking from experience most men never leave their first wives so you’ll be a second woman in his life, and will be treated accordingly your entire life by his relatives. Take the decision wisely, think of other people around and better try not to fall for a married man at all. 

9 Ways to Stop Loving a Married Man

Falling in love with someone is often uncontrollable. It cannot be controlled no matter how much a person tries. Very few people fall for someone at first sight and in most cases, people fall for the other person after knowing them completely. When in the know-how journey you find that your crush is already married or taken that is the point where you are supposed to pull the reins of your heart and mind. Tell yourself to back off because, falling for a married man will make your life extremely complicated, and nobody wishes to have a complex love life. 
If it’s getting tough for you to stop yourself from falling for a married man even after knowing that this love will only give you pain and nothing else; you still need to STOP. We feel how difficult it gets to stop your heart from racing for a person, so we’re here to help you out with some tips and tricks that will work for you, no matter whichever stage of connection you are. 

Attraction Stage: Stop Yourself and Avoid a Connection

1. Limit Interaction

If the person you are falling for is someone you meet and interact daily, then obviously it's going to be really tough for you to stay away. It gets easier in the case where you don’t have to face the person daily. Keep your interaction level with that person as low as possible so that your heart doesn’t get triggered. You can only do it willingly if you are fully aware of the fact that falling for a married man will have lasting consequences. Limit your interaction in a way that people around you don’t sense it and it seems normal to your crush and others as well.

2. Learn To Say No

If you know somebody who is married and still shows his or her interest, it's about time you show them their way back and lock all the back doors without any hesitation. If they still don’t stop dropping signals at your door just inform their partner so that they handle their partner themselves. It happens most of the time if someone shows interest in you; you also start getting attracted to them. If this happens to you, just give your heart a red flag and a signal to back off. 

3. Do a Reality Check

When somebody is falling in love their eyes are blindfolded and they cannot see the reality anymore. In that case, a friend or a family member should intervene and make them realize what they are going to do and how it will affect their life. Realistic people don’t fall for anyone without doing a reality check. A reality check opens a person’s eyes wide enough to see what is coming their way and how it will affect them and their life. For example: falling for a married man can bring a lot of problems for a person and cause so much heartbreak in just one go. 

Dating Stage: How to Stop Dating the Married Man

4. Back Off

If you didn’t realize it earlier in the attraction stage and have realized it now that dating a married man will lead you nowhere, it’s better to take a step back now. Just state your choice to them and wait for their reaction or ask them to divorce their former partner if they want to continue their relationship with you. If they agree with you it's still best for you to back off and move on because a person who can leave their life long partner for a new found love they cannot be trusted and they can leave you as well.

5. Come Out Clear

If you are clear about your decision and choices and you don’t want to linger on with your relationship with a married man than you should state things very clearly without any hesitation. It is the biggest favor that you will do to yourself by pushing yourself out of a relationship you don’t want to stay in. Coming out clear is not so easy, there is a fear of hurting the feelings of another person but once you decide to come out clear never back off as it will make you a cheater which you are not. 

6.  Stop Lying To Yourself

If you have come to the conclusion that you shouldn’t be dating a married man then you should stick to it and stop lying to yourself and your partner. Stop weaving dreams of an unachievable happily ever after when you already know that it won’t be possible for you to achieve it with them. Just be true to them and yourself. That man might be using an affair with you to fill an empty void in his unsuccessful marriage, once you know the truth just confront it without any hesitation. 

Affair Stage: How to Get Yourself out

1. Make Sure It’s Completely Over

State everything clearly and tell them why this relationship won’t work for you in the long run and there is no chance for the two of you to unite. Tell him clearly that you don't see a happily ever after with him so you can’t waste your time on this relationship anymore. Be true to him about how you feel so that he understands the fact very clearly that everything between the two of you is completely over and it's not just a temporary breakup. 

2. Get Back To Your Life

Everybody should have a life of their own, a life that doesn’t circle their love life and has an independent worth. Right after getting out of a relationship it's not easy to carry on with normal life at all, but it can get easier if the life that you have other than your love life excites you enough. Break all your ties with him, so that he cannot get in touch with you anymore otherwise moving on will get tougher. Get on with your life, do what you love, let the past drain out of your head and have faith in the fact that the best is yet to come. 

3. Embrace Your Freedom

Have faith that whatever happens, happens for good. Let yourself grieve enough, and flow all your emotions out once and for all. Have a good friend by your side that acts as a shield and supports you. Once you are out of the grieving phase just get on with how you were before getting into that relationship. Focus on your goals, groom yourself, buy yourself your favorite stuff, treat yourself with fancy dinners, go for spa days, pamper yourself and embrace your freedom to the fullest. 

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Every relationship sees ups and downs. Some relationships are smooth and some are complicated. The relationship with a married man can have unpredictable consequences and you can avoid them altogether by not falling in love with a shared man. Nobody deserves to share the love of their life. Just believe in yourself and the fact that God has something better for you in-store and the best is yet to come. Don’t underestimate yourself, life is not over yet. Enjoy every day to the fullest because life is short. Love and pamper yourself enough that you don’t need anybody else to do that for you. Don’t put your weaknesses up for a display; people will take advantage of your vulnerability. Make your choices wisely and never fall for a married man.