How Avoiding Period Sex Actually Boosted My Sex Life

Six reasons why period sex is a no-no and how this actually helped my sex life.

By Adina Mazilu
How Avoiding Period Sex Actually Boosted My Sex Life

Once a month, all women experience what is known as the period cycle. And hoping that there is no need to actually explain the whole process and the reason why it happens (to be able to have babies), we can safely say that having sex during these few days of the month is at least controversial. Some say that it actually helps you deal with period pains, headaches and that it makes you feel good. Others do not agree with this and think that period sex should be avoided and that this could also bring some huge benefits afterward.

In this article, we will talk about how avoiding period sex actually boosted my sex life with my partner and why you should try it too as soon as possible. Trust me, you will notice a huge difference in your libido and sexual connection after this short period of abstinence. Here we go!

Period and Sex

Sex during your period can be enjoyable for some women. Sadly, for most of us, it’s painful, unpleasant, and also, quite messy. To put it plainly, we don’t really feel that attractive in the bedroom with lots of blood dripping everywhere. We know that a true knight is not afraid to bloody his sword from time to time, but it truly depends on the knight and his princess too.

On the other hand, having sex during your period is completely safe but if you truly want to do it, never take your partner by surprise. Tell him about your situation and see what is his reaction. Not everybody likes the sight of blood. Also, always stay safe because you can still get STDs and pregnant even if you are on your period. The number one rule is to protect yourself and your partner, regardless of the situation. So, here is how avoiding period sex boosted my sex life and why you should try it too.

6 Reasons to Avoid Period Sex Which Also Helped My Sex Life

1. You can enjoy sexting instead

What can you do when you feel hungry for your partner but cannot embrace period sex? Sexting can really be a solution, especially if you are far from each other. Star with some short and teasing texts for your partner who is either at work or simply not next to you at that moment. Start slow and build up the tension as you go. You can even go as far as to send him some sexy photos of you and start doing your own business, alone. Trust me, he will do the same when the tension is too high. Maybe he will even send you proof, and you should do the same. See? There are other ways in which you can prove your love to your partner, even if you are on your period.

2. Foreplay can build up the tension which will later be released

When you are on your period and don’t want to actually have intercourse, a good idea is to engage in some strong and naughty foreplay. Fool around, maybe even pleasure him with your mouth (or have him do the same to you if he feels comfortable), and see how that feels. You can even watch each other masturbating and trust me, it can feel amazing. Being on your period is the best time to try new and exciting things with your partner, things that you might not have tried otherwise. Most of us engage in classic sex whenever we can but we sometimes forget that there are some other ways to have fun too. Use this as your perfect opportunity to try new things once a month. Maybe it will even open your appetite for more.

3. To avoid making a mess in the bedroom

Another very good reason why you should also try avoiding period sex is to avoid cleaning all that mess that is left afterward. Just imagine all the blood all over your bed and sheets. It can sometimes definitely look like a crime scene. You probably don’t want that. However, if you truly want to try it, put a few towels underneath and hope for the best. Sometimes, things go very unexpectedly and nothing can prepare you for what is about to happen. I can only wish you good luck in this case.

4. To avoid being constrained to just a few positions

Firstly, when on your period you should know from the get-go that you will not get oral. It is simply the way it is. Nobody wants to put their mouth anywhere near a place where there is blood. A lot of it. So, you are left with some other positions to try but very few of them. Being on top is again almost impossible because of gravity. So, you are left with being below and that is it. Fun? Not really but hey, you can avoid that by simply avoiding period sex altogether.

5. To avoid awkward moments

Let’s face it. There are lots of awkward moments when you are trying to have sex on your period. Firstly, the lack of positions or the need to try some new ones only to realize that it isn’t working. Then there are the sounds and even the smell that could really make you want to give up. Your partner might not be up for it due to various reasons that simply don’t have anything to do with you. Maybe he just doesn’t feel okay with this. Should this happen, never try to force your partner to have sex while you are on your period. Nobody should ever force anyone to have sex, in fact. Move on and try to do it when your period is gone.

6. If your period is painful and uncomfortable, avoid sex

Finally, you should definitely avoid having sex in case your period is painful and uncomfortable. You might have headaches, belly aches, might feel bloated and like sex is the last thing you would do. There is nothing wrong with this. Some women feel better than others while on their periods. Some have much lower blood flow and can have sex without much issue. Others have an abundant flow and prefer to stay calm for a few days. So, if you don’t feel like having sex right now, explain this to your partner and make him understand. You shouldn’t have to prove to him that you are on your period or nothing of this kind. If he forces you, then there is a big problem. As I’ve said, nobody should ever force anyone to have sex, regardless of the circumstances.

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All in all, keep in mind that you should only have sex on your period if you feel comfortable with it. Not doing it has helped me improve my sex life, but every person is different. If you still choose to do it, however, make sure that you use protection because you can still get pregnant, even if the chances are lower. Also, you can still get STDs so a condom might be the best solution and it also protects your partner from all the blood. Use wet wipes afterward to clean yourselves and place a dark-colored towel on the bed to avoid making a crime scene.

It’s very important to not forget to remove your tampon before sex! Forgetting it in there can cause serious problems as it will only go deeper during sex. Also, some positions will be inaccessible for you because of gravity and your blood flow, so you might have to stick to the classic missionary. Oral sex is also not off limits but make sure to first ask your partner how he feels about it. Finally, the odors that are more present during this time of the month might make you give up on sex. It truly depends on each of you but for me, not having sex while on my period helped me a lot.


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