Amish Romance: What's the best books to get started?

It is about time you know about this popular genre in novels

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Amish Romance: What's the best books to get started?

What is Amish Romance?

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In order to delve into Amish romance, you first need to know who are the Amish people. The Amish are a group of traditional church fellowships with Swiss origins, dating back centuries ago. The most known settles are mainly in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio and New York within the US, and some in Switzerland.

A simple lifestyle, plain dresses, and the reluctant to adopt modern technology is their signature traits. Amish romance takes on their traits and depicts stories of the Amish people's love, subtle and shy, curious and innocent, taking all the traits of love stories in the 15th century, but in modern times.

Why Amish Romance are Hot and Popular Today

In the age of fast-food sex and casual dates, there's no mystery of sexuality anymore. Everyone knows about sex and attraction. Nothing is subtle and forbidden anymore. Everyone craves for that excitement, even just little bits of it. Guys and girls can sit together and discuss sex casually in McDonald's these days, nothing is frowned upon.

The rise in the popularity of Amish romance is not really hard to understand. The back-to-simple life, the girl in conservative society longing for some lust and love, the one and only for the rest of your life. Amish romance brings to you the purest and most innocent love, contrary to what Hollywood is bringing you these days.

Sex is off the table in Amish romance. You don't read lines like Fifty Shades of Grey. All the sex-related acts are described in a subtle way. You see characters getting married and having kids, thus implying they had sex. Even a gentle kiss means a great deal. The book can go on for 5 pages to tell how the kiss goes. That's how pure Amish romance is and that's why many are going back in time in terms of exploring sexuality and loving Amish romance.

8 Best Amish Romance Novel to Start As a Beginneer

1. The Secret by Beverly Lewis

The Secret (Seasons of Grace, #1) by Beverly Lewis

From the Father of Amish romance, Beverly Lewis presents to you the best Amish romance to start on. The paths of four broken should entwine as they come to Lancaster County under different circumstances. Someone is running away from their family secrets, someone is in denial of their illness, someone is challenging their belief in love and commitment. Their lives will never be the same again when they find out fate had long bound them together, long before they even knew about each other.

2. Amish Redemption by Patricia Davids

Amish Redemption by Patricia Davids

Joshua Bowman is finally going home after serving time for a crime he didn't commit. Life is hard when you are considered an ex-felon. His life sparked up again when a devastating tornado brings him to Mary Kaufman, a single mum to her daughter Hannah. Everything about Mary is just perfect. She is kind and calm, bringing the peace and joy he has longed for. However, things never go as planned for Joshua. Mary's father has vowed to not let a man with Joshua's past take care of his daughter, while Mary has a secret of her own. Is Joshua truly free after paying for a crime he didn't commit? Or he is still haunted by his past?

3. Harvest of Blessings by Charlotte Hubbard

Harvest of Blessings by Charlotte Hubbard

No amount of wealth is worth your freedom, and Nora Glick Landwehr knows this by heart. Determined to rebel against her strict father, Nora has to make her town strong again. A lot of mistakes were made when you were young and not in control of your life, Nora had to send her child away, another regret she is here to fix. When the whole universe is against her, her annoying and reckless neighbor Luke Hooley shows her support when she least expects it. Somehow, this goofy man doesn't seem to be so irritating anymore, it seems to be a different kind of feeling eve.

4. The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Torn between feelings and responsibilities, an Amish woman is on the quest to discover the true meaning of life. Her elders raised her and provided for her, but could she really give them what they want when she doesn't agree with them? This book takes a look at the gentle Amish romance that can be hard to come by for some. We spend our life to make sure we are loved, by our parents, friends and lover. What if there's a conflict?

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5. The Journey by by Wanda E. Brunstetter

New to Christian County, Kentucky, Titus Fisher finds himself challenged when a woman defying most of their traditional values and virtues seems to be mesmerising. Is he going to follow his brain to choose the one that suits the societal values, or his heart to go with the one that challenge his knowledge on woman's role?

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6. Lydia's Charm by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Losing your loved one is heart, staying in the place where you lost your loved one is the worst. Lydia wants to give home another try, but is she ready to open her heart up again? A mysterious lover is just waiting for her in the corner, but will she free completely guilt-free to love again?

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7. A Miracle of Hope by Ruth Reid

An arranged marriage does not appeal to both sides, yet it seems their only option out. Lindie is unwed and pregnant, her love married someone else. Josiah lost his wife and his daughter needs a mother. It is only a marriage of convenience for them both. They say they would never love again. As time goes by, feelings change. Josiah wants to take care of Lindie so much more than providing a roof over her head. Will they be able to work through their obstacles and love again with the uncertainties of the future?

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8. The Forgotten Recipe by Amy Clipston

After losing her dear husband over a tragic accident at work, Veronica turns to the secret recipe her family left her to make a living and a new purpose in life. Every week, a mysterious customer Jason shows up. At first, he seems to be genuinely impressed by her pies. Over time, she realises Jason is here for more than just the pies. She doesn't know if she is capable of loving again, but little does she know, Jason has a dark secret he never told anyone about her husband's death...

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Available Online Resources

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Movies that Are Based on Amish Romance

1. Love Finds You in Sugarcreek

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A father and son seek a safe haven in the predominantly Amish town, Sugarcreek. The father is offered work by three sisters as a handyman of the household. While they try to build their new life, the sheriff becomes suspicious to why the father and son are in town.

2. An Uncommon Grace

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A nurse returns from Afghanistan and moved to a small town in Ohio in search of a peaceful life after what she had seen in the war. Love always finds you when you least expect it. A charming, irresistable Amish man shows up and it seems to be lighting up the only light left in her life.

3. Love Finds You in Charm

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Emma is the Amish girl that seems to have it all, a great job, a loving family and a man that adores her. Deep down, something just isn't right. She isn't feeling the excitment she is supposed to feel. When her sister invites her to the spend the holiday with their relatives in Charm, Emma immediately takes the chance. She is about to find someone that changes her whole view about her life...


Amish romance is hot and mesmerising because it's something we are not used to. It's so pure and innocent, taking us back in time to where love and romance are for two only, for a lifetime. Living in this world where people only settle down after sleeping around with a ton of people. Amish romance reminds readers of the raw desires within, to want to be loved by that special one forever. That's why Amish romance is becoming increasingly popular.

Society runs in circles. People longed for freedom back in the days and fought for free choices. The modern society has it all, yet, now, we want to go back in time to live the life where everything is simple. No game, only for the true and pure love we seek.



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