7 Iconic 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Worth Keeping

40th wedding anniversary gifts that are too iconic to pass off

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7 Iconic 40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Worth Keeping

The Symbol Of 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Every special occasion has a symbol that adds to its meaning. So how can we even think about the 40th wedding anniversary without its very own symbol that represents its essence? Imagine a life with your beloved partner with all its perks, the highs, and the lows, the lovely moments. What would made them all so special? It’s the fact that two people who never gave up on each other and stuck together no matter what life threw their way. And anniversaries are just a reminder to these people how far they’ve come and how far they can go. This is why anniversaries are so significant, and we need to celebrate them to the fullest.

The RUBY Anniversary

Source: @cookiesbycharity/Instagram

You might not know this but the 40th wedding anniversary is also called as the ‘Ruby Anniversary’. And yes, you guessed right, the gemstone Ruby is the most ideal gift in this scenario. Why is that? Because Ruby has all the quality of an eternal inner flame that signifies and screams love and passion. This is a sign of everlasting romance and affection. Here are some things to reflect on the 40th wedding anniversary in light of the important symbols associated with it.

The Gemstone

Source: @richagoyalsikri/Instagram

We now know that the Ruby holds a very dear meaning in the 40th anniversaries. The reason is, Ruby is the perfect symbol for powerful feelings and emotions. The two main components of Ruby are fire and blood. The fire is compared to the passion between a couple and energizing qualities in a relationship. Whereas blood represents vital life forces and vigor, without which a bond of love is very weak.

So if you’re planning to get the perfect 40th wedding anniversary gift, don’t forget the Ruby.

The Flower

Source: @caseylynnlawrence/Instagram

How can we complete an anniversary without flowers? And not just any flowers, the Nasturtium. This flower symbolizes victory. Now that is a very sweet thing to convey to your partner by gifting them a bunch of these beauties. After all, 40 years of togetherness, getting through thick and thin is no less than a victory. They come in many colors, but we suggest you get the deep red (close to Ruby) ones.

Unique 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband

After 40 years it might get difficult to choose a special gift and something that is not too overrated or repetitive. Here are some ideas you can try and get for your husband, no matter what type of personality he has, he’s going to love these.

1. Customized Wine Decanter and Glasses

When Love Comes Together Custom Wine Decanter Set with Stemless Glasses

If your husband is a wine lover, then this would be the perfect gift for him. Get a customized set of these beautiful set with your anniversary date engraved on it along with the names or any nicknames you like to call each other. This would be exclusive for you both and something to always remember and cherish and tell stories later on.

2. FitBit Versa 2

Source: @fitbit/Instagram

Fitbit Versa 2

Monitor your husband’s heart much closely with the FitBit Versa 2. It’s not too complicated (as it connects with your smartphone too) and is stylish as well. It’s a great gift nowadays for any age group and everyone needs a little monitoring and lookout for their basic health, vital signs etc. It keeps you on the go even if you’re a lazy ass. It’s the best gift for him and his health, would give you the peace of mind too.

Unique 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

The lady of your life deserves the best there is the world has to offer, of course she has all your love and support by her side, but here are a few gift ideas that might still surprise her.

3. Jewelry

Knowing how Ruby signifies the love between two people, we just cannot miss it in the list of wedding anniversary gifts. From a ruby studded ring to a beautiful Ruby pendant, you can either pick one or go big with a whole set of these beautiful pieces.

i. The Ring

Vintage Ruby engagement ring solid rose gold ring art deco | Etsy

Make this anniversary the chance to recreate your wedding vows and give her another ring to revitalize your marriage. There’s no way this extravagant piece of jewel won’t get her off he toes.

ii. Ear Studs

Simulated Ruby Earrings 14K Imitation Ruby Earrings Ruby

These tiny studs of joy are a very subtle but powerful gift for this kind of occasion. She can wear them daily and flaunt your love.

iii. The Pendant

Round ruby necklace 14k rose gold ruby charm necklace Ruby

Ruby pendants are to die for. Even diamonds can’t bring the attraction what rubies can.

4. Kitchenware

KitchenAid KC448BXERA 17-piece Tools and Gadget Set, Red: Kitchen & Dining

No home is complete without a kitchen and no doubt any kitchen is complete without you and your wife making all sorts of yummies in there. The aroma alone brings back lots of memories. So why not get something for her cozy kitchen to spruce up the love as she will see it every day. It would be great to upgrade her utensils and get her the very exclusive Ruby Dutch oven.

Lodge EC6D43 Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, 6-Quart, Island Spice Red

Interesting 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents

There’s nothing we’d do to bring a big happy smile on our parents’ faces. They’ve done a LOT for us and there is only little we can do in return. But there is a way to make our little efforts effective and memorable.  Their 40th anniversary is the best opportunity to rejuvenate the love and get them relaxed by these great gift ideas:

5. Plan a honeymoon OR a weekend getaway

Wouldn’t this be just the sweetest idea? When was the last time your parents went on their own somewhere? There must be so many destinations they always wanted to visit and couldn’t find the time. So save up and get you parents the tickets to the most romantic cities of the world. Pack some really cool outfits for the both of them. You can also get them an easy to use Polaroid camera to make the best of their trip. Some of the most beautiful and love-filled cities in the world are Paris, Buenos Aires, Rome, Marrakech, New York City, Venice, Cartagena.

6. Arrange a Spa Date

There is no difficult job than parenting even when it’s been 40 years of it. Maybe your parents haven’t been to a proper spa and salon for years. And going to a calm and soothing place like this together, doubles up the charm. Of course they might feel shy for a bit and hesitate, but push them because everyone deserves to be treated and pampered to the fullest.

Here are some of the coolest spas:

i. Salish Lodge & Spa

The reviewers claim to have had the best time here, amazing walks, warm hot tubs and steam rooms, the golden pond and what not.

SALISH LODGE & SPA - Updated 2020 Prices & Hotel Reviews (Snoqualmie, WA) - Tripadvisor

ii. Sweetwater Inn and Spa

SWEETWATER INN AND SPA - Reviews & Price Comparison (Mendocino, CA)

The quiet and sensuous environment here will definitely add up to the romance. The staff leaves warm muffins at the door each morning and the best view of the sea and the chaotic but cathartic sound of the falls.

7. Personalized music sheets

Source: etsy.com

We’re all fans of personalized gifts and what is more romantic than putting together your parents’ favorite love song on a big canvas. In deep red, ruby color, it would make the perfect addition to their bedroom and looks artistic too. Other than their favorite love song, you can make two canvases each having the music sheets from a dedicated song you parents did for each other.

40th Anniversary Gift Ruby Anniversary Gift Personalized

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Cheers to the four awesome decades of blissful wedded life. Whether it’s you or your parents or your grandparents, make sure they cherish this day forever as they have cherished their marriage for all these years.



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