What is the Best Age to Peak on Getting Orgasms

Is there really a best age to get orgasms and how to sustain

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What is the Best Age to Peak on Getting Orgasms

Even Getting an Orgasm is Difficult

If you’ve come across this article, the chances are that you might be experiencing some type of difficulty to reach your desired outcome and are looking for some help.  When it comes to sex, most women are ashamed to talk about it, and it is due to the lack of communication among women that they can’t discuss problems like this.

If you’ve been having problems reaching an orgasm, then the first thing that you should know is that you are not alone because 11 -41 % of women out there are going through the same situation. Once you come to terms with the fact that nothing is wrong with you and that it’s completely natural, you should also know the reasons that might lead to such a condition. In most cases, the inability to orgasm stems from conditions like diabetes, depression, biases, shyness, abuse, shame, etc.

Best Age to Peak on Getting Orgasms

While many people try to tell women that your twenties are your prime, a recent survey concluded that women over the age of 36 enjoy sex more and are more likely to reach an orgasm as compared to younger women. While that might be a shocker for most of you out there, know that there isn’t a specific age that can be pointed out when you get to enjoy yourself more. Enjoying sex more often stems from your confidence in yourself and your readiness to experience sex in more ways than one. If you take care of your body and engage in sex regularly, you’ll find out that your rate of pleasure gets better and better each time.

How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Orgasms

Who doesn’t want to reach that jaw-dropping body wrecking orgasm at the end of sex? Well, supposedly the whole world, and since the world consists of two types of genitalia, I’ll give you five tips for women to do on their own and five tips that men out there need to take care of.

What guys can do

One thing that all the guys out there need to know is that for women, orgasm is more of a mental experience than a purely physical one. Researchers prove that men can orgasm quicker and with less effort as compared to women. So, if you want your woman to come back for more, you surely need to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

1. Guys need to be vocal

One thing that will surely aid the experience is to be vocal. I can’t tell you how many times women around me have complained about men not being vocal enough, to be honest, it’s a turn-off. Remember that sex is a primal desire you need to have some primal sounds to get the mood going. Nobody is asking you to sing “ride it”, but a few grunts would certainly not hurt your male pride now would they? The girl needs to know that you’re enjoying it too, you don’t want her mind wandering here and there now, would you. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t feel good if you found out your girl was doing her taxes while you were climaxing, would you?

2. Stay on rhythm

Apart from grunting and being vocal, remember to always stay on rhythm. A guy who doesn’t know when to keep going is a guy who often doesn’t get the girl to call him back. Make sure that you have a pace and you gradually but steadily increase it. The biggest mistake a guy can do is stop when women get louder or change his approach. If we’re getting louder, that means that we love what you’re doing and it’s working so please don’t stop.

3. Go hard or go home

Granted that sometimes the mood demands to make love rather than have that animalistic sex, but you should know when to be primal. Everyone loves a guy who cares, but no one likes a man who underestimates a woman’s desire for sex. If you want your partner to have an out of body experience, make sure that once you’ve built up to it, you go hard at it. However, remember that rhythm is important you don’t want to be play whack a mole with her privates now would you?

4. Stay in sync mentally

Know that staying in sync mentally is also important for an orgasm. Mental connectivity can be determined first by consent. Whether she’s your wife or your girlfriend or a fling, consent is important and believe me or not; it is also a great turn on. Some of the craziest sex that I’ve had with my partner is when I know he’s horny and I want to have sex because I know he wants too, but when I make a move, he’s like “I know you don’t feel like it babe you don’t have to do it for me” that is the biggest turn on there can be.

5. Multiple kinds of sensory experience

Another thing that men need to keep in mind is, I know everyone has a preference for one or the other part of the body. For example, a few of you must be boob guys or ass guys but regardless of what you love in a woman know that she needs to feel like you’re having sex with her as a whole, know what I mean? Make sure you distribute your time evenly all over her body.

What women need to do

Here mentioned below are a few things that all the women out there need to hear to make better choices for their pleasure.

6. Be more demanding

The first thing that you need to do is to be more demanding. Be comfortable with your partner and talk about what you like best and what you want from the experience. It is okay to talk about your deepest darkest fantasies and knowing that you’ve let all that tension out of your body will surely make you get a better orgasm, stop thinking “what will he think of me” and do what your body tells you to do. Trust me that this will help you in creating an experience like never before.

7. Be comfortable with your sexuality

Another thing that you need to know is that you need to be comfortable with your sexuality. Know that every individual is different when it comes to sex. Just because your friend is a freak in the sheets doesn’t mean that you have to reach her level to get an orgasm. Know what you want and then talk to your partner about it.

8. Prolong foreplay

Remember there’s no shame in wanting to prolong foreplay, and the greater the anticipation, the greater the orgasm. Most of the time, women find it hard to say then still want to make out because they think that their partner might reach climax quicker than them. However, that is not the case. It has been proven that delayed gratification for men is sexier than immediate pleasure. Know that they want you to use them for your pleasure too. So stop thinking about them all the time and do what you want.

9. Talk dirty

Another thing that can lead to an out of body orgasm experience is talking dirty. Most of the time we think too much and don’t say whatever is on our mind, but know that it doesn’t matter and for most people talking dirty is a turn-on. Stop worrying about judgment and let your wild side free.

10. Experiment with yourself

Another thing that will lead to better orgasms is if you know your body. Know that you don’t always need a partner to help you reach climax. Play with yourself and see what your likes once you’ve experimented enough you’ll surely have much more fulfilling sex.

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In a nutshell, there’s nothing wrong with you if you haven’t been able to orgasm lately, in most cases it’s probably the lack of communication or the mental blocks that you have in your mind. Know that sex is something that everyone should enjoy. It is a give and takes activity, and you need to determine middle ground where both participants can reach maximum pleasure.


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