6 Sex Toy Subscription Boxes To Discreetly Subscribe

Subscription box anyone? It's filled with... sex toys ;)

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6 Sex Toy Subscription Boxes To Discreetly Subscribe

What is a subscription box

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Do you fancy one? Have you acquired one already? What has been your experience? Have you heard a lot of talk about them and wonder what all the fuzz is about? For those of you that don't know exactly what a subscription box is, let us enlighten you. wink Basically a subscription box is a physical delivery (usually monthly) of curated niched oriented products, all packed in a box. Beyond all the goodies inside the box, a subscription box is created to deliver an experience and it offers an additional value besides the products that include. All the products combined offer the recipient a unique experience.

Because each customer has its own experience with a subscription box, there is no official description but, depending on what it contains, the recipient of the box may define it as "monthly delivery of cool stuff I like". Now there are some characteristics or traits a subscription box has to fill so it could be called a subscription box. 

Characteristics that help define a subscription box

  • Firstly, it has to be a physical delivery, this is what makes them appealing. If the delivery is digital, then it's not considered a subscription box.
  • Second, it must be a recurring deal. A subscription box usually requires some kind of membership or frequency for delivery.
  • And it has to have a distinct value proposition. There has to be something "extra" in a subscription for customer satisfaction. The allure comes from the combination of the goodies inside the box, rather than just the products so that the customer can have a unique experience with it.

What "something extra"?

What could be considered a valued proposition or that something "extra"?

 A subscription box has to have an element of surprise. It has to have one or more "mystery items" unknown to the recipient. All this to create anticipation and excitement so they stay engaged and continue with the membership.

It could also be a source of discovery, they could include items that the customer has never seen before. Subscription boxes based on discovery are very popular in the beauty industry.

There are curated subscription boxes, and the propositioned value here is that the products or items included are thoughtfully picked and are related to a specific niche or category, there won't be random products in it.

Savings is another valued proposition that's standard in a subscription box. The customers need to know that they're getting a good deal for their purchase. There has to be a clear saving on the price paid for the box versus the total retail valued of the products inside.

Sex toy + subscription box

Source: CrateJoy

Does this sound alluring to you? Are you looking to spruce up your sex life? All the benefits of a subscription box + sex toys and sexy lingerie + some fun sexy games... who's up for that? There are all kinds of subscription boxes, so there's got to be one to help you have tons of fun sexy time too. Do you know exactly what is a sex toy subscription box? Rumor has it that sex toy subscription boxes were modeled after the very popular Birchbox which is a subscription box that offers beauty supplies on a monthly basis. 

So in this case, instead of beauty products, a sex toy subscription box is a monthly (usually) delivery of goodies that offer sex toys and or other adult sex-based items like condoms, massage oils, lubricants, couples' games, and some sexy foreplay games too.

If you're looking to add some pizzazz to your love life, a sex toy subscription box is the way to go. There is one for everyone, you just have to decide what you're in the mood for. Suppliers of sex toy subscriptions offer a wide range of choices, they go form raunchy to kinky so you can satisfy any kind of fantasy. Are you in a committed relationship? Then consider ordering a sex toy subscription box that you both can enjoy. There are also boxes for your self-pleasure if that's what you want.

With a sex toy subscription box, you'll avoid the hassle of having to buy from a sex shop. That could be a creepy experience. You'll be able to have some fun without having to enter any physical store, you just go to a website where you get to choose from a variety of sexual health and pleasure products delivered directly and discreetly to your door. That sounds like a good deal right?

6 Sex Toy Subscription Boxes To Subscribe

The market now offers a lot of sex toy subscription boxes, there's one for every niche. Some are very budget-friendly others are very luxurious. There are boxes based on experience level, the type of play you like, there are even themed boxes. What would you choose? To help you make a decision, here are 6 sex toy subscription boxes that catered to your sexual needs, pick the one the pickles your fancy. wink

1. Mystery Pleasure Box

Mystery Pleasure Box

The Mystery Pleasure Box caters to self-pleasure for men, women, and couples. You'll discover inside this box new bedroom accessories at a very affordable price. It'll be delivered at your door monthly and it includes high-quality sex toys, lotions, lubricants, and some handpicked bedroom accessories that'll make the experience worth it. What's great about The Mystery Pleasure Box is that the products change monthly so you'll be on a continued discovery of new adult toys for your pleasure.

2. The Fantasy Box

The "Introduction" Box

If you're kind of tired of your bedroom routine, then you should look into The Fantasy Box. Why? Because they have all kinds of boxes to help you shake things up. Depending on what fantasy you currently have, they offer customized items to fulfilled as a couple of by yourself. The "Introduction" Box is their most popular one. It includes a sexy funny game that'll help you communicate better with your partner while at the same time enhance your experience. The box includes lingerie, a blindfold, personal massager, lubricants, and a massage candle. Subscribe for a monthly fee and all this will be delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

3. Unbound


The sex toy subscription box from Unbound will be delivered to your door quarterly not monthly. Inside it, you will find high-quality toys and all kinds of sexy paraphernalia to get your buzz going, all perfectly curated specially for you. This subscription box caters to the modern woman and from the reviews, it delivers what it promises.

4. Heart + Honey

Heart + Honey Couple's Box

With the Heart + Honey subscription box. you'll get to choose how often you want to receive it. You can opt for a monthly subscription or you can pay for 3. 6 or 12 months and enjoy some savings. This sex toy subscription box focuses on sexual wellness, vitality, and passion. It's a box full of sexy goodies you can enjoy with your partner. The one feature here is called A Lover's Ceremony and it's designed so you can exchange items and pleasures with him. The items included will stimulate all your senses, sight, smell, touch, and taste and you'll get some curated erotic toys for each of you.

5. The Pleasure Parlor

The Pleasure Parlor

The Pleasure Parlor sex toy box comes in many sizes and many shapes. You'll get a luxury and intimate subscription box customized just for you and your partner. What sets them apart is that they have one-on-one private email consultation with sex professionals to guide with your purchase. They guarantee that you'll find a new item each month. They go beyond on the valued proposition and offer sex and pleasure tips and sex toys to achieve them, they also include couple's games, sexual health items, and lubricants.

6. Bawdy Bookworms

Cover Me Deluxe Box

Do you enjoy reading steamy romances? This subscription box combines your favorite erotica reading with sex toys and other fun and sexy surprises. It's guaranteed to make your reading experience super special and memorable. You can subscribe monthly or quarterly. The Cover Me Deluxe Box includes The Protector by Jodi Elen Malpas, a hot and sexy book + a vibrator, lubricant and arousal balm + some surprise.

Why You Should and Shouldn't Get a Sex Toy Subscription Box

People subscribe to subscription boxes because they love the excitement of the suspense, they get a kick out of getting their monthly or quarterly surprise, This is the allure of a sex toy subscription box too. You get it because the items included talked to you but what you really look forward is the surprise included. 

If you're not already subscribed to any sex toy box and you'd like to give your sex life a boost, then you should get one. You'll be buying a mix of products (for you o for you as a couple), you'll get to choose a theme that's interesting for you, you 'll get to save some money, and you'll get to have a surprise too.   

Even though there are some advantages to getting a sex toy subscription box, there is one crucial problem that can put you off buying it. While you're offered many options on what kind of box you'd like to purchase, most services won't let you choose the items you receive. While the sex toys included in the boxes are high-quality, they won't always fit with your specific needs. so you can end with a lot of good quality items that you won't be able to use or won't satisfy your individual sexual needs or your couple's sexual needs. 

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Getting a sex toy subscription box on a monthly basis could be just what your sex life needed. You'll get a kick out of the surprise and you'll get to try new things to spice up your sexy fun times. Take your time to choose one that caters to your specific needs and have fun with it.