15 Things To Know About Hypnosis Orgasm Before Attempting

Known as Erotic hypnosis, can you get orgasm hands-free?

By Sylvia Epie
15 Things To Know About Hypnosis Orgasm Before Attempting

What is Hypnosis Orgasm

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In a fast-growing and evolving world like ours, people are always looking for innovative ways to hack every aspect of their lives including sexual pleasure. What if we told you there’s a way for you to orgasm with no physical contact with anyone, not even you touching yourself? Sounds intriguing right? Well, there’s this thing called erotic hypnosis, it has been around for a while but the internet has brought it to the forefront and taken it to new levels.  

Erotic hypnosis is a kind of guided meditation that puts you in a relaxed trance that leads to an orgasm. That’s why it is called hypnosis orgasm, it operates in the same way as traditional hypnotherapy the only difference being it is intended to make you orgasm without any touching. Sites like Youtube are filled with audios and videos with millions of views from both licensed and self-proclaimed erotic hypnotic therapists promising users multiple hands-free orgasms in a matter of minutes. While some offers are clearly too good to be true, others actually seem plausible. How does it work? You might be wondering. 

Erotic hypnosis puts you in a state of deep relaxation that makes you highly vulnerable to the power of suggestion. During this tranquil state, your conscious mind goes to sleep and your subconscious takes over, the hypnotist uses his words to guide you to the ultimate goal of a hands-free orgasm. Sounds cool right? Well, here is what you should know about hypnosis orgasm before giving it a shot.

15 Things to Know About Hypnosis Orgasm

1. Similar to Traditional Hypnosis

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According to LiveScience, erotic hypnosis is merely traditional hypnotherapy with a sexual component. Both put you in an incredibly relaxed state but while one is for therapeutic purposes, the other is purely sexual. It empties your mind of all of life’s worries, stress and fear leaving your mind open to suggestions. This is when the hypnotist starts suggesting sexual components following the person's sexual preferences building up until they reach an orgasm. Like any kind of hypnotherapy, erotic hypnosis takes time to get a hang of it, which means you might or not succeed the first time, but as the saying goes ‘’ if at first you don’t succeed try again’’.

2. The power of suggestion

The crucial ingredient in erotic hypnosis is the information suggested to your subconscious mind. The logic here is that when you are hypnotized, your conscious mind retreats into the background and your subconscious takes over, the subconscious has no opinion of its own and so it readily accepts suggestions. The mind and likewise the body acts on whatever suggestions that are given to the subconscious at this point. We’re not talking about hypnotizing someone to go rob a bank or commit murder NO! Suggestions work only if they are in line with the person's desires and personality. For example, if you are a straight guy who finds himself in an erotic hypnosis session meant for gay men, no matter how suggestive it gets, chances are you may never orgasm.

3. A Desire for Domination

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You may consider yourself as not even remotely BDSM but you’ll be surprised to find out that when it really comes down to it, we all have a common desire for domination. Sex in a way involves surrendering your body and your mind to your partner's control, when you hold back you won’t get an orgasm, true pleasure only comes from complete surrender. In every sexual relationship, there is a subtle power dynamic, either you get off from being vulnerable and surrendering yourself to your partner or you like being in control and dominating over your partner. Erotic hypnosis plays on this natural desire for dominion or submission, you ‘’surrender yourself’’ to the soothing voice offering you erotic suggestions and then BAAM!

4. The Power of the Mind

When we think of sex, what first comes to mind is that it’s purely a physical act, but despite the obvious corporeal element, sex has a huge psychological element as well. This is proven when you’re not in ‘’the mood’’ for sex, no matter how hard you try your body finds it hard to respond. Most often than not, failure to orgasm stems from mental barriers rather than physical problems. Feeling sexy, horny and having an orgasm all start in the brain. This is why erotic hypnosis can use just your mind to guide your body into having hypnosis orgasms.

5. Meditation

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Meditation is all about freeing your mind from distractions and reaching a state of complete peace and internal quiet. Meditation puts you in touch with your feelings shutting down your surroundings. It’s no surprise that erotic hypnosis uses meditation as a prelude to reaching hypnosis orgasm. When you are in a meditative state, your body feels what is going on in your mind, not wanting to sound like a master yogi or a guru, simply put, meditation cuts off the outside world and focuses on YOU which is a requirement for attaining sexual pleasure.

6. Dirty Talk

It works all the time! From sexual escapades with Bae in the sheets to porn videos and hypnosis orgasm, dirty talk can do wonders for your sex life.  One of the main characteristics of erotic hypnosis is the explicit nature of the language used. It’s fair to say the words used are everything but PG, words like ‘’ cock, dick, cum, fuck, pussy, clit, etc are a constant and it the dirtier the better. So, in a sense, erotic hypnosis is all about emptying your mind and filling it with a lot of dirty talks that will have you exploding into a million pieces on command.

7. Focus on Not Focusing

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To get a hypnosis orgasm, you need to be able to focus on sensations instead of what you think you should be feeling. I know it sounds kind of contradictory but it actually makes sense. In such situations most people try to behave as is expected instead of focusing on what their bodies are really saying, this is why in many sexual encounters the ultimate goal of orgasm is never reached. When you watch erotic hypnotism videos on Youtube, you’ll notice many of them are filled with images of black and white spirals or spinning wheels to create a focal point instead of scantily clad women and men as you’d expect in an erotic video.

8. Complete Relaxation

You need to be relaxed for it to work, a typical session always starts with meditation, breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques to free your mind and body of every tension. The only way to get to that deep suggestive psychological state needed for hypnosis is to be completely calm and relaxed.

9. Deep Breathing 

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Deep breaths help you clear your mind and relax, putting all your troubles aside, making it easier for you to reach pleasure. So, no worries if you’re asked to do some breathing exercises, they’ll help you get there faster.

10. Improved Sex Life

Through hypnosis orgasm is labelled as being just for pleasure, it can be therapeutic and improve a person's sex life. Neil says some of his clients are couples who want to either spice up their sex life or find a solution for a particular problem. You can be hypnotized to get past a barrier stopping your from orgasm or your partner could use the trigger words to get you going. 

11. Different from Audio Porn or ASMR

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Erotic hypnosis is not the same thing as audio porn or ASMR where you listen to a voice or story and visualize what is being said until you are aroused. With hypnosis, you are in and out of a state of trance and consciousness. You go under and come back up just to feel and go back under until everything comes crashing down in an orgasmic wave.

12. Misconceptions

One of the biggest misconceptions about erotic hypnosis is that you can be induced to do something you don’t want to, like murdering someone or jumping over a cliff. But experts say that's not accurate, even under hypnosis you can not get someone to do something they don’t want to or which is against their base personality. For someone to act on the suggestions of a hypnotist, it must be in line with what they want to do and feel comfortable doing.

13. Hands-Free Orgasm

This is the Mecca and  holy grail of this entire experience, most videos you come across online will promise you a hands-free orgasm, that’s their selling point. However, as you may expect not all deliver. In fact, the majority do not get you there as promised but there are a few who actually deliver. Sometimes the only physical contact throughout the whole session is a non-sexual touch of your hand, wrist, forehead, etc. by the hypnotist.  Neil the IT nerd turned ‘’erotic hypnotist’’ whose story has been plastered so many times all over the internet says his go-to move is to touch his ‘’clients’’ wrists and they get a hypnosis orgasm.

14. Hypnotic Triggers

One potential downside of hypnosis orgasm you should be aware of is hypnotic triggers. Simply put when you are hypnotized into a trance-like state,  trigger words are suggested or inserted into the subconscious and even after you come out of hypnosis these words can still be effective. For instance, if you are hypnotized to get aroused or orgasm when you hear the word ‘’ Dick’’, ‘’sausage’’ or ‘’Pussy’’, you’ll be triggered to do the same every time you hear this words even if it’s on the train, on TV or at work. Do you get how this could be a problem? 

15. Memory Blur

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The brain is a very complex organ when it comes to matters of the subconscious mind one never really knows. People have been known to completely forget, or have a memory blur after hypnosis. There’s always a chance of you not remembering what happened or if you had an orgasm, some people just wake up happy in that familiar post-orgasm glow without remembering how they got there.

Reviews of People Who Have Tried This

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Ramona* from the UK told Cosmopolitan Magazine she was introduced to hypnosis orgasm by her ex-boyfriend:

 “Hands-free orgasm is like nothing I'd ever experienced before. My first Hypno orgasm was insane, I was genuinely in shock for hours at the intensity of it. I have since learned to orgasm pretty much on command”.

‘’My ex-boyfriend was into it and I thought it was rubbish so I saw it as a challenge to prove him wrong. It didn't work for me at all, the first few sessions. I kept going with it because I enjoyed listening to him and it was very relaxing. The main obstacle for me was concentration. I have ADHD, so I kept getting distracted. It took a lot of practice to work through that, but going into a trance is a skill that I believe anyone who really wants to learn can learn!"

Brian Moyland - A writer for The Vice said after a session with Nick: 

‘’I don't know if I can adequately explain the sensation, but it's like my dick split open and released a million rays of sunshine all over my body. Neil's suggestions not only allowed me to be controlled in innocuous ways but also intensified my horniness and made the pleasure last longer and be more intense’’. 

‘’Strangely, it was almost non-sexual. As if the feelings were completely devoid of the act I was performing on my body, something from some part of a libido I never knew I had. This wasn't about getting off, it was just about an unbridled pleasure that felt like it would either drive me mad or split my brain in half ‘’.

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Sex and relationships therapist Colin Richards says orgasms are generated in the brain so scientifically, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work if you can get your brain to that place. However, some people are more open than others so it might work for one person and not hit the mark with another person. Others might not have an orgasm on the first try but will eventually get there.

On Youtube when you hit erotic hypnosis you’ll get dozens of videos some with as much as 6 million views. If you’re feeling up to it, you can give it a try, who knows you might be in for a treat of a lifetime.


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